8-bit game version of The Avengers would be so much fun to play
I dont know which Avengers character I would love playing the most in this game. Would it be
All the most important supernovas ever photographed by humanity
NASA has revealed spectacular, newly reprocessed images of four of the most amazing supernovas ever captured by a human science instrument—the Crab
Here are 10 of the most awesomest movie stunts in film history
CineFix has cooked up a list showing off the top 10 movie stunts of all time. Theyre all fantastic
Amazon Fire Phone Review: A Shaky First Step
After years of rumors, Amazons first smartphone is finally, finally here. Its unique, its can be fun, its a pretty decent phone. And
Pests masterfully turned into grieving widow bugs
Amazing artwork created by Barcelona-based studio Garrigosa using 3D and Photoshop for a print ad campaign: Widowed insects crying for the husbands that got
I wanna get drunk on this Mondrian art-inspired Homer Simpson wine
PSFK reports on quite possibly the best idea since "Simpson and Sons Revitalizing Tonic." A wine inspired by two of
The Best Movie About a Racist's Head On a Black Man's Body Ever Made
Youve probably never heard of The Thing With Two Heads—much less actually seen it. In which
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Google's new, image-rich Play Store for Android is rolling out now
It looks like you wont have to wait long at all to check out Googles visually rich Play Store revamp -- its rolling out now. The refresh doesnt appear any different on the surface, but a quick
Amazon Fire phone review: a unique device, but you're better off waiting for the sequel
After producing a long line of e-book readers and tablets (not to mention a set-top box), Amazon has its sights set on the smartphone market. But finding success here wont be easy, even for an established tech
Edward Snowden's preferred OS has a major security flaw
Think youre safe from spies because youre using Tails, the same Linux distribution that Edward Snowden uses to remain anonymous? Unfortunately, youll still have to be on your guard. Security firm Exodus Intelligence has revealed that the
Engadget Daily: NVIDIA's Shield Tablet, Atari's 'Pridefest' and more!
Today, we take a look at NVIDIAs new Shield Tablet, investigate Ataris future with the LGBT community, ponder an Apple smartwatch patent and learn about a potential HIV breakthrough. Read on for Engadgets news highlights from the last
ASUS has the world's fastest WiFi router... for now
Hey look, a new router from ASUS and, apparently, it is super, super fast. According to the Taiwanese company, its RT-AC87 is the worlds first with Wave 2 features, which bring better reliability, major speed boosts and
Artist uses over-sized pixels to keep an eye on London's pedestrians
Folks strolling past the Welcome Collections venue in London may have an eery feeling that theyre being watched. Well, thats because they are. And not just by a governments prying eyes, but with 650 over-sized pixels that
You can now unlock your Motorola phone with a 'digital tattoo'
Hate unlocking your Android smartphone so much that even Face Unlock or Skip feels like too much of a hassle? Motorola just came to your rescue. The company has partnered with VivaLnk to launch the previously teased
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iconCrave: CNET Gadget Blog

Where badass fish climb rock cliffs... with their mouths
Some of the worlds toughest rock climbers live on Hawaiis Big Island, where they scale sheer rock the equivalent of a 26-mile vertical marathon.
Google's Schmidt: We don't (yet) have a connection inside your brain
In conversation with Glenn Beck, Googles executive chairman explains that humans can still occasionally be useful -- for now. Originally posted at Technically Incorrect
Rideable Super Mario Kart races into reality (for kids anyway)
A battery-powered Super Mario Kart toy car speeds its way from the video game realm into your home, ready to take young Marios for a spin.
Are selfies causing the spread of head lice?
A lice-removal professional claims selfies are contributing to an increase in the spread of head lice among young people, but for now at least, the link is by no means conclusive.
BBC News suffers spectacular, entertaining camera disaster
One minute youre watching the presenter, the next she begins to disappear. Originally posted at Technically Incorrect
Seth Rogen to helm film on '90s console wars
The star of This is the End and The Green Hornet will help turn the classic battle between 90s video game giants Sega and Nintendo into a cinematic thriller.
880-pound asteroid slams into moon, watch it go boom
The biggest lunar asteroid impact ever recorded on video creates a flash visible from Earth.
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

The Luv Home Screen
Simplicity and home screens go together like a horse and carriage. This design, from My Color Screen user alicarbovader features everything you need on one home
Deodorize and Clean a Microwave with Baking Soda and Water
If you have a microwave thats covered with spattered sauce and popcorn butter, you can kill the odor and loosen up the gunk with a bowl filled with baking soda and water.Read more...
Develop Mental Toughness by Keeping Your Duties Visible
Mental toughness is something we could all stand to gain. John Corcoran at The Art of Manliness suggests displaying your different duties—or
Sometimes It's Worth Finishing Your Worst Work to Move On To Your Best
We all have one of those projects sitting around unfinished that we know isnt that great. Its
Research Shows that Seven Hours of Sleep Might Be the Sweet Spot
Eight hours of sleep. Six hours of sleep. Seven hours of sleep. It seems like every year we
io9 China Seals Off City Of 30,000 People After Man Dies Of Bubonic Plague | Jalopnik Chrysler Recal
io9 China Seals Off City Of 30,000 People After Man Dies Of Bubonic Plague | Jalopnik Chrysler Recalls Nearly 800,000 SUVs For Ignition Switch Issues | Jezebel Love Is Dead: Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Marriage Reportedly Coming to an End
How to Overcome the Guilt of Financial Mistakes
Weve all made financial mistakes, and just bouncing a check can make you feel incredibly guilty and embarrassed. But as long as
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iconWired - Gear Factor

Augmented Retaility
With the Fire Phone, everything around you exists to be bought on Amazon. The phone deconstructs and decentralizes the entire concept of a store. Its essentially Amazon’s brick-and-mortar strategy.
Your Summer Isn’t Complete Without This Gigantic Hammock
The Mega Hammock measures 8 x 15 feet and is hand-crafted from ripstop nylon and black webbing by an FAA certified parachute rigger. Oh, and itll fit three people.
How Smartphones Have Unleashed Humanity’s Creative Potential
Andy Gilmore Look at your smartphone. Think about the decisions you will make on it today. You may snag a dinner reservation, tell your spouse youre running late, or craft a response to an email from your boss. But you
The Fasinatng … Frustrating … Fascinating History of Autocorrect
David Sparshott Invoke the word autocorrect and most people will think immediately of its hiccups—the sort of hysterical, impossible errors one finds collected on sites like Damn You Autocorrect. But despite the inadvertent hilarity, the real marvel of our mobile
Musical Instruments
Elsa Jenna Your phone is now a recording studio, a music school, and a Guitar Center. Thousands of music apps enable you to do everything from autotune your voicemail greeting to compose a symphony. But it turns out that when
An Iconic Speaker Gets Reengineered for the Era of Streaming Music
Forty years after it debuted in Sweden, Teenage Engineering has given Stig Carlssons classic OD-11 speaker a modern overhaul.
An Elegant Shelf for Hiding Your Mess of Charging Cables
The Spell Stage shelf looks like an ordinary walnut or oak shelf. But slide out its top and youll find a space for a five-plug power strip and slots for threading your various gadget charging cables.
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Hands On With The Amazon Fire Phone
 Announced last month, the Amazon Fire Phone is the company’s first attempt at mobile hardware. Like its cousins in the Kindle Fire line of tablets, it runs a fork of
Microsoft Confirms Decision To Kill The Surface Mini
 Remember the Surface Mini, a device that got axed at the last minute? Microsoft gave it a shout out in its earnings report today.The company noted in
China Drove Big iPhone And iPad Sales For Apple During Q3 2014
 Apple’s earnings are out, and there’s a narrative contained therein of the emerging importance of China and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries in general – the company revealed to the
Apple Sold 35.2M iPhones, 13.3M iPads And 4.4M Macs In Q3 2014
 Apple has released its latest quarterly earnings report, and the hardware story is one that you might have heard before: For the most part, the company sold more devices year-over-year, with the
Apple’s Mixed Q3 2014 With $37.4B Revenue, $7.7B Profit And $1.28 EPS
 Apple has just released its fiscal Q3 2014 earnings, reporting $37.4 billion in revenue, $7.7 billion in net profit representing $1.28 per share. Compared to the year-ago quarter, it corresponds to a
The Defender Is What Happens When You Combine A Camera, Automated 9-1-1, And Pepper Spray
 Safety first! That’s what my mom always says. Which is why it’s somewhat shocking that technology hasn’t already been leveraged to provide additional personal protection to people on the go.
Some Brief Thoughts About Apple’s MacBook Air ‘Stickers’ Ad
 Yesterday Apple released a new ‘Stickers’ ad for the MacBook Air. I found it interesting for a few reasons. Read More
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Purchase eBook Edition Of Your Current Physical Book On The Cheap
Ebooks are starting to gain traction these days, that is a given. After all, nobody would like to lug around a behemoth of a novel that surpasses
Huawei Honor H60 Arrives On TENAA Website
It does look as though the folks over at Huawei are working on a new smartphone that some have called it the Huawei Honor H60.
Google Play Store Material Design Makeover Arrives In Part
Good things come to those who wait, but for those of us out there who are tapping our fingers impatiently in the direction of Google as we
HTC One (M8) Glamor Red Version Heads To O2 UK
HTC has been doing pretty all right for itself recently, although there has been reports that the HTC One (M8) is starting to experience fading
AT&T Rolling Out Windows Phone 8.1 Update This Week
Here’s an interesting rumor – it seems that if you’re a Windows Phone user in the US and you’re looking forward to the Windows Phone
iOS 8, OS X 10.10 Yosemite Will Launch At Separate Dates
At WWDC earlier last month, Apple unveiled iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Apple did not mention when either platform would be released, but presumably iOS
EFI Update For MacBook Air Reportedly Causing Crashes
Yesterday we reported that Apple had issued an EFI update for the mid-2011 MacBook Air models. The update was
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Accio Dice! Harry Potter Wizard’s Monopoly
It’s taking Parker Brothers long enough to make a Harry Potter-themed edition of Monopoly, so CustomLumos decided to take matters into their own hands. The result? This awesome, one-of-a-kind Monopoly board came thatThe post Accio Dice! Harry Potter Wizard’s Monopoly appeared first on
Legless Pirate Corkscrew Is A Must Have
Can’t you have a bit of fun, before you have a bit of fun? Opening a bottle of wine is a trivial affair, but with a Legless Pirate Corkscrew, itThe post Legless Pirate Corkscrew Is A Must Have appeared first
Inglorious Produce: French Supermarket Chain Finds A Way To Reduce Food Waste
Did you know that a good portion of the produce farmers grow ends up being discarded simply because it’s too ugly to be sold in stores? Too ugly doesn’t meanThe post Inglorious Produce: French Supermarket Chain Finds A Way To
This Is A Handheld Food Smoker
BBQ traditionalists will probably have a fit at the sight of the Handheld Food Smoker, but having had the chance to try a meal prepared with a similar contraption, we’dThe post This Is A Handheld Food Smoker appeared first on
Gum-Sized Device Can Tell If Your Drink Has Been Spiked
Date rape is a real problem. Anything you can do to put the odds back on your side is a good thing, so we’re excited to report on the pd.id,The post Gum-Sized Device Can Tell If Your Drink Has Been
Deal Of The Day: 16% Off On The KICK, A Smartphone Controlled Photography Light
A lot goes into taking a nice picture, beyond pointing your camera and pressing a button. Almost as important as composition is lighting, and the KICK light pictured above canThe post Deal Of The Day: 16% Off On The KICK,
Deal Of The Day: 14% Off On Loot Crate, Epic Gamer Gear In A Box (3-Month Plan)
Remember that Family Guy episode where Peter gas to choose between a yacht and a mystery box? Admit it, you’d choose the box too, and now you can. The LootThe post Deal Of The Day: 14% Off On Loot Crate,
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The Sims Are Having a Better Summer Than You
Even if I dont get an idyillic paradise summer vacation, its good to know my Sims will be having a wonderful time.You see, my virtual Sims will be playing in the brand-new The
You Have Only Seconds : Tornado Gadget You NEED
As we just saw in the disaster in Oklamha, survival comes down to seconds. Having an emergency warning weather alert can make the difference from having time to find shelter when a tornado comes
E- cigs : New Tech For An Old Habit
Who knew but apparently May 31st is “World No Tobacco Day. How should we commemerate the day? Weeeelll, maybe if the smokers among us all Kick the butts and take part in a tobacco-less
What's Next? NextWorth
Believe me, we understand. You want the latest gadgets. We have so many old iPhones, iPods, iPads and game consoles we
Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Fairest Of Them All?
If you owned the brand-new simplehuman Sensor Mirror, youd know the answer to that question. (Its YOU, btw.)Think of those pull-out mirrors you sometimes find in hotel bathrooms that magnify your face
Put Your iPhone in the 'Vault'
Pelican cases are known to be nearly indestructible; just ask the US Military who uses their equipment. Even if you wont be in a war zone, the iPhone Vault can be
Jabra Revo Wireless
We spotted them first at CES; the new Jabra Revo wireless headphones and have been eagerly anticipating trying them out. We werent disappointed. Heres the good, the bad and the ugly.Good: * Connectivity is
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TechnologyTell Review: BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds
If you’ve ever tried running or working out with a set of cabled headphones, you likely know the feeling of inconvenience they present. If the cords aren’t getting in the way somehow, they’re banging around and generating line noise. When
Tizen OS upgrade rolls out to Samsung Galaxy Gear owners stateside
Perhaps trying to intimidate Google and show the search giant there’s life beyond Android, Samsung has unveiled Tizen-running successors for the Jelly Bean-based Galaxy Gear back at MWC. Even more intimidating, Sammy’s first-gen smartwatch has been treated to its own
Nvidia’s Shield Tablet takes Android gaming to the next level
We’ve been warned, and teased, and warned again. At long last, Nvidia’s Shield Tablet has gone official, unfortunately a couple of days too late to surprise in any way. But regardless of the mystery being shattered to pieces prematurely, you
Amazon discounts LTE Kindle Fire HDX 7 to a starting price of $230 ($100 off)
Amazon’s already traditional lightning deals continue with a wicked one-day-only Kindle Fire HDX 7 sale, which sees the somewhat overlooked LTE-enabled tablet drop to a starting price of $229. That’s 100 bucks off the 16 GB model’s recommended retail value,
5 Imagineering secrets of the Tower of Terror on its 20th anniversary
Today is a big day! It’s the 20th anniversary of Walt Disney World’s Tower of Terror ride, which makes its home in Hollywood Studios at the Orlando resort (amongst other places). In honor of the day when the best ride Disney World ever
LG Optimus F6 leaps from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to board 4.4 KitKat bandwagon
Now that pretty much all of LG’s relatively new mid to high-end gadgets, Optimus G and G Pro included, are on Android’s freshest, sweetest flavor, 4.4 KitKat, it’s time the Korea-based device manufacturer started spreading the love to humbler, older
Xiaomi Mi 4 goes official with FHD screen, steel frame, 3 GB RAM, $320 price tag
Xiaomi, aka the Apple of China, is ready to go up against current-generation Android giants such as Samsung’s Galaxy S5 or HTC’s One M8, although strictly looking at Mi 4’s numbers, it may have a hard time edging out LG’s
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