17 Apollo Missions Paved the Way For This Space Capsule Tea Infuser
We don’t have a moon colony yet and the space station isn’t exactly tourist-ready, but if you needed one good reason why those 17 Apollo missions were worth every last penny, it’s that they inspired this wonderful
Start Your Transition to LED Lighting for $4 Per Bulb
If you’re still using ugly CFL bulbs, or heaven forbid, energy-hogging incandescents, it’s time to transition to LED. Philips’ unique SlimStyle 60W equivalents are only $4 each today on Amazon, which is within a few cents of
The Complete Guide To Every Single Terminator, From T-1 To T-3000
Most of us just know a few of Skynet’s most famous killer cyborgs. The T-800, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The T-1000, made of liquid metal. But there have been a stunning 15 models of Terminator, from Cyberdyne
So Many Fires Are Burning In Alaska and Canada There's Smoke Over Texas
The drought hitting the West is not just striking the continental US. That same weather pattern that’s sucking the life out of California is also making life hot, dry, and dangerous for the top third of North
When Twitter Q&As Backfire Disastrously 
This was not a good week on social media for writer E.L. James of Fifty Shades of Grey and would-be Presidential candidate Gov. Bobby Jindal. Both took to Twitter to answer fans’ questions. But both are controversial
The Biggest Kangaroos Evolved Long Arms to Fight Over Females
Male kangaroos and wallabies, like a lot of seemingly quiet grazing animals, get into knock-down drag-out fights over females. They obviously don’t have antlers or horns to spar with, but they’re perfectly willing to grapple rivals with
Get Ready To See Way More Humble-Braggy Photos From White House Guests
Well this is certainly the icing on the cake for the best week of the Obama presidency. For the first time in 40 years, visitors to the White House will be allowed to document their visit with
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Nike uses VR to put you in the shoes of soccer star Neymar
Neymar Jr. is a well-oiled marketing machine. Not only is the Brazilian footballer a Nike brand icon, but you can also find him on the cover of video games like Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. However, because traditional commercials
Feds hunt for suspects in California internet backbone attack
A string of attacks in California on one of the core portions of the internet has the FBI searching for suspects. The latest disruption occurred yesterday morning when three fiber-optic cables were cut in Alameda county in the
Google parks its map-making tool inside Drive for easy access
To make things easily accessible, Google is nesting its My Maps feature in Drive. This means that in addition to creating custom maps for whatever need may arise, you can also nestle them alongside documents or forms created
Hulu's free, ad-powered TV shows are coming to more devices
Up until now, Hulu has limited free videos to its desktop website, but this wont be the case for much longer. Thanks to Pluto TV, a startup that offers an internet television service at no cost, Hulus taking
The iPhone 6 Plus won't fit Fallout 4's Pip-Boy (and I'm sad)
Thanks a lot, Bethesda. After the outfits first E3 media briefing, I pre-ordered the Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4 because of course I want to put a real-life version of the games stat-tracker and menu system on my
Magic Leap adds former Vevo CEO to its mysterious team
Magic Leap is as mysterious as its ambitious. Ever since the Google-backed startup raised a whopping $542 million, its been pegged as the next big thing in mixed reality. But apart from it being a platform that incorporates
Swedish media house buys world's largest eSports company
Professional gaming is a hot item in the investment world right now and even the largest eSports organizations are getting in on the action. MTG, an international entertainment company based in Stockholm, purchased on Wednesday a majority stake
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Start Your Transition to LED Lighting for $4 Per Bulb
If you’re still using ugly CFL bulbs, or heaven forbid, energy-hogging incandescents, it’s time to transition to LED. Philips’ unique SlimStyle 60W equivalents are only $4 each today on Amazon, which is within a few cents of
Keep Your Extension Cords from Unplugging with a Carabiner
When you’re running at least two extension cords to power something, a rough tug on the line can easily separate them. A carefully placed carabiner fixes that.Read more...
Always Be Able to Read Your Kid Bedtime Stories with This DIY Recorder
When you’re a kid, there’s nothing like a good bedtime story from someone you love. This custom recorder can attach to any children’s book and let your little one listen to you read it to them whenever
I'm Mike Senese, Executive Editor of Make, and This Is How I Work
For ten years Make: Magazine has been sharing stories of people making incredible projects, from flying robots to whittled spoons to bee keeping, and has been a central pillar of the maker movement. Helping to ferry that
Deadspin Jim Harbaugh, Colin Cowherd Combine For A Disastrous Interview | Gizmodo How Dangerous Is A
Deadspin Jim Harbaugh, Colin Cowherd Combine For A Disastrous Interview | Gizmodo How Dangerous Is Airplane Turbulence? | Jezebel As Black Churches Burn, Feds Close In on Suspect in CVS Arson | Kotaku A Horror Game Hidden In The Darkest
Get out of the Couch Potato Trap by Not Going Home Right After Work
Having a routine can be comfortable, but it can also get you stuck in a lazy rut. If you’re tired of coming home from work only to plop on the couch, don’t let yourself come home until
Evernote's Web Clipper Now Works Better with Gmail, YouTube, and Amazon
Evernote’s Web Clipper extension is a great way to save clips from the web to your Evernote account, and now it works a lot better with Gmail, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Amazon. Better still, the Clipper can now
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The Man Who Wants to Turn Our Clothes Into Modular Gadgets
The real wave of innovation in wearable technology will be when our clothes will do everything our smartphones do. The post The Man Who Wants to
Apple Music’s Here, and It Probably Won’t Change Everything
Let’s just get this out of the way: There’s nothing here you haven’t seen before. The post Apple Music’s Here, and It Probably Won’t Change Everything appeared first
How to Keep Apple Music From Billing You After the Free Trial
Theres no such thing as a free lunch or a free music service trial. The post How to Keep Apple Music From Billing You After the Free Trial appeared first on WIRED.
Bad Beach Day? This Skateboard Rides Just Like a Surfboard
Push around this skateboard thats been designed to ride more like a surfboard. The post Bad Beach Day? This Skateboard Rides Just Like a Surfboard appeared first
The First iPhone Was and Wasn’t What You Think
There was so much wrong with the first iPhone. It also represents a societal shift. Both of these things are mostly true, but also a little not. The
With Bots Like These, Who Needs Friends?
The latest wave of chatbots and next-gen penpal services are so human-like, you could confuse one for your BFF. The post With Bots Like These, Who Needs Friends? appeared first
Wine Sulfites Are Fine, But Here’s How to Remove Them Anyway
For millions of drinkers, the scariest two words on a bottle of wine are “CONTAINS SULFITES.” The post Wine Sulfites Are Fine, But Here’s How to
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A Look At The Tech That Could Mean We Never Have To Charge Our Phones Again
 Technology that can wirelessly power our devices on the go could change our world. Imagine never having to plug in your cell phone again, or technology that continuously keeps your electronic car
Apple Updates GarageBand With Force Touch Support And New Virtual Morph Pad
 Apple has a new update available for GarageBand on the Mac, which provides a range of new tools aimed primarily at electronic dance music creators. The update
Pinterest Has Started Rolling Out Buyable Pins On The iPhone And iPad
 Pinterest is starting to roll out a buy button on its pins today in the iPhone and iPad apps, the company said. Buyable Pins let some retailers who are partners with
Smartspot, Which Brings Computer Vision To Gyms And Trainers, Raises $1.85M From Khosla, Signalfire
 Moawia Eldeeb has one of the more unfathomable and inspiring stories I’ve ever come across while working in Silicon Valley. He was born to a farming family in Egypt and then made
LSTN Is The Warby Parker Of Headphones
 While companies like Warby Parker and Toms Shoes have made corporate responsibility more popular over the past few years, the technology industry hasn’t adapted as quickly. Meet LSTN, a headphone
TC AppleCast 19: Apple Music Eve
 It’s the eve of Apple Music, which launches tomorrow, and all through the house, not a creature was withholding their content, not even a Taylor Swift. Also, Force Touch is basically a
The Latest Big Data Innovation Is Consumer Empowerment
 Digital privacy is on the ropes, and public cynicism is running high. But there are glimmers of innovation in what could be a new phase for Big Data: empowering the customer. Read
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Robot Killed Technician At Germany Volkswagen Plant
Working with robots is nothing new at all – there are plenty of factories around the world that have humans working side by side with robots, especially on the assembly line
Usound App Assists Hard Of Hearing In A Practical Manner
It is said that there are approximately 360 million people around the world that suffer from hearing loss, at least to the World Health Organisation (WHO), and I am quite sure that WHO has done their homework in order to
Google Photos App Tags Dark Skinned People As Gorillas
Is this a new kind of faux pas or something? Surely it goes to show that computers and the algorithms that run them are not all that smart, so we can
ASUS ZenFone Go Image Surfaces
The ASUS ZenFone Go might not have gotten an official announcement just yet, but there has been at least an image that has appeared online, showing off a rather decent look
How To Hide Your Photos on Android
Your Android phone can store a lot of data and your private data as well. The most common data which you may like to keep private is your “personal” photos. If you have any photos in your phone that you
Acer Liquid M220 Now Available Stateside
When we talk about purchasing a new smartphone for our use, most of the time people would think of picking up one of those flagship models such as the iPhone 6
Galaxy Note Edge Gets Android 5.0 On Verizon
Even though Verizon released the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for Galaxy Note 4 back in April it didn’t provide the same treatment to the Galaxy Note Edge, a handset that Samsung
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I Do: Doctor Who TARDIS Engagement Ring
  Would you say yes to this? This Doctor Who-inspired TARDIS engagement ring will make most girls happy (provided the right man is asking), but it’ll make Whovians over the moon with
Wear What You Eat: Pepperoni Pizza Onesie
  Can’t get enough of pizza? You can do more than just eat it now, since these Pepperoni Pizza onesies actually exist. Yep, that’s right: you can now wear your
Bricasso Made From Legos Prints Lego Art
  You don’t have to be a fan of Lego to appreciate the awesomeness of the Bricasso. It’s an aptly-named printer that prints Lego mosaic art, and the coolest part
Deal Of The Day: 73% Off On Intocircuit 15000mAh Power Castle External Battery
  Never be without power again when you’ve got the Intocircuit 15000mAh Power Castle by your side. It’s a powerful external battery with a 15,000 mAh capacity so you can charge your
ThinkGeek’s Critical Hit d20 Mug
There’s really not much to say beyond what you see in the picture, here. It’s a mug. It’s shaped like a 20-sided dice, which some of you may recognize as
Deal Of The Day: 28% Off On a $70 Credit For A Casetify Apple Watch Band
As expected, Apple is selling millions of its watches. This means there is plenty of room for watchband makers, since a good number of people won’t want to have a
Spivo Camera Pole Pivots 180 Degrees At The Touch Of A Button
Ok, so everyone is sort of tired of seeing selfie sticks, but Spivo is a little different. First off it’s not quite a selfie stick, since it has no trigger;
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Why attempt home automation yourself when you can have a pro do it for you? (Post sponsored by URC)
We know the standard answer to the question in the headline: Because it’s cheaper. But is it really?The post Why attempt home automation yourself when you can have a pro do it for you? (Post sponsored by URC) appeared first
TechnologyTell Review: Phiaton MS 100 BA earphones
When it comes to wearable personal audio, I tend to prefer on- and over-ear headphones. Not so much earphones, even though I’ve experienced some really great products for sound and/or features. For me, in-ear devices are all about the comfort
One-branded HTC ‘Aero’ tipped for early November ‘intermediate’ launch
Ready for more high-end HTC handheld confusion and probably still no chance to challenge Samsung or even LG flagships? Rumor has it no radically redesigned One M9 sequel is in the pipeline by the year’s end, with the M9+ instead
Forget Touch ID, the OnePlus 2 fingerprint sensor is purportedly ‘done right’
Apparently not one to “hop on the me too bandwagon” with immature, gimmicky technologies, OnePlus waited for mobile fingerprint recognition to evolve and fully bloom before it could be fitted on the “impressive, thoughtful and versatile” 2. That’s right, ladies
What Helsinki Can Teach America about the Internet
In 1998, famed and revered economist Paul Krugman penned the following words: “By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s.” As a standalone quote, it’s
TechnologyTell Review: Kensington 5200mAh USB Mobile Charger
Is there ever going to be an end to external battery packs? Probably not for quite some time. So you might as well get in and get one now, right? While there are many, many to choose from, not all
TechnologyTell Review: Limefuel Rugged L150XR battery
I brought my Limefuel L130X battery to a park (a park! for my kid) this one time, and it came back home looking quite roughed up. It had been knocked down off its perch a bunch of times – the
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