FBI Accosts Security Researcher Over Fear That He Hacked His Flight
When airport security researcher Chris Roberts tweeted about his ability to hack the in-cabin control systems aboard his Boeing 747 flight, he probably wasn’t anticipating the quip would get him detained by the Feds. Only some
Funny photos bring objects to life in hilariously goofy situations
These photos from ErAn Croitoru’s Animated Photography series are awesome because they bring normal objects like alarm clocks, hammers, birthday candles, coffee pots, fruits and other things to life. In each photo that he creates, each item
A Remote Amazonian Tribe Harbors Unprecedented Microbiome Diversity
The trillions of bacteria that live on us and in us—our microbiomes—are vital to our health in ways we’re just beginning to understand. Now scientists have discovered the most diverse collection of bodily bacteria ever, in a
A Self-Inflating, Self-Propelled, Stand-Up Paddleboard
With spring coming late on the heels of a brutal winter, it’s hard to believe that summer is right around the corner. Still, in a few short months it’ll be plenty warm enough to take your
What's The Political Situation Like in The Force Awakens?
Star Wars Celebration has revealed the names of two of the major factions in The Force Awakens: the Resistance, who seem to represent the next generation of the Rebel Alliance from the original trilogy, and the First
Every Tree in New York City, Mapped By Species
New York City is about as urban as urban gets, but even concrete jungles harbor leafy life. At last count, there were 592, 130 trees in the Big Apple, and thanks to the efforts of Brooklyn-based
Netflix Sets Its Prices According to Local Piracy Rates
If you live in a country with a lot of piracy, you probably enjoy lower monthly Netflix subscription fees. That’s according to Netflix CFO David Wells, who says that a country’s piracy rate is the primary factor
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Google's 'balloon-powered internet for all' is almost ready
In case you wanted another behind-the-scenes look at how Googles internet-by-balloon service is doing, now is your chance. The Project Loon team posted a new video showing everything from how it manages its balloon fleet, the balloon creation
FCC vote clears the way for lower-cost mobile data
Dont look now, but you may soon have more options for mobile internet access beyond the usual wireless carriers. The FCC has voted in favor of rules that not only make a wide 100MHz slice of 3.5GHz spectrum
The world as a work of digital art
As curious creatures, we attempt to understand the world around us in many ways and nowadays that usually boils down to big data visualization. Whether were creating models of large-scale systems or breaking down reality into wireframes and
Recommended Reading: The problem with Record Store Day
Recommended Reading highlights the best long-form writing on technology and more in print and on the web. Some weeks, youll also find short reviews of books that we think are worth your time. We hope you enjoy the
Tiny trackpad uses your thumbnail to navigate devices
Several companies are working on eye-tracking tech as a way to navigate devices. A team of MIT researchers, however, have their eyes set on another body part: the thumbnail. Graduate students Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao and Artem Dementyev are
If you want to chat on Steam, spend at least $5
Earlier this week Valve introduced Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator as a means to keep its users safe from phishing attempts, and now its taken another step in that direction. From here on out, until you spend a minimum
Justice Department may try to block the Comcast / TWC merger
Its been more than a year since Comcast announced its plan to buy fellow cable giant Time Warner Cable in a $45 billion deal, but it still hasnt received the blessings of various regulators. Now, word is leaking
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

Stop Searching for the Barcode to Get Through Self-Checkout Faster
The self checkout at the grocery store is amazing, and if you want to speed up your self-scanning game, here’s a tip: Stop looking for the barcode, just swipe it. If you get good at it, you
PSA: Remember, You Can Sell Your Broken Gadgets on eBay
It’s a sad day when a beloved piece of tech finally bites the dust. But don’t go throwing it in the garbage! Remember that you can sell broken tech on eBay and put a little cash back
Top 10 Lazy Yet Smart Ways to Spring Clean Your Home
It’s spring cleaning time. Even if you have the urge to clean your home from top to bottom, perhaps your natural laziness is keeping you from getting started. No worries, here are ten MacGyver-ish ways to freshen
Turn IKEA Cubbies into a Rustic Apothecary Chest
If you didn’t see the before pictures you’d probably never guess that the rustic apothecary chest on the right was actually made from a basic IKEA cubby console. What a transformation.Read more...
Today's Best Deals: The Best Headphones, Chromecast, Swimsuits, & More
Today on Adorama, you can pick up the X version of your favorite headphones for just $109 after a $20 rebate. Thats a whopping $60 less than usual, and the best price weve ever seen. If
Why You Need Boredom, Distraction, and Procrastination in Your Life
Most of us—no matter how many time-saving techniques we employ—don’t have enough time to waste. But productivity comes at a cost: having that down time is extremely beneficial. We fight against boredom, distraction, and procrastination all the
This Video Debunks 10 Popular Misconceptions About Home Appliances
You probably spent a lot of money on your home’s appliances, so you might as well get the most out of them. Here are some of the most common myths and old wives’ tales about dishwashers, refrigerators,
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iconWired - Gear Factor

Gadget Lab Podcast: Suddenly, There’s a New Mobile OS In Town
The hosts discuss the partnership between Microsoft and Cyanogen OS, and its implications in the mobile phone market. Also, Best Buy horror stories and Twitters new
You Can Build These Modular Headphones Exactly How You Like
Cant decide on a pair of headphones? Aiaiais new TMA-2 cans let you change your mind over time. The post You Can Build These Modular Headphones Exactly
Nifty All-in-One Coffee Maker Lets You Brew Java Anywhere
Truly great coffee still demands a certain degree of preciousness, which doesn’t often lend itself to portability. A new all-in-one coffee maker aims to change that. The post
Review: Microsoft Surface 3
Microsofts less-expensive Surface lands firmly in the middle ground between laptop and tablet. The post Review: Microsoft Surface 3 appeared first on WIRED.
Jawbone’s New Up4 Does So Much More Than Count Steps
The new Up4 has incredible fitness tracking, plus a new way to pay for stuff. The post Jawbone’s New Up4 Does So Much More Than Count Steps
Twitter’s New Homepage Doesn’t Fix Its Big Problem
Twitters new homepage manages to obscure what makes Twitter great in the first place. The post Twitter’s New Homepage Doesn’t Fix Its Big Problem appeared first on WIRED.
Smart Surf Watch Tells You When to Head to the Beach, Brah
Nixons new smart watch will not nag you continuously. It will only interrupt your life to alert you when your local surf spot is poppin
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Moscase Is Like Batman’s Utility Belt For Your iPhone
 The average phone case is basically a piece of plastic that protects your device when you drop it. But what if you could add modular features to your iPhone like a heart
This DIY Raspberry Pi Laptop Is Perfect For Your Weekend Machinations
 My favorite DIY projects are ones that an idiot like myself can do in a few days. To wit, this Raspberry Pi laptop that lets you create a portable computer with keyboard
Disney’s New 3D Printer Prototype Makes Huggable Things Out Of Fabric Instead Of Hard Plastic
 We’ve seen lots and lots of 3D printers over the last few years, and they almost all have one thing in common: the objects they print are hard* and mostly rigid.What if
Coin, The One Credit Card To Rule Them All, Is Finally Shipping
 The Coin card (promising to let you combine all your credit/debit/loyalty cards into a single piece of tech) has delayed for so long that you might have forgotten that you ordered
This Tiny Sensor Turns Your Thumbnail Into A Trackpad
 Like the football phone or the Dick Tracy 2-way wrist radio, humankind has always dreamt of melding two technologies together to create a synergistic improvement on our
Soundbrenner Pulse Helps You Get Down To Your Own Sick Beat
 If you find yourself staying out too late with nothing in your brain, perhaps you could use the Soundbrenner Pulse. This haptic smartwatch won’t make calls or manage your calendar for you
Google Announces Certification Program For Cardboard Clones
 Google Cardboard has been a surprise hit among early adopters, giving an intentionally cheap, approachable device that opens the door to more people having their first virtual reality experience. Providing affordable
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How To Compress Videos
Video compression is extremely important, especially in this era of internet and technology. Even if you are an ordinary user, you may still end up in a situation where you have to upload a video on the web.Now, raw videos
Microsoft Responds To Bricked Windows 10 Lumia 520 Handsets
Owners of the Lumia 520 and its siblings, the Lumia 521, Lumia 525, and the Lumia 526, are reporting that their phones have bricked after installing the latest Windows Technical
WikiLeaks Sony Document Hints At Upcoming New Cameras
It is only logical to think that Sony has new cameras they are planning on announcing this year, although exactly what model and when the announcements will take place remains to
Photojojo Wants To Turn Your iPhone Into A Disposable Camera, Sort Of
The joys of using a digital camera or your phone to take photos is that you can take as many photos as you like (as long as you have enough memory) without worrying about wasting film, something that kids these
Disney Research Found A Way To 3D Print Interactive Plushies
In the past we’ve seen 3D printers create all kinds of solid objects, such as bone-like material used for medical purposes, to even replicating a full-sized motorcycle just because they could. So what’s next in the future of 3D printing?
Adaptalux Is A Modular Lighting System For Macro Photography
Macro photography is a rather interesting style of photography that gets viewers up and close with the subject, seeing details that our eyes might not have been able to make out otherwise. Now in some instances, macro photography requires the
Cyanogen’s New Partnerships Raise Privacy Concerns
In a bid to take Android away from Google, Cyanogen has partnered up with other companies to replace some of the default apps and services found in Android, such as
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Wrike Extension Turns Your Chrome Browser Into a To-do List
This article is brought to you by Wrike. -Ed. If you’ve ever surfed a website and thought to yourself, “That’d be a cool feature to have on my blog,” or
Deal Of The Day: 40% Off On Ultra-Handy 10-Ft Micro USB Cable, 2 Pack
Admit it: you’ve sat on the floor, next to your charging phone, on more occasions than a self-respecting adult ever should. That 3ft. cord is just not long enough to
Steel Star Trek Coasters Boldly Go Where No…
You know… we’re groaning at the thought of having to write yet another pun-filled headline that’s a Star Trek or Star Wars reference. So you get the idea. Here are
What’s The Easiest Way To Shave Your Head?
With this cool HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor, of course. At least, we imagine that if you’re going to go for the completely bald look, you could do much
Beer Tea Bags Enhance Cheap Brew Flavour
Sometimes being on a budget means you gotta get the cheap beer, instead of the premium beer. If your palate is refined enough to tell the difference, know that there
Tactical Credit Card AX Fits An Axe In Your Wallet
If you’re McGuyver, surviving involves finding a pack of gum, a paperclip and a match head. Most other people, however, would requires some semblance of tools, and the Tactical Credit
Deal Of The Day: 27% Off On Sky Runner 6-Axis Gyro Drone
This is a slightly new take on drones. The Sky Runner 6-Axis Gyro Drone is surrounded by a plastic roll cage which not only protects it in case you bump
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Huawei P8 goes official with premium build, respectable specs, low price
When Huawei threw its hat in the fancy wearable ring, pricing its debut Watch dangerously close to Apple Watch tags, we started fearing the budget Chinese specialist was signaling an ill-advised change of strategy. Fortunately for the company’s financial prosperity
Say hello to Huawei’s gigantic, 83 percent screen P8 Max friend
Is that a Huawei P8 Max in your pocket, or are you just really glad to see me? That’s one question future owners of Huawei’s newest phablet will never hear, since this bad boy’s ginormous footprint leaves little room for
Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note 3, US Cellular’s Note 4 and Edge updated to Lollipop
Samsung’s software makeover machine chugs along undeterred by the various bugs and system instabilities detected in recent Lollipop builds. The smartphone sales rulers are also hands-down the Android 5.0 support champions, at least as far as U.S. carrier-locked versions of
Samsung adds Cricket Wireless to Galaxy S6 carrier roster
To our knowledge, the U.S. carriers that got an early invite at this exclusive release party are all more than capable of handling current orders. With the exception of a few individual versions, like 128 GB configurations or models coated
Fable kids tablet is now available
Fable, a tablet for children that was unveiled at International CES in January is now on the market, the product’s company, Isabella Products, Inc., said Friday. Geared towards children three to ten, the product is now available at Vizitme.com and
Samsung Galaxy Alpha and S5 Active nab Lollipops on AT&T surprisingly early
As the exclusive U.S. carrier of Samsung’s rugged Galaxy S5 Active and metal-framed Alpha, you probably expected AT&T to drag its feet before bringing the pair up-to-date software-wise. Well, Verizon for one would have likely proceeded at a leisurely rate
LG Stylus (G4 Stylus?) incoming with 5.8-inch screen, 3,000 mAh battery
They may have not allowed for much confusion vis-à-vis the standard G4, which is less than two weeks away, but LG stayed awfully vague as far as a pen-capable spin-off was concerned of late. At one point, word around the
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