This Portable Charger Reminds You To Bring It Along on Busy Days
A portable charger can save your butt on days when your smartphone never seems to leave your hand—but only
12 Sinister Movie Posters From the Golden Age of Film Noir
"She was part-good before—SHES ALL BAD NOW!" "From the moment they met it was Murder!" "Blood-red kisses! White-hot thrills!" No
Save Up to 85% on Kindle Self-Help and History Books, Today Only
Todays Amazon deal of the day features over 1,000 discounted Kindle books that are meant to help students,
​Sonos Just Fixed Its Most Annoying Feature
Completely wireless music in your house is the future, and Sonos did it right first. Weve been fond of the company for years not
Striped Electrical Tape Makes It Easy To Find the Starting Edge
How many laps of a roll of tape do you usually need to find the starting edge with your fingernail?
Phony Cell Towers Could Be Intercepting Your Data
You wouldnt know an interceptor from an ordinary cellphone tower, theres no way you can. Except that when your phone connects to
How To Make Your Social Media Accounts (Almost) Unhackable
It can be easy to dismiss social media security as a chore to save for another day. Getting hacked is serious business
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Uber banned across Germany
Despite putting the brakes on injunctions in both Berlin and Hamburg, Uber has once again felt the effects of a ban, but this time its effective on a national level. Earlier today, a court in Frankfurt ruled
You can now unplug Sonos kit from the router
Sonos has made a name for itself as a wireless home audio system. The problem is -- up until today -- that you still needed to plug something into the router (one of your speakers, or a
Now TV comes to the Chromecast
Ever since Now TV launched, subscribers have cried out for Sky to include support for more streaming devices. Today, the company answered some of its critics by announcing that its built Chromecast functionality into its Now TV
Digitsole's smart insoles keep your tootsies warm as you walk
Most people believe that wrist-worn wearables are technologys next frontier, but only one company that we know of has thought about our feet. Today, that number increases to two, now that Digitsole has announced an interactive insole
Sony's next smartphone-mounted camera will take interchangeable lenses
If youre looking to be the king of Instagram, Sonys about to give you the ultimate smartphone weapon, judging by a leak from Xperia Blog. The site posted several images showing the Sony ILCE-QX1, a lens camera
Philips' Hue Beyond brings smart lighting to lamps and table lights
Heres a thing that we learned today: an enclosed light fitting, like a table lamp or a pendant light is technically called a luminaire. The reason that we now know this, is because thats the phrase Philips
NASA explains why you won't get a drone delivery anytime soon
Delivery drones are great at exactly one job right now: generating buzz. However, NASA has told the New York Times that actual widget-shipping drones from Amazon or Google are still far in the future. And the space
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iconCrave: CNET Gadget Blog

Where badass fish climb rock cliffs... with their mouths
Some of the worlds toughest rock climbers live on Hawaiis Big Island, where they scale sheer rock the equivalent of a 26-mile vertical marathon.
Google's Schmidt: We don't (yet) have a connection inside your brain
In conversation with Glenn Beck, Googles executive chairman explains that humans can still occasionally be useful -- for now. Originally posted at Technically Incorrect
Rideable Super Mario Kart races into reality (for kids anyway)
A battery-powered Super Mario Kart toy car speeds its way from the video game realm into your home, ready to take young Marios for a spin.
Are selfies causing the spread of head lice?
A lice-removal professional claims selfies are contributing to an increase in the spread of head lice among young people, but for now at least, the link is by no means conclusive.
BBC News suffers spectacular, entertaining camera disaster
One minute youre watching the presenter, the next she begins to disappear. Originally posted at Technically Incorrect
Seth Rogen to helm film on '90s console wars
The star of This is the End and The Green Hornet will help turn the classic battle between 90s video game giants Sega and Nintendo into a cinematic thriller.
880-pound asteroid slams into moon, watch it go boom
The biggest lunar asteroid impact ever recorded on video creates a flash visible from Earth.
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

Save Up to 85% on Kindle Self-Help and History Books, Today Only
Todays Amazon deal of the day features over 1,000 discounted Kindle books that are meant to help students,
DashNotes Quickly Saves Text, Images, Links to Chrome's New Tab Page
Chrome: DashNotes snips and saves parts of the web in Google Chromes New Tab page, so you can refer
Think About a Loved One You Impact to Successfully Negotiate Salary
When you are haggling for your salary, it might be best to put your ego aside and think about
Mix Creates Your Own Custom Filters for Photos
Android: The right filter can make your photos look better than they are, and get a lot of reactions too . But
The Perfect Sleeping Positions to Fix Common Body Problems
The amount of sleep you get every night is important, but whats even more important is that the sleep your getting is good sleep . If you have aches, pains, indigestion, or tend to snore, these are the positions that
Harness Your Mind's "Future Self" Bias to Make Better Decisions
We dont stick to our resolutions and future goals because our minds dont think of our future selves as "us."
Answer "What Do You Do?" by Explaining How You Solve Problems
When you are meeting someone new, at some point, theyll probably ask, "So what do you do?" If you
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iconWired - Gear Factor

The Bridge Is Over: Sonos Adds Simpler Wi-Fi Setup to All Its Speakers
Can’t decide what song to listen to on your Sonos speakers today? You should start with The Bridge Is Over by Boogie Down Productions. Thats because you won’t need the $50 Sonos Bridge to stream music to the company’s speakers
Recording the Frenzy of Soccer Goalkeeping, 1,000 Times a Second
The chance to find out more about what happens with goalies in practice and in games is what British sports scientist Chris Barnes had in mind when he came up with the concept of a goalkeeper-specific tracking monitor three years
This Magical Inkless Pen Never Needs a Refill
Italian design firm Pininfarina—famous for shaping such iconic Ferraris as the Daytona and the F40—is now applying its automotive eye to the world of high-end writing instruments.
This Selfie-Friendly Camera Is Good for Non-Egomaniacal Photography, Too
Olympus is positioning the newly announced PEN E-PL7 as a step-up camera for smartphone photographers. And true to that billing, it has a 180-degree flip-down touchscreen for framing and shooting selfies.
Lunch Carriers That’ll Keep Your Soups Steamy and Your Food Partitioned
Lunchbox wizardry used to mean packing your juice pouch to keep your apple from smooshing your PB&J. Today’s carriers are built for more discerning appetites. Bon appétit!
Gadget Lab Podcast: Can I Use My iPhone’s NFC to Pay for My Uber?
This week, Mat and Mike talk about the latest leaks out of Cupertino, the ongoing fight between Uber and Lyft, and the hot gadget on everyones holiday wish list, the Knee Defender.
This Week’s Apple Rumors, Ranked From Dumbest to Most Plausible
Could Apple debut its new wearable at the companys September 9 event?
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Heated, Connected Insoles? Whatever Next…
 Are there any limits to the everyday objects that will get connectivity and become controllable via an app? Sanity and smartphone battery life might suggest so, but this soon to launch Kickstarter
Sony’s QX1 Looks To Bring Interchangeable Pro Lenses To Your Smartphone
 Sony’s QX series of cameras is an oddity, but one that the company is apparently still committed to – a new leak from Sony Alpha Rumors reveals a treasure trove of press
RunScribe Is A Wearable For Granular Gait Analysis
 Do you heel strike or are you a forefoot runner? If you have no idea what that question means this wearable probably isn’t for you. RunScribe is aiming for serious running geeks
Press Fit Standing Desk Review: An Affordable Option With U.S. Manufacturing And Materials
 A standing desk is a resource for the home office that’s increasingly common, but they’re still not affordable or convenient in most cases. The Press Fit standing desk began life as a
What Students Really Carry Back To School
 Back-to-school stories are click fodder. They allow for marketers to feel they are directly addressing a group of easy marks. After all, when is your life more insecure than on the cusp
JUMP Cable Is The Right Smartphone Charger For Forgetful People
 Like many other users, the battery on my iPhone tends to die right before the end of the day. One obvious solution is to use a case like the Mophie, but I
Apple’s New Spaceship HQ Doesn’t Look Like A Spaceship Yet, But It’s Huge
 Apple’s new spaceship-style campus is one of the last things on the company’s mind right now, with the iPhone launch looming just over the horizon. However, that hasn’t stopped some
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Possible Sony QX1 E-Mount Camera Photos Leaked
According to the rumor mill, Sony is apparently working on another lens style camera in the form of the QX30. Well it turns out that the QX30
Samsung Unveils New Stylus-Pen Combo Accessory
When it comes to buying stationery, such as pens, you probably would think of brands like Pilot, Parker, Bic, Mont Blanc, and so
QDOS’ Q-Pic Is A Tiny Bluetooth Remote Shutter For Your Phone
Using your phone’s front facing camera to grab a group shot can be handy, although sometimes it really does limit the kind of poses you
webOS Ports Renamed To LuneOS, Will Focus On Nexus 4 And HP TouchPad
For a while it did seem like webOS did have the potential to become the next big smartphone platform, but we guess it looks like iOS and
Windows 9 Logo Let Out Of The Bag By Microsoft China
According to the rumors that we have heard a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft is apparently getting ready to announce the preview of their upcoming OS Windows
iWatch Reportedly Enters “Engineering Verification” Test Phase
The rumors regarding the iWatch are a little confusing at the moment. Some of the rumors claim that the iWatch will be announced alongside the iPhone 6
BBC Launches Coding Initiative, Teaches Kids How To Program
When we went to school, we are taught basic skills in a variety of subjects, such as math, language (this will vary depending on which country you’re in), science,
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Scribble Pen: So Is It Too Good to Be True?
Scribble took the internet by storm when it was announced back in May. Artists, geeks, and tech enthusiasts, yours truly included, were blown away at the premise of having a pen and stylusThe post Scribble Pen: So Is It Too Good to Be
Cardboard Jet Fighter Cockpit Big Enough To Accommodate Office Chair
Getting work done or playing a sim game in a “real” cockpit, while having both feet firmly planted not the ground, is an ambition of some that usually requires lotsThe post Cardboard Jet Fighter Cockpit Big Enough To Accommodate Office
Sleep In a Pool.. Well, Sort Of, With Snurk’s Pool Bedding
Fancy sleeping on a pool? Not in a pool or on a water bed, but on a pool? Now you can, although it isn’t exactly an actual pool with Snurk’s pool bedding.The post Sleep In a Pool.. Well, Sort Of, With Snurk’s
Memobottle Is Shaped Like A Standard Piece Of Paper, To Better Fit In Your Bag
Reusable water bottles are great for the environment, but they’re used less often than disposable ones simply because they’re inconvenient to carry in a cramped bag. The Memobottle, despite itsThe post Memobottle Is Shaped Like A Standard Piece Of Paper,
Extra Shot Coffee Mug Livens Up Your Mornings
We’re not sure how your boss is going to feel about it, but we certainly think that walking around the office with the Extra Shot Coffee Mug will make youThe post Extra Shot Coffee Mug Livens Up Your Mornings appeared
This Is Why You Can’t Get WiFi Signal In That One Room In Your Home
How is it possible that you got this powerful router, and yet this one bathroom on the second floor never gets any darn WiFi? Jason Cole, a PhD student inThe post This Is Why You Can’t Get WiFi Signal In
The Dark Knight is Everywhere: Batman Branding Iron
  A new Batman movie is in the works, which is great news for Dark Knight fans everywhere when Christopher Nolan’s trilogy wrapped up. If you’ve still got bat feverThe post The Dark Knight is Everywhere: Batman Branding Iron appeared
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The Sims Are Having a Better Summer Than You
Even if I dont get an idyillic paradise summer vacation, its good to know my Sims will be having a wonderful time.You see, my virtual Sims will be playing in the brand-new The
You Have Only Seconds : Tornado Gadget You NEED
As we just saw in the disaster in Oklamha, survival comes down to seconds. Having an emergency warning weather alert can make the difference from having time to find shelter when a tornado comes
E- cigs : New Tech For An Old Habit
Who knew but apparently May 31st is “World No Tobacco Day. How should we commemerate the day? Weeeelll, maybe if the smokers among us all Kick the butts and take part in a tobacco-less
What's Next? NextWorth
Believe me, we understand. You want the latest gadgets. We have so many old iPhones, iPods, iPads and game consoles we
Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Fairest Of Them All?
If you owned the brand-new simplehuman Sensor Mirror, youd know the answer to that question. (Its YOU, btw.)Think of those pull-out mirrors you sometimes find in hotel bathrooms that magnify your face
Put Your iPhone in the 'Vault'
Pelican cases are known to be nearly indestructible; just ask the US Military who uses their equipment. Even if you wont be in a war zone, the iPhone Vault can be
Jabra Revo Wireless
We spotted them first at CES; the new Jabra Revo wireless headphones and have been eagerly anticipating trying them out. We werent disappointed. Heres the good, the bad and the ugly.Good: * Connectivity is
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Digitsole introduces wearable “smart” insoles
When it comes to insoles, I am extremely stubborn about them. Even after being advised by my podiatrist that I would continue having to deal with tendonitis without them, I still opted not to wear them. But thanks to Digitsoles
LG reveals European recommended retail pricing of G Watch R: €299
How much is a circle worth? Or better yet, how big of a premium is a circle worth when compared to a rectangle or square? According to LG, about $100. Confused? Then let me elaborate.The post LG reveals European recommended
Tesla has plan for 400 Chinese charging stations
Tesla and China Unciom, a state-owned wireless carrier, will be working together to build 400 electric vehicle charging stations across China. There will be new stations built in 120 cities, and 20 supercharger stations will be created in 20 cities.
Huawei Ascend Mate 7 poses for the camera in all its glory
Leaks about the alleged Huawei Ascend Mate 7 have popped up all over the internet on a number of occasions. The Chinese OEM is expected to announce the alleged handset at IFA 2014 in Berlin. Recently, some more images of
The sub-$200 Windows 8.1 laptops are already here, thanks to this Acer E15 deal
Looking for a fairly basic Windows computing machine at a Chromebook-rivaling price point? In the market for the perfect back to school gift? Then why wait weeks, maybe months until HP and Asus go ahead and release the Stream and
Galaxy S4 on Sprint gets international WiFi calling
Frequent international travelers will be happy to hear that Sprint is pushing out an update for the Galaxy S4 that will enable international WiFi calling. The Galaxy S4 is now the first device on Sprints Spark 4G LTE network to
Sony makes headway with US carriers as Xperia Z3 seems poised for Sprint
For reasons that are really beyond our comprehension, Sony has never been able to appeal to America’s big four wireless carriers. With the worthy exception of T-Mobile, which was itself a little late to pick up the Xperia Z and
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