The Golden Age of Jailbreaking Is Over
Your smartphone may be as powerful as a computer, but its also hobbled. You can only install apps on it from the walled garden of the official app store. Your options are limited to the small, vetted
The First Hair Plug Machine Looks Absolutely Horrifying
Think people going bald here in the 21st century have it tough? Just imagine what the folks of 100 years ago went through. Balding men were apparently so desperate for hair that theyd let a doctor near
Our Chemicals Are Falling On Remote Parts of Antarctica In Snow
You probably havent heard of "cyclic volatile methylsiloxanes," but youve almost certainly rubbed them into your skin. Theyre widely used in lotions and cosmetics to create that smooth, satisfying feel. And now scientists are finding—to their surprise—these
Why Cotton Kills, A Technical Explanation
"He was wearing all cotton, which is the worst fabric for cold, wet weather. The weather just got the best of him," reads an official statement by Alaska State Troopers about the death of a hiker there
Some Very Patient Genius Soldered a Digital Clock From 1,916 Components
You would need a microscope to be able to see all of the miniature components etched onto the single tiny microchip powering the clock in a digital watch. But you can see them all with the naked
10 Addictive Games For Killing Time on Your Phone
Last week, we put out a call for the best games for killing time with your little pocket computer, and you, the time-wasters of Kinja, delivered. Here are some of your favorites—plenty of fodder for anyone
This Umbrella's Built-in Bluetooth Reminds You Not To Forget It
Theres a never-ending debate when it comes to buying umbrellas: Do you spend a lot of money on an expensive one youll probably end up losing, or do you buy a cheap model that will most certainly
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Facebook lets you specify any gender you want
Facebook already has a range of gender options for those who dont fit neatly into male/female categories, but it just took that accommodation one step further. Much like Google, Facebook now lets you specify any gender you want
Watchdog says spyware violates human rights guidelines
If you think that commercial software designed to spy on computers is problematic, youre not alone. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Developments UK contact has determined that Gamma Internationals approach to selling its FinFisher sp...
Whiplr is Tinder for the fetish-driven
Mainstream dating services like Tinder, Grindr or OK Cupid dont make it too easy to admit if your tastes are very singular. Thats why Whiplr has been created as a hookup app for people who prefer to get
Pebble took just two days to beat its crowdfunding record
Pebble Time isnt just one of the fastest-moving Kickstarter projects -- its now one of the biggest, too. The color smartwatch took a mere two days to get more funding than its predecessor, hitting the $10.3 million mark
Google exec hints at Photos, Hangouts and G+ split
Rumors have long suggested that Google might separate the parts of Google+ that people have been most interested in -- photos and messaging / Hangouts -- away from the social networks main stream. Now it appears that Sundar
The Big Picture: Buzz Aldrin's vintage selfie from space
Back in November 1966, Buzz Aldrin took a self-picture that will blow all Caribbean vacation selfies out of the water. Aside from the fact that it doesnt have a duckface in it, the photo was taken in space
JXE Streams: Taste the rainbow in 'Kirby and the Rainbow Curse'
What seemed so novel and strange about Kirby: Canvas Curse ​when it came out now seems almost quaint. Only one part of the screen can be touched at a time? There arent gyroscope controls? What is this, an
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

How to Feel More Connected When Your Whole Team Works Remotely
If you work in a remote team, one of the aspects you quickly notice is the importance of communication. Finding the best ways to communicate with your team is imperative when youre not working face-to-face, because youre
Make Your Own Custom Dark Mode Menu Bar Icons for OS X Yosemite Apps
The dark menu bar in OS X Yosemite is great, but a lot of icons dont play well with the new look. iDownloadBlog shows off how to make your own so they integrate better.Read more...
Disguise Thinning Hair By Ditching the Products
While thinning hair certainly isnt the end of the world, it is annoying. The Wall Street Journal spoke with stylist Diana Schmidtke to get some tips on disguising it, and one suggestion is to ditch the hair
Bundled Crapware Has Come to Macs, So Hone Your BS Detectors
Theres an old belief that Macs dont have the same crapware/malware problem that Windows does. However, with the rise of Macs over the past few years, thats no longer true. Our friends at the How-To Geek
​Sugar Isn't Any Healthier Than High Fructose Corn Syrup
High fructose corn syrup is terrible for you. I want to be really clear about that. But if you pore over ingredient labels trying to avoid it, or if you opt for Jones Soda or Mexican
What's the Best Monitor Mount?
We touched on monitor positioning on our Office Gear Guide , and one of the best ways to elevate your monitor to the right height, utilize multiple monitors, and save space on your desk is with
Everybody loves infographics.
Everybody loves infographics. Facts (and assertions) just spring to life when you make them into cool pictures. But this powerful tool is all too often misused. Our friends at io9 put together a list of 11 infographics that are either
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How to Safe Sext
Fact: Sexting is fun. Even celebrities who should perhaps know better are snapping nude selfies. But fret not, horny phone-clutching hordes, there is such a thing as safe sexting. Behold—four seemingly dirty images
Apple Invites Us to ‘Spring Forward’ at March 9th Event
Apple is holding an event March 9th in San Francisco. It could reveal more details about the Apple Watch, or perhaps, new MacBook Airs. The post Apple
A Big Bet On Choice: Motorola Will Soon Let You Build Your Own Smartwatch
Motorola debuts a new version of Moto Maker. But instead of customizing a smartphone, users can design their own Moto 360 smartwatch. The
An Ingenious Invention That Turns Beehives Into Flowing Honey Taps
Flow comes from father and son team Stuart and Cedar Anderson, who have simplified the task of harvesting honey to make the process almost as easy as
4K TV’s Biggest Content Problem: No Live Broadcasts Anytime Soon
The Netflixes and Amazons of the world are adding 4K content like crazy. But if you want to watch anything live in Ultra HD, youre in for
The New Moto E: Super-Cheap Phones Are Getting Really Good
Motorola’s commitment to choice goes much further than letting you color your own Moto X. The way the company sees it, owning a smartphone at all should
Magic: The Story of an Accidentally Founded, Wildly Viral Startup
Its like Uber for everything. Its wildly ambitious, brilliantly simple, and hardly works at all. The post Magic: The Story of an Accidentally Founded, Wildly Viral Startup
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3D Robotics Taps Qualcomm For $50m Series C And Mobile Tech
 The race to build the best drone is on and 3D Robotics is today announcing its latest round of financing that it hopes will enable the
How To Watch The Apple Watch Event Live On March 9
 It’s almost certain Apple’s March 9 event will provide specifics about the upcoming April launch of the Apple Watch, but you can find out for yourself by
Jawbone Blames Manufacturing Woes For UP3 Delay
 Jawbone announced the third generation of its fitness tracker last November but it has yet to ship. Appropriately called the UP3, the device builds upon its two predecessors, adding heart rate
Apple Sends Out Invites For March 9 Event, Likely For Apple Watch
 Apple has issued invites for a new media event on March 9, with the tagline “Spring Forward,” which likely refers to time, hence the Apple Watch is
Join Us For Hardware Alley In New York, Won’t You?
 We want to see you in New York for Disrupt NY 2015, our annual celebration of all things startup. It’s a great time. You get to meet great funders and VCs and
Startup Building Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Plans To Launch A Working One In 2016
 You know when you have a good idea for a game or blog and you tell a friend who might actually make it, since you don’t have time? That’s kind of like
Silent Circle Buys Geeksphone Out Of Blackphone Joint-Venture
 Encrypted comms company Silent Circle, one half of the SGP Technologies joint venture behind the pro-privacy Android smartphone Blackphone, has just announced it’s reached an agreement to buy out its hardware partner,
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Sledgehammer Could Recreate Classic Call Of Duty Maps In Advanced Warfare
The developer of the latest iteration of the Call of Duty franchise, Sledgehammer Games, is looking at opportunities to recreate some of the most classic Call of Duty maps in Advanced Warfare.
Battlefield Hardline Comes To EA Access Five Days Before Release
The next iteration in the Battlefield franchise is going to arrive next month. If response from gamers during the beta period was any indication this game might do well once it
Microsoft Confirms Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious
We picked up on a report yesterday which pointed towards the possibility that a DLC inspired by the popular Fast & Furious movie franchise might be released soon for Forza Horizon 2. Sure enough Microsoft has now confirmed that this
China Bans Apple, Cisco And Other Companies For State Purchases
It was first reported in August last year that China may have banned Apple products for state purchases. The country didn’t provide an official explanation at that time and it was believed that
Jawbone UP3 Release Date Still Uncertain
In November last year Jawbone announced the third generation model of its popular UP fitness tracker. Despite the fact that many months have passed since this product was announced Jawbone is yet
Apple Watch Event Confirmed For March 9th
Even though the Apple Watch was unveiled last year the company kept some of the crucial details to itself. Only recently did CEO Tim Cook reveal that shipments of this new product
Galaxy S6 Edge Display Reportedly Not As Useful As Its Note Edge Counterpart
In just two days Samsung is going to formally unveil the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Ever since the company unveiled Galaxy Note Edge last year it was rumored that a
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Deal Of The Day: Last Chance To Get The Limited-Edition ‘Code Black’ HD-Camera Drone At 55% Off
This little drone has proved very popular over the last months. And why not? It’s got a 720p camera, as well as 6-axis gyro technology that makes it stable andThe post Deal Of The Day: Last Chance To Get The
The ‘Get Ready For The Launch’ Desk Lamp Is Perfect For The Space Geek In Your Life
There isn’t a whole lot to say about this desk lamp from the Arnout Meijer Studio in the Netherlands, other than to observe that it looks very cool and wouldThe post The ‘Get Ready For The Launch’ Desk Lamp Is
Get’Em Hooked Early: Beer Bottle-Shaped Baby Bottle
Just imagine the horrified looks you’ll get when people see your toddler chugging from his ‘Chill, Baby – Lil’Lager Baby Bottle’. It’s not an actual beer bottle, in case you’reThe post Get’Em Hooked Early: Beer Bottle-Shaped Baby Bottle appeared first
The Pointie Is A Sharpie For Stabbing
Ok, don’t go around stabbing anyone, yeah? But if you have to carry a stabbing tool of some kind, for some reason, the Pointie is just about the sneakiest ofThe post The Pointie Is A Sharpie For Stabbing appeared first
Touchpoint 2.0 Are The NFC-Enabled Leather Gloves You Want
In the frigid claws of winter, the last thing you want to be doing is freezing your fingers off while answering a text. And while you’ve seen gloves with touch-sensitiveThe post Touchpoint 2.0 Are The NFC-Enabled Leather Gloves You Want
Deal Of The Day: 50″ LG TV + Sound Bar Giveaway
LG makes some really nice TVs. They’re even nicer when they’re free! That’s why it would be a great idea for you to enter our 50″ LG TV + SoundThe post Deal Of The Day: 50″ LG TV + Sound
iTraq Is A Cellular Tracking Device That Doesn’t Require GPS
There are a good number of tracking devices on the market, which allow you to keep tabs on your kids, your car, your luggage or anything else that you mightThe post iTraq Is A Cellular Tracking Device That Doesn’t Require
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Kyocera is ready to take MWC 2015 by storm with solar-powered prototype phone
No stranger to nichey gear, meant to survive wars, not look pretty, and all sorts of rugged experiments, Kyocera is ready to take things to the next level, by exploring the market for gadgets drawing their juice from alternative energy
Acer teases a smartwatch and new smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2015
The Mobile World Congress 2015 is just around the corner, and key smartphone manufacturers are gearing up to announce their flagship devices in Barcelona. People may be waiting to see the devices from key players such as Samsung and HTC,
Samsung acquires LoopPay
Using a LoopPay fob digital wallet to pay in stores, taxis, and restaurants, has replaced my wallet, better than ApplePay, but it’s about to change as Samsung has acquired LoopPay as a fully owned subsidiary. The technology doesn’t require bank
Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype stars in extensive photo shoot
Perhaps jealous of all the attention HTC’s been getting this past week in the wake of some very thorough One M9 visual leaks, Samsung may have let the cat out of the bag once and for all. Granted, the Galaxy
AT&T brings its second-gen Moto X up to date with Android 5.0.2 Lollipop
Although Motorola was recently forced to justify its Android 5.0 upgrading lethargy for the original 2013 Moto X, we’re still waiting for a solid explanation as to the Lollipop delays on the advanced 2014 variant. And no, the “contemporary” Snapdragon
Spotify adds lyrics to desktop app
Weve all been there: youre hanging out with your friends in the kitchen, listening to Spotify on a bluetooth speaker, and suddenly a lyric dispute comes up. Quickly, your best friend becomes your mortal enemy as you rewind and play
Use LoopPay and truly leave your wallet at home
LoopPay delivers on what ApplePay, Google Wallet and CurrentC can only dream about: it allows you to leave your wallet at home. LoopPay’s bluetooth devices use MGT—Magnetic Secure Transmission— instead of the NFC (near field communication) technology in Google Wallet
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