Here's Your First Inside Look at Marvel's All-New, All-Different Wasp
Janet Van Dyne’s legacy as the Wasp is interwoven through decades of Marvel Comics—but now, a new character is going to take the moniker. Who is she? What’s her agenda? What’s her connection to the Wasp’s legacy?
There's A Convoy Of Autonomous Army Trucks Driving Through Michigan This Summer
This summer, the U.S. army is taking its next steps towards instituting autonomous military vehicles by dispatching a convoy of self-driving trucks on a highway in Michigan to test vehicle-to-infrastructure technology, Automotive News reports. That’s right: huge,
I Ate Edible Candy Bubbles and I Didn't Go Blind
When you’re a kid, there’s an endless list of things you’re not supposed to eat, and that includes bubbles. But apparently the science of bubble solution has come a long way over the years, because a company
All the Awesome DC Comics Toys of Toy Fair 2016
Batman Beyond 3-pack. $50, in stores January 2017. Toy Fair is always a wonderful time of year for comics fans, a chance to see the superhero merchandise that will drain your wallet (alongside what your weekly
30 Hundred-Year-Old Sheet Music Covers Celebrating the Joy and Thrill of Flight
Yes, music takes you places, and this was true 100 years ago too, when sheet music was the most widespread form of distributing popular music. And in the age of the Wright brothers, when powered flight started
Lego Star Wars Returns to Hoth With This Amazing Playset
There have been rumors of a massive new Star Wars set based on Echo Base from Empire Strikes Back for ages now, but they’ve finally been confirmed: Lego have just announced a gigantic new set jam packed
Lionel Has Turned the Classic Model Train Set Into a Race Track
It’s a testament to the devotion of train enthusiasts that model railroads have remained a popular hobby for over 100 years. And to keep another generation interested in the toys, Lionel has turned its classic trains into
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Ben Heck's FPGA dev board tutorial
Thanks to a request from the element14 community, Ben chooses a DE0-Nano softcore microprocessor (FPGA) and gives us a tutorial on the basics of low-level digital programming, helping us to see that it's not as scary as
Engadget editors on the highs and lows of online dating
Years ago, getting involved in a relationship with someone you met online was a bit of a taboo. Not only was it supposedly for weirdos, but it was also seen as a bit dangerous, since you couldn't
Huawei's $80 smartwatch isn't worth it
You remember that adage about how if you want something cheap, fast and good, you can only get two? I'm too drunk to recall it properly, but Huawei's doing its best to tick all three boxes with
One-year timelapse video of the sun shows its dancing corona
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory was only designed to fly for five years, but it has celebrated six years of 24/7 solar observation on February 11th. The ultraHD video below the fold is a timelapse that stitches together
Space architecture: Six buildings for the final frontier
By Cat DiStasioMars has captured the world's attention recently, but space agencies around the globe haven't forgotten that there's a whole slew of other planets out there. And with continued planetary exploration, of course, comes the necessity
Astronaut Scott Kelly will answer questions from space on Tumblr
Scott Kelly, the NASA astronaut with a green thumb, is hosting Answer Time on Tumblr right from the ISS. What's "Answer Time," you ask? It's like Reddit's AMA where the host fields questions from readers, so if
Recommended Reading: Twitter's identity crisis
What Everyone's Got Wrong About Twitter (Including Twitter)Ian Schafer,RecodeTwitter's earnings dropped this week, followed by a number of theories on the future of the company. Deep Focus founder and chairman Ian Schafer posted an op-ed on the...
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

Kintsugi, the Art of Broken Pieces, Reminds Us to Appreciate Our Imperfections
Kintsugi is the Japanese art of mending broken ceramics with a special lacquer containing expensive gold. The video above by The School of Life reminds us to apply the Zen philosophy behind this art to our view
Open Syllabus Project Shows the Books Students Are Assigned Most in College
Looking for new book suggestions or just curious to see if you missed out on some classics in college? Open Syllabus Project can help you on both fronts.Read more...
Top 10 Wallet-Friendly Date Ideas
You can have a great, romantic time with your significant other without spending a fortune. Whether you’re planning a Valentine’s Day outing or quality time any other day of the year, here are at least 10
Saturday's Best Deals: Cuisinart Kitchen Gear, Rainfall Shower Head, and More
Bookmark Kinja Deals and follow us on Twitter to never miss a deal. Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of
Claim Your Tax Refund as Soon as Possible to Thwart Identity Thieves
Tax season is upon us and identity thieves can’t wait to use stolen Social Security numbers to claim fraudulent refunds. Whether or not you’re expecting a refund, you might want to file your taxes as soon
Get Hacking On This Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit For Under $60 Today
The humble Raspberry Pi has been inspiring clever hacks for years, and whether you’re new to the Pi or just want to upgrade your original model, we’ve found a great deal on the new (and much-improved)
Impress Your Party Guests With Cocktails Served Inside Orbs of Ice
Sure, you could just pour some soda on top of some vodka and call it good. Or you could make fancy, cocktail-filled orbs of ice and literally break into a good time.Read more...
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iconWired - Gear Factor

Ubersnap Prints Out Your GIFs. Yes, Prints
GIFS, but IRL. The post Ubersnap Prints Out Your GIFs. Yes, Prints appeared first on WIRED.
Don’t Hit the Slopes Without These Essential Apps
Youll need your skiis, goggles, boots...and your phone. The post Don’t Hit the Slopes Without These Essential Apps appeared first on WIRED.
Asics Buys Runkeeper in Another Shoe and Software Team-Up
The fitness apps are going fast. The post Asics Buys Runkeeper in Another Shoe and Software Team-Up appeared first on WIRED.
Video: The Insane, 80 MPH Drone Racing League Launches With Wrecks Aplenty
Glowing, flying robots may be coming to a town near you. DRL has filmed its first race of the year, and therell be five more
What You Need to Know About Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline
Twitter, playing all the hits since 2016. The post What You Need to Know About Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline appeared first on WIRED.
Vape Pens and E-Cigs Are Blowing Up. Like, Literally
The problem usually can be traced to problems with the lithium-ion battery. The post Vape Pens and E-Cigs Are Blowing Up. Like, Literally appeared first on WIRED.
Google Hands Flash Another Major Defeat
Theres an end in sight for Flash on a huge chunk of the Web. The post Google Hands Flash Another Major Defeat appeared first on WIRED.
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What New Mobile Hardware To Expect At MWC 2016
 Mobile World Congress, the biggest tradeshow specifically focused on mobile, kicks off in just over a week’s time in Barcelona so here’s a quick rundown of some of the big hardware-focused
Meta Hypes The Reveal Of Its ‘Futuristic’ Next-Gen Augmented Reality Glasses
 Meta, an augmented reality glasses company born around the same time as Google Glass, is getting ready to show off the next-gen version of their AR
Immersit Turns Your Couch Into A Vibration-Powered Immersive TV Experience
 Meet Immersit, a new kind of connected device for your couch launching today on Kickstarter. Immersit generates vibrations to immerse you in your movies or video games. And
HaLow Is The Natural Next Step In The Evolution Of IoT
 At the start of this year, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced the long-awaited Wi-Fi HaLow standard for products incorporating IEEE 802.11ah wireless networking technology. HaLow extends a flavor of Wi-Fi
IoT Could Be Used To Spy, Admits James Clapper
 The latest high profile individual to debunk the notion that surveillance is at risk of ‘going dark’ in an age of increasingly robust encryption is none other than James Clapper, U.S.
After Two Years In Stealth, Smart Lock Maker Latch Talks Funding, Features
 On the surface, the smart lock space can seem pretty crowded already, with names like Lockitron and August and Kisi apparently in play for several years. But New York
The Trashbot Will Eat And Sort Your Garbage
 Robots need excitement. If their lives don’t provide instead they’ll incite violence. Common sense. Simple common sense. But robots also need trash. That’s why the Trashbot is so cool. This robotic
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LG G5 Specs, Features, Rumors Roundup
Over the years LG has been making steady progress in the improvement of their flagship handsets, to the point where along with
How To Login To WordPress
WordPress (WP) powers an astonishing 25% of the web, and it’s easy for new users to get a 1-click install WP site. Then shortly after that, they come back to their domain looking for how to log into WordPress. No
Amazon Pushes Nikon D5 Shipping Date To March 24
The Nikon D5 was announced last month at CES 2016 where according to Nikon, the camera was expected for a release
Fujifilm X200 Coming In Second Half Of 2016
Back in 2014, the Fujifilm X100T was announced. The X100T is the third camera in Fujifilm’s range of X100 cameras, and just last year it was voted as one of
Second Speaker Could Replace Headphone Port In iPhone 7
The rumors about Apple ditching the headphone port in the iPhone 7 is starting to gain a fair bit of traction. In fact
Apple Hiring Engineers To Teach Siri About Sports
Apple’s voice assistant software Siri is good enough to get certain tasks done, but obviously it could always be improved upon.
Dr. Dre Filming A Scripted TV Series For Apple
There have been talks about Apple getting into the video streaming game, and we can only imagine that the success of companies like
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Our Top 2: Best Radar Detectors
A radar detector sits quietly on your dashboard, using its instruments to provide information not just about radar signals, but about many different road and traffic conditions. They’re valuable auto
Deal Of The Day: 28% Off On FEZ Vaporizer
You know that Colorado racked in over $1 billion in revenue last year from recreational, legal marijuana? Whichever way of the debate you lie on, there’s no denying that’s a
Darth Vader Toothpick Dispenser
Ok… we said we would stop talking about Star Wars stuff. We know. But how can you resist a Darth Vader toothpick dispenser? The toothpicks stealthily hide in his cape,
The SeatRack Gives You A Cargo Rack Inside Your Car
You go to Home Depot and maybe you get a little carried away: you buy some large item and suddenly have no practical way to carry it home. Sure, you
The Creator Of Android Wants To Give You A Free Dashcam, Free As In Beer
Years ago, Andy Rubin gave the world Android. Not content with how practical and slow moving Google could be (yes, that says more about Andy Rubin than it says about
CordieCase – The Most Convenient Charging Case
No more depending on faulty and drained batteries. Get your charge on the go with CordieCase, the most convenient charging case. Completely self-contained, CordieCase keeps everything you need to charge
Deal of the Day: 15% Off On Tool Pen Mini: 22-Bit Aplus Edition
If you find yourself trying to fix your fixable electronics on a regular occasion, you’ve probably realized that the process goes a lot more smoothly if you have the right
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