Don't Forget All the Atypical Christmas Films This Holiday Season
A Christmas Story? Its a Wonderful Life? Miracle of on 34th street? Cmon, we can do better than that. Read more...
The War on Drugs: Lost in the Dream
Every year around this time, I read every music websites "Top 50 Albums of the Year" lists. Its sort of a ritual at
Always On "OK Google" Voice Search is Coming To Chromebooks
You know that nifty little feature on the Nexus 5 and other Android handsets that lets you voice summon Ok Google
Behold The Amazing Images Of This USAF Aerial Refueling Boom Operator
It is considered one of the best jobs in the USAF, and you sure cant beat the office view. Americas
Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week
Hello all you lovers of smartphone apps and happy holidays. Many of us are ready to travel to relatives abroad
Can You Decipher The Message Hidden In This Star?
You can approach this puzzle from two very different angles. Which will you choose?Read more...
What App Do You Use Most to Kill Time?
The single greatest way smartphones have enhanced my life over the past decade is that I always have something to do. Whether
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Quantum physics theory is easier to understand than you think
Wrapping your head around quantum physics is tricky, no matter how well-educated you are -- if it were easy, there wouldnt be problems making quantum computers. However, researchers at the National University of Singapore believe theyve found a
How would you change Acer's Iconia W3 tablet?
If you want to judge a gadget on its true strengths, stick several in a room full of Engadget editors and see which one they swarm around. For that alone, Acers Iconia W3 was a winner as soon
The Big Picture: Monitoring the brains of online game addicts
Online game addiction is a real problem, and some countries are willing to take drastic measures to get these players living a healthier lifestyle. Need proof? Just look up. Photographer Fernando Moleres recently visited an internet gaming rehab
Snapchat alternatives (and their users) vanish from Windows Phone
Snapchat warned that it was clamping down on third-party apps to prevent sketchier examples from compromising your security, and it appears to be making good on its word -- much to the chagrin of Windows Phone users, who
Watch the first steps of a robot inspired by stick bugs
They grow up so fast, dont they? It was just a few years ago that HECTOR the stick bug robot was little more than a twinkle in Bielefeld Universitys eye, and its already taking its first steps. Okay,
Samsung's super-wide curved monitor makes your PC extra trendy
If both ultra-widescreen and curved computer monitors are all the rage these days, then Samsungs new SE790C display is supremely fashionable. The 34-inch, 3,440 x 1,440 LCD has both a super-wide 21:9 aspect ratio and a gentle arc,
Obama doesn't believe the Sony hack was an act of war
If you were worried that the US government would see the Sony Pictures hack as grievous enough to prompt a larger conflict with North Korea, you can relax. President Obama tells CNN that he doesnt see the digital
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iconCrave: CNET Gadget Blog

Where badass fish climb rock cliffs... with their mouths
Some of the worlds toughest rock climbers live on Hawaiis Big Island, where they scale sheer rock the equivalent of a 26-mile vertical marathon.
Google's Schmidt: We don't (yet) have a connection inside your brain
In conversation with Glenn Beck, Googles executive chairman explains that humans can still occasionally be useful -- for now. Originally posted at Technically Incorrect
Rideable Super Mario Kart races into reality (for kids anyway)
A battery-powered Super Mario Kart toy car speeds its way from the video game realm into your home, ready to take young Marios for a spin.
Are selfies causing the spread of head lice?
A lice-removal professional claims selfies are contributing to an increase in the spread of head lice among young people, but for now at least, the link is by no means conclusive.
BBC News suffers spectacular, entertaining camera disaster
One minute youre watching the presenter, the next she begins to disappear. Originally posted at Technically Incorrect
Seth Rogen to helm film on '90s console wars
The star of This is the End and The Green Hornet will help turn the classic battle between 90s video game giants Sega and Nintendo into a cinematic thriller.
880-pound asteroid slams into moon, watch it go boom
The biggest lunar asteroid impact ever recorded on video creates a flash visible from Earth.
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

Pull Out the Photo Album to Help Family Members with Alzheimer's
Family get-togethers during the holiday are rough if someone has Alzheimers disease. The person doesnt remember as much as
Request a “Status Match” to Transfer Perks to Another Loyalty Program
Getting "elite" status in a hotel or an airline program gives you tons of perks . If you switch
Check Out the Best From This Week's Open Thread
How concerned should I be with text messages from someone who is harassing me? What should I do with a Macbook
Schedule Emails to Send Later on Your Mac With Automator
Mac: Sometimes you need to send an email at a specific time. Maybe its an anniversary or just a reminder.
Double Your Charity Donation With an Employer Matching Program
Whether youre sharing the holiday spirit or looking for a year-end deduction, lots of folks give to charity around this time
The Six Things You Need to Tell Your Doctor for Any Type of Pain
Most doctor visits start with the question "What brings you in today?" Preparing a pain worksheet
Five Best iPad Cases
If you just picked up a new iPad Air 2 or an iPad Mini, or if youre shopping for someone who has, youll probably want a
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iconWired - Gear Factor

Review: Leveraxe Vipukirves 2
The new Leveraxe Vipukirves 2 has a wonky, cherry-red axe head thats not only bizarrely shaped, but gives it the power to tear a log a new one. The post Review: Leveraxe Vipukirves
At $450, Silica’s New Bicycle Pump Better Last Forever
This $450 bike pump uses a 12,000 PSI hose originally designed for aircraft and race car brake lines and weighs close to seven pounds. The post At $450,
Gadget Lab Podcast: We Say Goodbye to a Good Friend and Traitor
It’s our last show of 2014, and also Mat Honan’s last show as co-host. He’s starting a new job at Buzzfeed, so what better way
The Secret World of Stolen Smartphones, Where Business Is Booming
In late May of 2012, a damaged package split open at a FedEx facility in Rancho Cordova, California, spilling dozens of boxed iPhones across the shipping room
Forget Vinyl: You Can DJ Like a Pro With This New Mac App
The new Djay Pro app for Mac caters to both DJ padawans and professional mixers. The post Forget Vinyl: You Can DJ Like a
17 Perfect Presents for People Who Work Out of Coffee Shops
Who needs a cubicle when the world is your office? Or, more specifically, the coffee shops around the world are. The post 17 Perfect Presents for
Review: YotaPhone 2
This Russian-made mobile has a secondary E-Ink screen on the back. Using the e-paper display for text-based apps (surprisingly, many qualify) yields truly amazing battery life. The post Review: YotaPhone 2 appeared first on
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How Clear Is The Future Of Google Glass?
 Some ideas are ahead of their time. There is no question that the wearables market is taking off with the proliferation of health monitors, pedometers and activity trackers like Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike
The Internet Of Things Is Not A Shiny New Toy
 The Internet of Things is the latest, greatest new buzzword du jour and every major technology company, industrial manufacturer, big retailer and health industry player has declared the IoT to be the
Hands On With The Blackberry Classic
 It’s been a long time coming: Blackberry’s return to its roots. Rather than chasing the pack, Blackberry has brought back exactly what its fans have been wanting in a package
Apple Responds To BBC Panorama’s Portrayal Of Supplier Conditions
 Apple was the subject of a recent investigative report by BBC’s Panorama program, which presented as part of its findings various instances where suppliers of the Mac maker violated Apple’s own stated
EDI Is Trying To Kickstart The Classic Dive Watch
 Two entrepreneurs and engineers have taken to Kickstarter to fund a new line of dive watches, EDI. The watches, in addition to looking just a bit like sword-hand divers of the early
This Board Lets You Give Any Arduino Project Predator-Style Heat Vision
 Up until the last few years, heat sensing cameras — think Predator vision — were a thing that pretty much only the Army and the super-rich got to play with. Then
This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: BlackBerry, Bar-Tending Robots, And Drones
 Christmas is around the corner, and thus, this podcast is especially merry. BlackBerry recently introduced the smartphone of yesterday, in the BlackBerry Classic. We’re also seeing an uptick in bar-tending robot products,
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Samsung SE790C Curved Monitor Introduced
When it comes to display technology, you can be sure that Samsung ranks right up there with the very best of them where everyday consumer electronics are
Notch’s Mansion Recreated In Minecraft
I would like to think that this was just in the pipeline, waiting to happen simply because the reason to exists. What am I referring to? Why, Markus “Notch” Persson’s $70 million purchase of what is deemed to be the
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Recreated In GTA 5
When it comes to the number of talented people out there where the performing arts are concerned, you can be sure that there are way more than the amount we know – simply because they have not “broken out” into
Halo 3: ODST Offered For Free As Compensation
How does one right a wrong? Why, by making amends, of course – although an apology is certainly more than welcome. Apparently, those who have experienced the
Cadillac Rearview Mirror With Display By Video To Arrive In 2016
If you are itching to get your hands on a new car some time next year or the year after next, then you might want to check
Google+ Makes Your Videos Sound And Look Better Automatically
Google does seem to be on a roll this weekend – not only have they announced the brand new Business View feature, where you can check out the latest displays decked out in Christmas revelry, but this time around, there
Google Maps Now Offer Business View
When it comes to Christmas shopping, there are people who love to get things done a whole lot earlier than before, while others do not mind holding
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Pong Traffic Light Lets You Play With Folks On the Other Side
  Pong. What’s not to like? It’s a fun, simple game that makes you forget your problems…until the next stoplight, that is. This would be the case if you wereThe post Pong Traffic Light Lets You Play With Folks On
Deal Of The Day: 10% Off On PowerCube Original USB
Electronics need to remain juiced up, and that means you’ll have multiple power cords vying for the same outlets. That’s when power strips usually enter the picture, but they don’tThe post Deal Of The Day: 10% Off On PowerCube Original
Get These Men’s Electric Shavers without Spending a Fortune
Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover. You know you need to shave. Well, okay, beards are in fashionThe post Get These Men’s Electric Shavers without Spending a Fortune
Wear It, Charge It: Cabelet Charging Bracelet
  So you’re in the midst of your usual, hectic day when you realize that you’re running low on power. Well, it’s no problem at all if you’ve got the CabeletThe post Wear It, Charge It: Cabelet Charging Bracelet appeared first
Patch It, Wipe It: Microfiber Lens Cleanse Patches
  With touchscreens come fingerprints, and with fingerprints come the need for something to get rid of ‘em so you won’t have to deal with messy-looking gadgets. One solution comesThe post Patch It, Wipe It: Microfiber Lens Cleanse Patches appeared
Lather Up: Crystal and Geode Hand Soaps
Why do you have a rock on your sink? Huh? What rock? That crystal, geode, whatever–that one! Oh, that’s just my soap, dude. That’s one of the conversations you mightThe post Lather Up: Crystal and Geode Hand Soaps appeared first
Scrub and Dance: Octaloofah is a Massager, Loofah, and Speaker In One
This eight-legged thing is about to become your best bathtime bud. It’s the Octaloofah and it was built with one thing in mind: to make each and every bath a pleasureThe post Scrub and Dance: Octaloofah is a Massager, Loofah, and
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The Sims Are Having a Better Summer Than You
Even if I dont get an idyillic paradise summer vacation, its good to know my Sims will be having a wonderful time.You see, my virtual Sims will be playing in the brand-new The
You Have Only Seconds : Tornado Gadget You NEED
As we just saw in the disaster in Oklamha, survival comes down to seconds. Having an emergency warning weather alert can make the difference from having time to find shelter when a tornado comes
E- cigs : New Tech For An Old Habit
Who knew but apparently May 31st is “World No Tobacco Day. How should we commemerate the day? Weeeelll, maybe if the smokers among us all Kick the butts and take part in a tobacco-less
What's Next? NextWorth
Believe me, we understand. You want the latest gadgets. We have so many old iPhones, iPods, iPads and game consoles we
Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Fairest Of Them All?
If you owned the brand-new simplehuman Sensor Mirror, youd know the answer to that question. (Its YOU, btw.)Think of those pull-out mirrors you sometimes find in hotel bathrooms that magnify your face
Put Your iPhone in the 'Vault'
Pelican cases are known to be nearly indestructible; just ask the US Military who uses their equipment. Even if you wont be in a war zone, the iPhone Vault can be
Jabra Revo Wireless
We spotted them first at CES; the new Jabra Revo wireless headphones and have been eagerly anticipating trying them out. We werent disappointed. Heres the good, the bad and the ugly.Good: * Connectivity is
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TechnologyTell Review: Intocircuit Power Castle Battery
Even though external battery packs are nothing new these days, I still get excited over them. Especially when they feature something new or slightly different. Yeah, you can call me lame, but with all the energy I use up during
A new star is born: The voice-controlled ZTE Star 2 with KitKat
Voice assistance and touchless control of various smartphone features and functions aren’t exactly groundbreaking or futuristic things anymore, but there’s clearly a lot of room for improvement in the field.The post A new star is born: The voice-controlled ZTE Star
Sony Xperia E4 pictured alongside Z1 Compact, 5 MP camera confirmed
While capable of keeping a surprisingly tight lid on information spills regarding its next-gen high-enders, Sony has apparently lost track of an early Xperia E4 prototype, which ended up in the hands of Polish tech bloggers.The post Sony Xperia E4
Miiya smartwatch keeps kids fit
Launching through an Indiegogo campaign, Miiya is a colorful kids gadget that turns physical activity into a game in which your child is a hero. The post Miiya smartwatch keeps kids fit appeared first on GadgeTell.
Transform this 3-in-1 bag to meet all gadget carrying needs
I like to streamline my gear as much as the next minimalist, but there is a benefit to owning multiples of certain products. Power/data cables for mobile devices? You never want to run out of those. Speakers? Yeah, it’s cool
Micromax’s Yureka could be the geekiest phone yet, with 64-bit CPU and Cyanogen OS
If there’s one thing bound to work up hardcore Android fans even more than stock-running Nexus devices, that’s without a doubt CyanogenMod. The mother of all custom Android-based ROMs has steadily grown in popularity in certain circles since its 2011
How technology will change driver’s education forever
Until recently, public schools were almost solely relying on driver’s education curricula and teaching methods that hadnt been updated for decades.The post How technology will change driver’s education forever appeared first on GadgeTell.
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