T-Mobile Is Adding 11 More Services to Its Unmetered Music Freedom
T-Mobile’s Music Freedom , a program that allows you to stream music from select services without it counting against your data cap, has been around since June last year. As of today, there’s 11 more services you
This Intense Short Film About Virtual Reality Is Already in the Works as a Feature
“Virtual reality, to me, is the only reality.” So begins Uncanny Valley, a short from Argentina’s Federico Heller that’s on the fast track to becoming a feature, thanks to the efforts of Independence Day: Resurgence writer Carter
This Timelapse Video of Radio Observatories is Just Breathtaking
With gold-plated space telescopes promising to discover distant worlds and unravel the deepest mysteries of the universe, radio astronomy can sometimes feel a bit passé. But lest you think the search for extraterrestrial intelligence is no longer
Is It Worth It To Study Computer Science?
Today a kid in college told me he was debating whether to major in CS or not. How would you settle that debate?Read more...
This Hypnotic Video of a Snake Race Tells Us Something About Physics 
In this video, snakes are forced to slither between two boards. The boards are placed successively closer together until the poor snake is wriggling. But this isn’t about annoying a snake—it’s about physics.Read more...
For Its Next Trick, SpaceX Wants to Land a Rocket at Cape Canaveral
Perhaps feeling a bit put out that Blue Origin stole its re-usable rocket thunder, commercial spaceflight company SpaceX has apparently decided to forget about the whole landing a rocket on an ocean drone thing. Instead, for its
Women Won't Let You Make Star Wars a Boys' Club 
Star Wars: It’s not just for boys anymore! (Of course, it was never just for boys.) Read more...
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CDC: Nearly half of American homes no longer have landlines
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new survey Tuesday, showing that nearly half of all American households now use only cell phones rather than older landlines. In total, 47 percent of the 21,000
New AI 'Gabriel' wants to whisper instructions in your ear
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are building an AI platform that will "whisper" instructions in your ear to provide cognitive assistance. Named after Gabriel, the biblical messenger of God, the whispering robo-assistant can already guide yo...
IRS promises to get a search warrant before spying on cellphones
The IRS will no longer use "Stingray" cellphone-tracking devices unless the agency receives a search warrant supported by probable cause, in accordance with the Department of Justice's Policy Guidance, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen says in a letter....
WSJ: Yahoo may sell itself off
Yahoo's attempt at turning around its fortunes hasn't gone that well: on top of sagging profits and departing execs, it's still heavily dependent on both its Japanese business as well as its stake in Chinese internet giant
What's on your HDTV: 'Rainbow Six: Seige,' Bill Murray
The holiday season is upon us. While college football's regular season wraps up, we're looking forward to the newest Tom Clancy game, Rainbow Six: Siege, and the season finale of Doctor Who. NBC is planning to air
Comcast starts describing live video entertainment to the blind
Sadly, the blind and others with visual impairments tend to lose some of the impact of live TV, especially entertainment. They'll get the dialogue, but they'll frequently miss the sight-based cues. Comcast thinks it can help, though.
Santa's village comes to life as Google's holiday tracker goes online
Now that Thanksgiving is complete and the holidays are officially upon us, Google has unveiled a new and expanded Santa's Village for 2016. The dedicated website is part of the company's annual Santa Tracker app promotion. This
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

The Home Away from Home Office of Airbnb
The art-filled workspace above looks like it could be in anyone’s home, but it’s actually an office workspace. It’s part of Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters.Read more...
Learn How to Tie the Zip Tie-Like Constrictor Knot With This Video
Knots may seem like an old-fashioned skill to learn, but they can actually be really helpful in a lot of situations . This video will teach you how to tie the constrictor knot, which is essentially the
Soften Big Chunks of Hard Brown Sugar in the Oven
If your brown sugar has transformed into massive chunks that are harder than granite, a quick bake in the oven can turn them back into piles of soft, usable grains.Read more...
Gizmodo Here Are All the Original Star Wars Trilogy Vehicles to Scale | io9 Here Are the Biggest Bur
Gizmodo Here Are All the Original Star Wars Trilogy Vehicles to Scale | io9 Here Are the Biggest Burning Questions About the Live-Action Marvel Universe Right Now | Gawker If Police Are Using Reasonable Force, Why Do They Lie About
I'm Marc Maron, and This Is How I Work
By any measure Marc Maron has had a banner year. The comedian talked with President Obama on his podcast, his television show on IFC completed it’s third season and was renewed for another, and he has a
PSA: Put an ID Collar on Your Indoor Cat
Over seven million pets go missing in the U.S. every year, and less than 5% of lost cats are reported and returned home. When your indoor kitty gets a little too curious and darts outside, a collar
Stuff a Raspberry Pi Zero Into an Xbox Controller for On-Demand Emulation Anywhere
The Raspberry Pi Zero is absurdly small . So small, in fact, that DIYer Terence Eden decided to stuff it inside an Xbox controller and make a little emulation machine.Read more...
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iconWired - Gear Factor

Adobe Flash Is Dead in Name Only
Flash by any other name is still a mess. The post Adobe Flash Is Dead in Name Only appeared first on WIRED.
How to Take Care of Your Cast Iron Pan
Make your cast iron pan last forever. The post How to Take Care of Your Cast Iron Pan appeared first on WIRED.
Cyber Monday 2015: The Best Deals You Can Get
The real day of shopping is here. The post Cyber Monday 2015: The Best Deals You Can Get appeared first on WIRED.
I Went to the Drone World Expo and Saw the Future. It Sounds Like Bees
Welcome to the first annual Drone World Expo. The post I Went to the Drone World Expo and Saw the Future. It
Buying a Hoverboard? Here’s Everything You Need to Know
First thing: Its not actually a hoverboard. The post Buying a Hoverboard? Here’s Everything You Need to Know appeared first on WIRED.
Happy Black Friday! Here’s How to Use Amazon Price Match to Get the Best Deals
Stay woke, shoppers. The post Happy Black Friday! Here’s How to Use Amazon Price Match to Get the Best Deals appeared first
Amazon Echo Is This Year’s Perfect Lazy Gift
What to get the person who has everything (unless they have a Bluetooth speaker they can talk to). The post Amazon Echo Is This Year’s Perfect Lazy Gift appeared
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Google’s November Self-Driving Car Report Details Learnings, A Pull-Over, And A Rear-End Collision
 Google’s monthly self-driving car reports are fun to read through, and gives transparent accounts of what the team is up to, how the cars are performing,
9 Gifts For The Smartest Smart Home
Choose from 16 million shades of color, make grandpa feel more secure by showing him who’s at the door when he’s not even there and get the house turnt with a rendition of Alvin and the Chipmunk’s “All I want for
Samsung Launches Web Browser For Gear VR
 You’re strapped into a virtual reality delight and you want to Google something. What do you do? Now you can use a web browser built and optimized specifically for Samsung’s Gear
Your PS4 Just Became A Tiny Bit More Powerful
 Chances are you haven’t realized it, but your PlayStation 4 got a little bit more powerful. The PlayStation 4 comes with an octa-core CPU. Until now, game developers could leverage
Microsoft Lays Off 60 On Its HoloLens Team In Israel As It Shifts Development To The U.S.
 Microsoft has yet to ship its first HoloLens holographic imaging device, but it is moving swiftly on to the next generation of development nonetheless. TechCrunch has confirmed that Microsoft has dismissed 60 people in Israel
Revols Announces In-Ear Headphones That Mold To The Contours Of Your Disgusting Body
 As if it weren’t bad enough that all of us contain a skeleton, Revols is remind us that we also have ears. This Montreal-based custom headphone company has created a very
Amera Is A Wireless Security Device Designed To Detect Motion And More
 Assuming the human eye could see them, what would the wireless signals that we are surrounded by in our homes, businesses and cities look like? Nothing like the
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iOS Support For Samsung Gear S2 Coming Soon
There are various smartwatches and fitness trackers available out there, but if you love the Samsung Gear S2 but were a bit bummed that there isn’t support for iOS,
T-Mobile’s Music Freedom Grows With 11 More Services
While streaming music will probably not eat up as much data compared to streaming videos, if you were to stream music all day, chances are it will end up
Sony Sends Out Invites For CES 2016 Press Conference
CES 2016 will be kicking off next month and for those who are unfamiliar, CES is probably one of the biggest consumer electronics conferences around. It is typically held
Microsoft Surface Phone Rumored For Launch In Second-Half Of 2016
A couple of months ago, an article on WIRED revealed that Microsoft might still be working on a Surface Phone, despite the fact that the Redmond company had already launched both
Moto 360 Sport To Arrive Stateside January 7 2016
Back in September, Motorola took the wraps off two new smartwatches, one of which is the Moto 360 Sport. In case the name did not already give it away,
Mark Zuckerberg Is Officially A Dad, Will Donate 99% Facebook Shares
Congratulations to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chen as they both have welcomed their very first child, daughter Max. In a post on his Facebook page, Zuckerberg wrote
Smart Sprinkler System Saved This Man’s House From A Bushfire
The idea that you can connect to your electronic appliances remotely, like your fan, your lights, your TV, and etc. is a good one. For some it might seem like a
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Deal Of The Day: 96% Off On OSTraining Developer Courses: Lifetime Subscription – And 20% Off(...)
You’d be amazed at the amount of stuff you can learn online. We suspect you knew this, but you may not know the full breadth of the courses available. Take
You Can Buy A Remote Controlled Wienermobile
Some people are pretty passionate about their hotdogs. We’re fans of Oscar Mayer’s wieners as much as the next guy, we just don’t know that we’d want to buy a
Wrap-a-Nap Travel Pillow Lets You Sleep Anywhere
There’s all kinds of travel pillows out there, some of them with pretty high-tech features. We’re rather fond of this particular contender however, the Wrap-a-Nap Travel Pillow, because not only
ShiftWear Sneakers Feature e-Ink Technology, Constantly Changing Look
You’ll end up spending a small fortune if you always change up your kicks so they stay looking fresh. Fortunately, technology is around to fix pretty much any such dilemma,
Logitech K480: A Keyboard For The Multi-Tasker
The following article is brought to you by The Tech Info Group – Ed The Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard can pair up with three Bluetooth-enabled devices at a time. Juggling
Deal Of the Day: 25% Off On Everything, Including This ‘Learn To Code By Making Games – Uni(...)
It’s Cyber Monday, which means deals and more deals. Today you can get 25% off on everything in the store by using the code CYBERMONDAY25. This of course includes the
Death Star Mood Light, Since The Movie Is About To Launch And Stuff
You know you’re going to be flooded with Star Wars stuff over the coming weeks. It’s normal, the movie is about to open in theatres. The Death Star Mood Light
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