Starbucks Computers Are Down Nationwide, And You Might Get Free Coffee
Think you’re going to pay for Starbucks with your shiny new Apple Watch this evening? Think again. Starbucks computers are down across North America, and some stores are giving out free coffee in the meanwhile. I certainly
Paratroopers fill the sky in awesome photo
Here’s a really cool photo showing US Army and British paratroopers jumping out of C-130J Super Hercules airplanes in a line at Fort Bragg. It was the largest jump exercise in 20 years at Fort Bragg and
Simple robot arm is hilariously efficient at packing up bolts in a box
This robot is so dumb and goofy but also very, very decent at its very, very simple job: it packs up bolts in such perfect alternating orientation that it would make any factory worker jealous. In fact,
The Best of Gizmodo This Week
What I really want to point out this week is two original Gizmodo videos, both awesome. We time-warped to the lair of badass swordsmith and watched him forge swords. And we created a totally bizarre yet oddly
This Japanese Gymnast Game Is the Laziest Way To Train For the Olympics
You can do everything from fly fighters jets, to steal cars, to fight wars in a video game, but there will always still be something appealing about games like this gymnastics challenge that test your timing and
Make Sure All Your OneDrive Files are Synced for Offline Access
OneDrive for Windows 8.1 shows you all the files in your locker—but they’re not necessarily all stored locally on your machine. If you want to make sure they are all synced and available the next time
Madame Tussauds Names 10 Nominees for Next Tech Icon to be Wax-ified
The Madame Tussauds in San Francisco already has a waxy Jobs and a waxy Zuck . But now they want you to decide who they should do next. They’ve wittled the nominees down to ten. Who would
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Only selfies can kill the bad guys in this game
Okay, bad guys is a bit of an exaggeration: The green boxes you have to kill in Selfie Assault dont really do anything but stay perfectly still. Youd have to eliminate them all to conquer the game, though
Google pulls the Nexus 7 tablet from its online store
In case you were on the fence about grabbing one of Googles affordable Nexus tablets, youd better jump off it pretty soon. The Nexus 7s been pulled from the Google Store, as spotted by TalkAndroid, and it almost
Chill out with this 'holographic' virtual aquarium
Theres something inexplicably tranquil about gazing at fish in an aquarium as they swim back and forth, darting about rocks or that tacky plastic treasure chest sitting in the corner. But what if you could have one on
Portland unbans UberX
Citing violations of its hired transportation rules, the city of Portland, OR sued Uber last December and temporarily halted the ridesharing companys operations within city limits. Now, after months of haggling with civic and community leaders, Uber...
Creep your friends out with this online GIF tool
GIFs are usually a source of delight and wonder. Artist Vince McKelvie, however, has taken that wonder and warped it beyond recognition. In his new site, click drag click, you can create animated terrors by plugging in a
Navy researchers make bulletproof glass out of clay
The US Naval Research Laboratory announced a major breakthrough in materials science on Thursday. After decades of research and development, the NRL has created a transparent, bulletproof material that can be molded into virtually any shape. This mat...
Quirky wine rack could refill itself using Amazon Dash
Do you wake up in the middle of the night, soaked in cold sweat and frantically worrying, Oh God, is my wine rack sufficiently full? Well, fear not, because this automated wine rack from Quirky not only keeps
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

How to Turn Your Tablet into a Productivity-Boosting Second Screen
Tablets are great entertainment devices, but they aren’t always as useful for getting things done. If you want your tablet to be more than just a fun little toy, it’s really just a matter of the right
This Video Explains the Important Benefits of a Proper Fighting Stance
While fighting should be avoided at all costs, everyone should know a little self-dense in case of emergency. This video explains what proper fighting stance should look like and why it’s half the battle.Read more...
Save 10% on Everything Monoprice Sells
Monoprice is already known for bargain basement prices, but they’re currently taking an extra 10% off sitewide with promo code SPRING10, which opens up a whole world of deal possibilities.Read more...
Start Overcoming Your Shyness by Dumping Your Self-Image
Being shy isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you’d like to overcome it, you have to start by ditching the labels and stigmas you’ve attached to yourself.Read more...
Create Multiple Libraries in Photos with a Keyboard Shortcut
Setting up and using Apple’s new Photos app is easy enough , but one thing you might not notice immediately is the ability to keep multiple libraries on your computer. Cult of Mac points to a keyboard
How Video Games Taught Me Personal Accountability
Blame, procrastination, self-victimization—this terrible trifecta can sink your career and limit your levels of personal success. We often find ourselves resorting to bad patterns, especially in the workplace. I have noticed one place in my own life
Avoid IKEA Stress by Shopping for Extras and Major Purchases Separately
Everyone knows that a trip to IKEA (or any oversized furniture store) is a stress test for a relationship. To avoid breaking up over a heated discussion about rugs, IKEA spokesperson Janice Simonsen suggests dividing your trip
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iconWired - Gear Factor

Amp Up Movie Night With This Essential Home Theater Gear
An auteur-worthy home theater is easy to achieve–just cast the right gear. The post Amp Up Movie Night With This Essential Home Theater Gear appeared first on
No, Apple Isn’t Cutting Pebble Off From iOS
Apple started rejecting Pebble apps seemingly out of nowhere---but its not as bad as it looks. The post No, Apple Isn’t Cutting Pebble Off From iOS appeared first on
Gadget Lab Podcast: We’ve Got Some Serious Questions About Google and Yoga
The merger of Comcast and Time-Warner isnt a thing anymore. But you know what is? Yoga. The post Gadget Lab Podcast: We’ve Got Some Serious
2015: The Year We Saved the Internet
We’ve gracefully sidestepped not one but two potential online dystopias, and it’s not even May. The post 2015: The Year We Saved the Internet appeared first on WIRED.
5 Essential Pieces of Gear for Street Photographers
Enough with the snapshots of your cat and your eggs Benedict. There’s real life happening outside your door—go document it. The post 5 Essential Pieces of Gear for Street
Review: Asus ZenBook UX305
The sleek and shiny Asus ZenBook UX305 goes for a mere $700, and it performs far better than youd expect at that price. The post Review: Asus ZenBook UX305 appeared first on WIRED.
Samsung Redesigns Its VR Headset to Fit the Galaxy S6
Samsung is expanding its virtual-reality wares to its new flagship phones. The post Samsung Redesigns Its VR Headset to Fit the Galaxy S6 appeared first on WIRED.
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An Early Look At The Apple Watch App Ecosystem
 With the Apple Watch now officially on the market, and soon to be on the wrists of several million customers – possibly as many as 20 million this year, according to some
CrunchWeek: Zenefits Loves Cash, Everyone’s Watching Apple, And Amazon’s Epic Quarterly Report
 Another week has left us in a miasma of earnings, product releases, and something called the Apple Watch. As such, it’s the perfect time to sit around our little round table we
Shinola, Grado Labs, And Adafruit To Talk Making And Manufacturing At Disrupt NY
 Manufacturing never left America. Even during the recession, good people were still building good things. Recently, though, thanks to the maker movement, small-scale manufacturing is seeing a renaissance throughout the world, something
Apple Begins Offering Virtual “Personal Setup” Appointments To New Watch Owners
 As a number of early customers will receive their Apple Watch smartwatches today, Apple has also begun to send out email invitations offering “personal setup” appointments that take place via video sessions with an
iFixit Apple Watch Teardown Suggests No Internal Chip Upgrades
 Today is Apple Watch D-Day for a speedy few early adopters, with Cupertino finally shipping the first batch of its debut wearable to buyers. That means it’s also the
Say Hello To The Apple Watch
 The Apple Watch has landed, so to speak, with deliveries officially arriving to the first pre-order customers around the world. Apple’s first wearable device has enjoyed one of the longest pre-launch promotional
The UDOO Neo Adds More Power To The Ultimate DIY Board
 The original UDOO board was pretty amazing. An merging of Raspberry Pi and Arduino, the system let you run a tiny computer on a single board as
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Starbucks Network Snafu Results In Free Coffee For Everyone
If you thought that Starbucks’ drinks were always a tad expensive, then today would have been a great day to capitalize on the company’s network outage. It seems that due to
Lumia 830’s Discontinuation Hints At Lumia 840’s Impending Arrival
The Microsoft Lumia 830 was announced in the later part of 2014 but it looks like its successor, the rumored Lumia 840 could be getting ready for an announcement soon. This
Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Release Date Leaked, Set For 6th November
A couple of days ago Activision posted the first teaser to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Based on what we saw, it certainly looks like it’s shaping up to
WhatsApp Calling Makes Its Way Onto BlackBerry 10 In Latest Update
While users on Android have enjoyed WhatsApp’s voice calling feature for a while now, there are still some platforms that have yet to receive the feature. It was only earlier this
Switzerland To Test Drone Mail Delivery System This Summer
We know that Amazon wants to turn to drones to perform some of its deliveries in the future, but at the moment they are facing a bit of resistance from the
Apple Watch Found To Be More Water-Resistant Than Advertised
The way the Apple Watch has been designed and marketed, it certainly doesn’t sound like your rugged watch or do the kind of things one might associate with a G-Shock. However the device does have some measure of protection and
Apple Watch Can Now Be Used To Unlock Rooms At Starwood Hotels
Last year the Starwood Hotels group announced that they would be allowing smartphones to unlock their hotel doors through the use of Bluetooth proximity keys. However if you’d rather not
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Flyte Levitating LED Lightbulb Is Awesome
What do you get when you combine the power of electromagnetic induction, and uh, magnets? You get the Flyte LED Lightbulb, of course. Much like the wireless smartphone chargers you
Ceramic Jellyfish And Squid Plant Holders Are Awesome
If you’re going to have plants in your living area, you can be boring and put them in an ole’ clay pot. Or you can get creative and purchase one
Give Your 3D Printer Color Abilities With The Palette
The 3D printing scene is thriving at the moment, but some realities still exist. Specifically, if you hope to be able to print in color, you will have to spend
Deal Of The Day: 73% Off On AtmosRX Combo Vaporizer Bundle
Vaporizers are all the rage, and they’re only poised to become more popular in a burgeoning market. The AtmosRX Combo Vaporizer Bundle is versatile device, with tons of features: The
Text Breakups Are Out, In With The Break Up Beans
It used to be that you would break up with your significant other in person. Then, we started doing it over text. Lame, we know, but people will be people.
The AmpStrip Heartrate Monitor Can Stay On You For Days At A Time
Many devices monitor your heart rate these days, but few are as accurate as ones that stick to your chest, one way or another. Chest straps can be uncomfortable and
Interested in a new phone? How About The ASUS ZenFone 2?
Sponsored post. -Ed. ASUS has outdone itself again with their newest smartphone release. The ZenFone 2 features top of the line specifications for a middle-end price, making it a top
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Acer tackles US smartphone scene with $80 Windows 10-ready Liquid M220
One of the world-leading PC makers’ gloves are off at last as far as the tricky US smartphone landscape is concerned, but surprise, surprise, Acer goes off the beaten Android path and instead charges with an ultra-affordable Windows handheld.The post
HTC has another Quad HD phone in the works, and this one’s headed to Asia too
HTC’s inexplicable negligence of the Western ultra-high-end mobile market is about to intensify, with the next Butterfly installment likely going out to Japan as a far more gifted One M9 cousin. Under the hood, that is, because on the outside,
Has LG gone mad? Leathery G4 tipped to cost more than base Galaxy S6
If LG’s 2014 flagship smartphone had one thing going for it in a direct duel against Samsung and HTC’s respective high-enders, that was without a doubt (relative) affordability.The post Has LG gone mad? Leathery G4 tipped to cost more than
Do more with less! Bricwave Xpress flash drive, fast charge cable
One thing about owning and using gadgets is that it’s not hard to quietly grow a collection of devices. You start adding to your gear, and suddenly you feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of items! If you continue on,
Acer rehashes Iconia One 8 and Tab 10 with a greater emphasis on youngsters
While many of you US-located power Android users probably never knew Iconia One 8s and Tab 10s even existed, Acer worked diligently behind the scenes on sequels to the low-cost slates available via Amazon.The post Acer rehashes Iconia One 8
Metal-clad Samsung Galaxy A3 starts taking in Android 5.0 Lollipop
And so it begins. The wide-scale Lollipop rollout for Samsung’s most premium mid-end smartphone family ever, that is. Surprisingly, the first Galaxy A-series member on the brink of a software promotion is the least technically gifted, aka the A3.The post
Apple now rejecting iPhone apps which mention the Pebble
Apple no longer accepts apps which mention competing smartwatches. A Pebble app developer just had an app update rejected.The post Apple now rejecting iPhone apps which mention the Pebble appeared first on GadgeTell.
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