What's the Best Umbrella?
April showers bring landfills of cheap umbrellas ripped inside out by wind and wear and tear. You deserve a better rain-blocking device, so head for the comments and tell us which brella is best.Read more...
In Defense of iPad Selfie Sticks
Over the past year or so, bloggers everywhere have been maligning the selfie stick a—Read more...
The Worst Mac Feature You Can't Turn Off
Bluetooth is an incredible invention . iTunes is a mediocre media player. But if you use a Mac, you cant have one without the other. Any time you connect a Bluetooth Audio device, OS X opens
Watching all the gory Fatalities in Mortal Kombat X destroyed my eyes
Dont watch this video if you get queasy by pixel created blood and hyperrealistic video game gore. Because good lord the Fatalities in Mortal Kombat X are downright disgusting to see. If you remember the game,
'Optimistic' Predictions From 1950 That Warned of the Coming Dystopia
Its so easy for us to look back at old predictions for the future and see them as quaint or overly optimistic. But when we take a closer look—when we stop to really process whats going
10 Of The Most Absurd Units Of Measurement On Earth
Humans have a need to quantify things. And sometimes the usual measurements — feet, meters, grams — are not good enough. Or funny enough. Sometimes you need to express things in bananas, Helens, or cows. Read more...
These Wood Grain Sunglasses Are Actually Made From Recycled Newspapers
Shwood has made a name for itself with its take on the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers made from exotic woods like Zebrawood, Cherry, and East Indian Rosewood. But the grain on its latest design isnt actually wood—its a
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The (damn cute) winners of 11th Annual Engadget Awards: People's Choice
#fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-389333{display:none;} .cke_show_borders #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-389333, #postcontentcontainer #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-389333{width:570px;display:block;} The votes for the 11th Annual Engadget Peoples...
'Spooky' experiment proves quantum entanglement is real
Einstein was wrong -- about the quantum mechanical phenomena known as superpositioning and wave form collapse, at least. A team from Australias Griffith University and Japans University of Tokyo, have proven that both are tangible phenomena, not si...
Jay Z's first order of business: Cut Tidal subscription fees in half
If the ability to stream Taylor Swifts music has you eyeing Tidal, Jay Z & Co. just sweetened the deal. Ahead of a relaunch event this evening, the streaming service cut its monthly rate in half. Thats right,
Amazon tests courier drones in Canada to avoid US hassles
When Amazon said it would take its delivery drone testing abroad, it wasnt kidding. The Guardian has learned that the internet shopping giant is testing its robotic Prime Air couriers in Canada (the province of British Columbia, to
Tesla teases a 'major' new product, not a car, to be revealed in April
Tesla will show off a brand new thing on Thursday, April 30, at its Hawthorne Design Studio, CEO Elon Musk tweeted today. Musk promises that this is not a car, but it is a major new product line.
T-Mobile hopes to draw you in with crowdsourced coverage maps
If youve relied on carrier coverage maps to decide who gets your business, you know that theyre sometimes sketchy. A good connection on the map could still mean lousy service in your neighborhood, for instance. T-Mobile thinks it
Native Instruments' open music format is designed for DJ mixes
DJ equipment has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, but digital music formats? Not so much -- you usually have to mix whole tracks rather than just the parts that make sense for your set. Native
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

​What to Do Between Your Running Intervals for the Best Workout
Intervals are a great way to improve your speed and endurance for running, but what should you do between those intervals: walk or jog? It turns out the answer depends on your goals for that workout.Read more...
What's the Best Umbrella?
April showers bring landfills of cheap umbrellas ripped inside out by wind and wear and tear. You deserve a better rain-blocking device, so head for the comments and tell us which brella is best.Read more...
Ask an Expert: All About Dog Training
Everyone loves dogs, but that pup might not seem so cute when you come home to a chewed up sofa and trash strewn across the kitchen floor. Training is an essential part of dog adoption and
Starting today, your Google+ photos will be accessible from Google Drive as well, where you’l(...)
Starting today, your Google+ photos will be accessible from Google Drive as well, where you’ll be able to manage them just like your other files. A little ominous for the future of Google+ perhaps. Read more on the Google Drive
Gmail for Android Gets a Combined Inbox View, Better Search, and More
Android: If you’re tired of switching between your accounts just to see all your new email, Gmail has finally added a unified inbox view that shows all your messages, from all accounts, in one place. Read
1Password for iOS Gets Extension Improvements for Faster Logins
iOS: 1Password for iOS got an update today that drastically improves the extension and makes it easier to use 1Password with other apps. It’s now about as feature-packed as the desktop extension. Read more...
Use Police “Safe Zones” for Safer Craigslist Transactions 
Craigslist is a great place to find inexpensive stuff, but it can also be dangerous. To combat crimes, police departments across the country are offering "safe zones" for Craigslist transactions.Read more...
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iconWired - Gear Factor

Review: HTC One M9
The new One looks the same as the last, but it has a new camera, some more intelligent software, and an incredible number of customization options. The post Review: HTC One M9 appeared
Google Takes on the Challenge of Making Robot Surgery Safer
Googles Life Sciences division will partner with Johnson & Johnsons Ethicon subsidiary to create the next generation of robotic surgery systems. The post Google Takes on the
Storage Breakthrough Will Improve SSD Capacity Tenfold
Two companies today announced new 3D NAND technology that stacks layers of flash cells vertically to increase density. The post Storage Breakthrough Will Improve SSD Capacity Tenfold appeared first on
This Clever Three-in-One Kitchen Gadget Is an Ace of Baste
Forget buying a separate turkey baster, meat thermometer, and scrub brush! The ThermoBaste puts them all together in one package. The post This Clever Three-in-One Kitchen Gadget
Facebook Messenger Now Has Apps. Here Are the Ones to Try
Youve already got more Facebook Messenger power-up options than you likely need, so we sifted through pile to see which ones deserve a place in your
Review: Oliso Smart Hub & Top Sous Vide System
Is the Oliso for everybody? No, but if you’re one of the people for whom an induction burner and water bath combination make sense, there’s still a lot
Amazon’s New Unlimited Cloud Storage Is Absurdly Cheap
The steady march towards cheaper cloud storage has just turned into a sprint. Rather than being merely competitive with leaders like Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud, Amazon has decided
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Apple’s Trade-In Program Now Includes Non-Apple Smartphones And PCs
 Apple has expanded its trade-in program, which offers credit towards new device purchases in exchange for older hardware, to non-Apple smartphones and PCs (via 9to5Mac). News of
The HTC One M9 Is Trying Hard To Stand Out In The Android Crowd
 Repetition, it’s been said, is a sign of persistence and dedication. It’s also a sign of insanity. That’s where HTC is right now and, while it would be a fine
Canada Proves Fertile Ground For Amazon Drone Delivery Tests
 After being rebuffed by U.S. regulator reticence, Amazon is now engaged in testing its drone delivery services in British Columbia, just north of the U.S. border in Canada, on a piece
Pebble Time’s $20M Kickstarter Campaign By The Numbers
 Pebble went back to crowdfunding site Kickstarter to help fund the Pebble Time, its second major hardware iteration. The company likely could’ve gone with a more traditional product launch, with a brief
TC AppleCast 11: If You Had To Choose Just One – Apple Hardware Or Apple Software?
 On this week’s episode, we discuss both a lengthy profile of Tim Cook, as well as a full biography of Steve Jobs. We also cover some concrete announcements, including the open-sourcing of
This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Smartphone Stuff And Smart Home Stuff
 It was a big week for phones and homes. John Biggs has been reviewing the new Galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung, while the HTC One M9 recently went on sale in certain
ElecFreaks Is Selling (And Giving Away) A DIY VR Drone
 A new 3D-printed drone called the ELF VR Nano is available for pre-order on Indiegogo and for download on Thingiverse. That’s right: you can either buy the product and receive pre-printed parts
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iPhone 6C Rear Shell Adds Fuel To The Fire
The iPhone 5C was a bit different from Apple’s recent smartphones as metal and glass weren’t the defining features of its design like almost every other model. Many say that this
Samsung’s Latest Flagships Can Now Be Pre-ordered From Amazon
For some reason if you would like to pre-order the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge from Amazon instead of your carrier you can now do that. The online retailer today
Purported iPad Pro Seen In Leaked Photos
It has been rumored since last year that Apple is working on a larger iPad. The unannounced tablet is commonly referred to as the iPad Pro and is believed to have
Facebook’s New Pad Has A Lovely Rooftop Garden
There is no doubt about it, that moving into a new building is always an exciting experience. After all, there is the smell of new paint to look forward to (not
Gmail Ensures Things Get Tidied Up Even More
Google’s Gmail is certainly one of the more popular and free email services around, and for many of us, it would definitely not be out of place to actually be in
Spiritree Lets Life Go On After Death
Death and taxes – these seem to be the two guarantees in life,and there is no running away from either, no matter how much money you have left in your bank
Basic Xiaomi Smartphone Looks At April 8 Launch
There are whispers going around that Xiaomi is working to roll out a new smartphone in the days to come, where certain sources have cited March 31st as the date to
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You Don’t Need The Jevo Jello Shot Maker, But You’ll Sure Want One
The Jevo Automated Jello + Edible Shot Maker is a machine that is capable of making up to 20 Jello shots in as little as 10 minutes. It’s a lot
There’s More to Housework Than Roomba
Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover. Everyone has heard of Roomba by now. (If you haven’t, we’d love
Want: Trefecta DRT Electric Bicycle
You’re looking an an electric bicycle that still allows you to power through things using your legs, or letting the electric motor take over when you’ve had enough. It’ll let
Surviv-All Survival Knife Lets You Cut Cords Without Unsheathing
Survival knives are all over the market, and they all boast differing always of features that make them more or less attractive.; the Surviv-All Survival Knife happens to have some
Police Stations Becoming Safe Havens For Craigslist Meetings
Perusing Craigslist for deals can be a tricky proposition, because alongside your great deal, you might find an occasional abduction, rape, or murder. That risk, albeit not a regular occurrence,
Deal Of The Day: 33% Off On ‘Blue Pine Studio’ 3D-Illusion Lighting Sculpture
We didn’t expect the ‘Blue Pine Studio’ 3D-Illusion Lighting Sculpture to sell quite as well as it did. But since you guys seem to like it, we’re bringing the deal
Buster Bulbs Look Old School, Are Brand New
There’s something special about old timey stuff, and the old Edison lightbulbs with the huge filaments harken back to simpler, less fast-paced times. Wanting to recreate some of that aura,
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PSA: Asus ZenFone 2 with 5-inch 720p screen, 2 GB RAM available stateside
The first SKU of the hotly anticipated Asus ZenFone 2 is up for grabs in the States at last, and it’s very competitively priced, to say the least. Unfortunately, bargain hunters this side of the Pacific can’t get the killer
Deal Alert: Sony noise canceling headphones 50% off today!
Whether you’re a road/air warrior in need of a quality set of cans, or someone who loves to take advantage of fantastic deals, I’ve got one for you today. But only if you act quickly! Amazon’s Deal of the Day
Samsung Galaxy S6 software is as bloated as ever, and storage is a big problem
Everybody knows the internal storage figures advertised by gadget manufacturers aren’t the same as the actual user-accessible space. It’s been this way since forever, and after installing your Windows or Linux on a PC, similar shrinkage goes down. The problem
Rugged Lenovo N21 Chromebook goes on sale at $219 and up
As Google recently unveiled by far the most impressive Chromebook yet, and Acer followed up with a surprisingly capable, surprisingly affordable model, it started to seem like the inexpensive cloud-centric Chrome OS machines were shifting their focus all of a
Google Nexus 6 spreads its wings to six new markets, bringing the tally up to 21
It could be a natural consequence of Nexus 5’s extinction, the passing of time and new Android flagship releases, or maybe just a long overdue production increase. Whatever the reason, we’re sure purists and Google enthusiasts located in Austria, Denmark,
Here’s where you can buy the HTC One M9 already and how much it costs
In a bid to make your next high-end Android smartphone purchase even trickier, Samsung and HTC have put the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and One M9 on sale stateside at essentially the same time. Don’t worry, we’re not here to
HTC One M8s expected out soon with S615 CPU, 13 MP cam, €400+ price tag
As if there wasn’t enough confusion hovering over the far too subtle differences between HTC’s standard One M9 and the Plus version, as well as the multiple One E9s in the pipeline, it appears yet another One 8-series installment is
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