The Selfie-Stick Generation Is Starting Earlier Than Ever
And now after nine long months, they have some data signal to send it over Snpachat, too. Read more...
If you’re trying to sign up for Google’s Project Fi, you may be in for a wait.
If you’re trying to sign up for Google’s Project Fi , you may be in for a wait. Google warns that demand has been so high that it may take until mid-summer for all of their requests to be processed.Read
Uber's Experimental Cars Spotted on the Streets of Pittsburgh
Earlier this year, Uber announced that it was joining forces with Carnegie Mellon Univeristy to create its own autonomous taxis. Now, the first cars labelled “Uber Advanced Technologies Center” have been spotted driving around the roads of
How to Solve a Jewel Heist (and Why It Takes So Long)
London’s recent Hatton Garden heist was a burglary that to all intents and purposes appeared to be taken from a work of fiction. A daring raid that involved climbing down lift shafts, drilling through a reinforced concrete
What Good is Measuring an Erection? 
You may have noticed some news around these weird sounding devices that measure “arousal”. They don’t. But they do measure changes in penile shape, and as such, can give users a rough estimate – in a non-invasive
Motorcycle surfing at high speeds looks like a crazy way to have fun
Riding a motorcycle isn’t enough. Surfing waves isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to surf your motorcycle to get your thrill on. That is you have to gun your motorcycle to over 50MPH and then try to stand
Silly video explains exactly why Daredevil should be called Batman
Batman is a billionaire playboy who really shouldn’t be a superhero and definitely doesn’t have any legitimate claim to the name ‘Batman’. Because the Batman name is so much more fitting for Daredevil, a superhero who is
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Google makes a Hangouts Mac app you'll want to use
Listen up, OSX users: with the new Hangouts update from Google you might actually want to use the official app rather than Adium. It consolidates your contacts on the left side of one window and puts your chats
Uber's experimental cars are driving around Pittsburgh
It looks like Ubers robotics lab is now up and running -- the Pittsburgh Business Times has just spotted one of its test cars marked Uber Advanced Technologies Center driving around the city. If you recall, the ridesharing
Help these 30-year-old Intellivision games live again on PC
One of the biggest problems facing video games as an artistic medium is one of preservation. Thanks to HD remasters, digital distribution and the Internet Archive thats becoming less of an issue. But we still need to do
The Big Picture: Say hello to NASA's 'nastiest' star
NASAs Nasty 1 isnt like other stars. Bigger than our Sun but barely older than humanity itself, this unusual celestial body sits just about 3,000 light years away from Earth. And while its certainly similar to other Wolf-Rayet
Paralyzed man drinks beer by controlling a robot arm with his mind
A paralyzed man named Erik Sorto has finally been able to drink beer on his own after 13 years, and its all thanks to a robotic arm controlled solely by his mind. If youve been following our robotics
Apple Transit maps could be coming to iOS 9
9to5Mac, citing unnamed sources, reports that Apple is potentially gearing up to release its updated Transit service -- the same one it nixed immediately before last years WWDC event -- with iOS 9. Transit acts as an add-on
SFW 'Playboy Now' app is only here for the articles
19 million people visit Playboy.com every month, 80 percent of which reportedly coming via mobile devices. In response to that demand, Playboy magazine has released a new mobile-centric app that gives its rabid fanbase exactly what they want:
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

The Marvel Comics Home Screen
Just in case you weren’t satisfied with Marvel in every movie theater, news feed, and piece of merchandise on the planet, this design puts classic comics from the superhero behemoth right on your home screen.Read more...
Reach Goals Faster by Reviewing and Reiterating Habits Every Three Days
The more time you spend wondering how best to approach something, the less time you have to actually learn the best way for you. You have to learn through failure, so you might as well fail faster
Deadspin A Civilian’s Guide To The U.S.
Deadspin A Civilian’s Guide To The U.S. Military | Gizmodo Stop Going on Cruises | Jezebel I Am Not a ‘Pretty Little Liar’ | Kotaku 17-Year-Old Swatter Sounds Like A Complete Asshole | Kinja Popular Posts Read more...
How To Turn Impostor Syndrome Into A Superpower
Everybody gets impostor syndrome, but it’s a disease that hits geeks especially hard. You know how it is: You feel like you couldn’t possibly belong, that you can’t measure up, that everyone will realize you’re a fake.
Reduce Your Email Workload with the "Three-Email Rule"
You can be a lot more productive when you have to spend less time explaining things over email . By setting a limit on how many times you’re willing to discuss something over email, you can reduce
1Password Just Got a Rare Discount. Grab it While You Can. 
1Password is the best looking password manager on the market , and my app of choice. The only real downside is its upfront $50 cost for desktop apps (the mobile apps are freemium). So if you’ve been
Avoid Fighting Over Who Does the Dishes by Making It a Competition
Doing the dishes is a simple chore, but for some reason, nobody ever wants to do them. By making it a competition with something at stake, everyone in the household might want to make an effort.Read more...
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iconWired - Gear Factor

Save All Your Photos—Especially the ‘Bad’ Ones
Dont delete those old photos, even if you think they suck. Your uncurated images are a key part of your personal history. The post Save All Your Photos—Especially the ‘Bad’
We’re All Using These Emoji Wrong
Unicode knows that youve been using a few emoji incorrectly, and the group is here to clear it all up. The post We’re All Using These Emoji Wrong appeared first on
Review: Blossom
The smart sprinkler system is an Internet of Things product you can totally forget about. And thats the way it should be. The post Review: Blossom appeared first on WIRED.
Hey Spotify: Not Every Tech Company Needs to Be Everything
Spotify is just the most recent tech company that wants to become The One True Internet Experience. The post Hey Spotify: Not Every Tech Company Needs to
Google and Skrillex (?) Are Making Phone Cases Way Smarter
The producer and DJ teamed up with Google to make a smartphone case thats out of this world. Literally. The post Google and Skrillex (?) Are Making
Here Are All the New Features Packed Inside Spotify
With a slew of new mobile-app features, Spotify isnt just expanding beyond music. Its also taking aim at Netflix and Amazon. The post Here Are All the New
You Can Now Get Pairs of Sonos’ Play:1 Speakers for $50 Off
The Play:1 speaker is already Sonos most-affordable option, and now its even cheaper if you buy it as a set. The post You Can Now
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Apple Said To Be Bringing Transit Directions To iOS 9
 Apple is said to be planning to bring built-in transit directions to its native Maps app in iOS 9. Transit directions were left out when Apple replaced Google Maps with its own
Apple’s Mobile Hotspot Patent Application Could Connect Apple Watch Anywhere
 Apple has a new patent application for a mobile hotspot (via AppleInsider), which might surprise people since it hardly seems like the type of accessory the iPhone maker would go out of
Apple Researching Combined 2D/3D Glassesless Displays
 Apple is looking into a way to provide both 3D and 2D images from the same display, without requiring any special ocular equipment like 3D glasses, according to a new patent application
Chromebook Sales Predicted To Grow 27% This Year, To 7.3M Units
 Google’s cloud-based Chromebooks continue carving a niche for themselves predominantly in the education sector, as a less expensive alternative for this group of users than the iPad, but also
Google Launches Special Cases For Android Phones With Skrillex And His Dog
 Google has introduced a new limited run of Android device accessories called ‘Edition’ cases. These cases, which come in sizes compatible with Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6 and
Apple’s Home App For HomeKit Said To Include Virtual Rooms, Apple TV Hub
 Apple is thought to be gearing up to launch HomeKit soon, likely in time for WWDC next month. The software feature for iOS devices would allow control of connected home accessories that
Radio Shack Still Owes Makers Money
 After a brief – but energetic – flirtation with hardware startups, Radio Shack went bankrupt, leaving many creditors in the cold. The hardest hit? Those same hardware startups. According to an open
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DIYZER Wants To Be The Stack Overflow For Hardware Devs
There are plenty of websites out there that users can visit if they want to learn how to make a piece of hardware using available technology such as Arduino. How these
Uber’s Self-Driving Car Was Spotted On The Road
Most of the issues faced by passengers of Uber’s services have usually been driver-related, but imagine if you could eliminate drivers from the equation, wouldn’t that make the service much
Canadian Teen Pleads Guilty To 23 Counts Of Swatting
By now we’re sure most of you guys have heard of the term “swatting” which is basically where the instigator calls the police claiming to have done something wrong and serious,
Google Apologizes For Recent Google Maps Incidents
Earlier this week Google Maps came under fire when it was discovered that typing in a racial slur in the search box would zoom into the White House in Washington D.C.
Apple Could Discontinue 16GB iPhone Models In The Future
With the introduction of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple did away with the 32GB model and introduced a 128GB model. This meant that users could only choose between 16GB
KGI Securities Analyst “Confirms” August iPhone Announcement
Apple’s iPhones are typically announced in September followed by  a release a couple of weeks later, but all of this could change this year. According to a report from the China
Firefox’s Suggested Tiles Ads Will Be Based On Browsing History
If there’s one thing that Google is good at, it is that they can suggest things you might be interested in checking out based on what you have searched for in the past. This has manifested itself in ads and
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Deal Of The Day: 13% Off On Smashbox Pro Portable Speaker
The Smashbox Pro Portable Speaker is an interesting device. It’s partway case, partway speaker, and sort of a little bit of both. You put your phone in there, plug the
You May Not Have The Force, But You Can Have These Star Wars Dangle Earrings
Star Wars merch hasn’t been this relevant since 2005, when the Revenge of the Sith came out. But with The Force Awakens slated for a December release, people are getting
Make Some Kind Of Statement With Nintendo Drinking Flasks
We’re not sure exactly what you’re trying to say if you go around taking sips of bourbon from a plastic NES cartridge, but it’s nice to know that you can,
Office Master OM5: The Mother of All PC Gaming Chairs
The following article is brought to you by Voucherbin.uk. -Ed. Despite the constant developments taking place in the field of modern day gaming consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox,
Deal Of The Day: 26% Off On TokyoFlash Limited-Edition Breathalyzer Watch
We love TokyoFlash, and have featured their watches many times over the years. The Limited-Edition Breathalyzer Watch featured in today’s deal post happens to be able to do more than
SmartRim Protects Your Pricey Mags From Curb Damage
Many modern cars come with parking sensors that help you avoid hitting the car parked behind you. That’s great, but they do very little to help you avoid getting too
The Boozie Is A Hoodie For Winos
Isn’t it ridiculous how much they charge for beer at the stadium? If you’re like us, you’re always looking for discreet ways to bring your own booze and save a
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TechnologyTell Review: Justin 5400mAh Power Bank
External battery packs are totally useful, that is, until you happen to forget the cable. There’s nothing worse than having a need unfulfilled because of just one missing element. Fortunately, some manufacturers, such as Innovative Technology, has taken this into
Ex-search giant Lycos selling patents
Lycos, a top search engine name from the early days of the popular Internet, announced that it is selling off a group of patents related to search and online advertising. According to its announcement, Lycos is making the move ahead
Smaller is better: Dell unveils ‘big-potential’ Inspiron Micro Desktop
Business PC consumers, hardcore gamers and power users in general might be boiling with rage at the sound of such a preposterous (for them) industry trend, but sometimes, raw speed is simply not the goal. Instead, it’s affordability and, above
Don’t miss these must-have, eco-friendly Kickstarter gadgets
It’s not very often that one finds multiple, totally incredible projects funding on Kickstarter all at the same time. I think that the hardest part of it all is having to choose which one(s) to support while staying within the
Brace yourselves, Lollipops for nearly a dozen BLU phones are coming
As much as we’d like to think of Miami-based BLU Products as a name to be reckoned with in the mobile tech décor, the small handheld manufacturer wasn’t able to escape its second-tier limitations in terms of software support lately.
Deal alert: Get $100 back on Samsung phone + tablet bundles from T-Mobile
In the market for a spanking new high-end Samsung smartphone and could be convinced to also buy a matching slate at the right price? T-Mobile has the perfect promo for you, shaving a cool $100 off any “latest” Samsung handheld
A low-end Nexus 9 ‘sister’? Mystery HTC H7 tablet tipped for Q2 launch
After a good few years of catering to cash-strapped power users/Android purists with respectable albeit short of remarkable Nexus devices, Google shifted its release strategy all of a sudden, throwing its hat in the high-end ring both as far as
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