Watching a USB Hack in Action Makes Me Never Want to Leave My Computer
Remember BadUSB, the pervasive and unfixable security vulnerability that turns every USB device into a vector for attacks against just about every computer? The one thats out in the wild now? I always knew it was bad, but this video
How Much Your Inbox Is Worth to Cybercriminals
Many of us have had the experience of receiving a spammy email from a friend or loved one, only to have a frantic
A Handy Chart That Shows Which Smartphone You Should Buy
Picking out a new phone involves weighing a lot of different variables, from screen size to storage to price. Thats why
The Best-Selling Music on Amazon This Year Was Somehow Not Taylor Swift
Amazon just released its list of top-selling MP3 songs and albums of the year, and surprisingly Taylor Swift was
Climate Change Could Make It Harder for Airplanes to Get Liftoff
Every once in a while, unlucky passengers get bumped because an overbooked airplane is too heavy. Its maddening, and it
Gawker Christmas Presents Are For Kids | io9 How the Ancient Romans Made Better Concrete Than We Do
Gawker Christmas Presents Are For Kids | io9 How the Ancient Romans Made Better Concrete Than We Do Now | Kotaku What Final Fantasy is, According to its Creator | Lifehacker The Most Hirable and Sought After Job Skills This
This Cool App Could Help Convince Kids Santa Is Real
Spanish ad agency Shackleton has released a new clever app designed to help convince kids that Santa is real. You only
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'Minecraft' is geting a story-based game from the studio behind 'The Walking Dead' and 'Game of(...)
Minecrafts silent landscaper Steve is exiting his blocky world and stepping into Telltales world of stories: Minecraft is getting a narrative-driven game from the folks behind The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones games. Like Telltales other work...
GE takes another leap into the world of music, with help from Nas
GE has taken some time off from making washing machines, jet engines and whatnot to get back to its true loves: music and dance. The Brilliant Rhythm collection launches December 24th on Vevo (streamable via Apple TV, Roku,
Riding in Audi's 150MPH self-driving RS 7, the anti-Google car
Until last week, the sum of my autonomous driving experience was sitting behind the wheel while a car parked itself, and the sum of my track experience involved squeezing my lanky frame into a comically small go-kart. Audi
Algoriddim takes on Traktor with its djay Pro desktop app
Algoriddims popular mixing app, djay, is a lesson in mass appeal. If you see yourself playing in clubs and festivals, youll likely be reaching for software like Serato, or Traktor. But, if you own a phone or a
Comcast's Ultra HD app launches today -- but only on Samsung TVs
Its almost time for CES to come around again, but Samsung and Comcast are just getting around to fulfilling the promise of 4K streaming they made at the last show earlier this year (DirecTV launched last month). The
Hacking your iCloud files just got easier, even with two-step enabled
An update to Elcomsofts Phone Breaker software now makes it easier for good or bad guys to bypass Apples vaunted new two-factor authentication to steal your iCloud stuff. As before, the hackers would need some information to start
Double amputee controls two robotic arms with his mind
Heres one other DARPA-funded robotic limb controlled by thoughts alone -- actually make that two, because Colorado man Les Baugh had two bionic arms attached from shoulder level. Baugh got them this summer, 40 years after losing both
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iconCrave: CNET Gadget Blog

Where badass fish climb rock cliffs... with their mouths
Some of the worlds toughest rock climbers live on Hawaiis Big Island, where they scale sheer rock the equivalent of a 26-mile vertical marathon.
Google's Schmidt: We don't (yet) have a connection inside your brain
In conversation with Glenn Beck, Googles executive chairman explains that humans can still occasionally be useful -- for now. Originally posted at Technically Incorrect
Rideable Super Mario Kart races into reality (for kids anyway)
A battery-powered Super Mario Kart toy car speeds its way from the video game realm into your home, ready to take young Marios for a spin.
Are selfies causing the spread of head lice?
A lice-removal professional claims selfies are contributing to an increase in the spread of head lice among young people, but for now at least, the link is by no means conclusive.
BBC News suffers spectacular, entertaining camera disaster
One minute youre watching the presenter, the next she begins to disappear. Originally posted at Technically Incorrect
Seth Rogen to helm film on '90s console wars
The star of This is the End and The Green Hornet will help turn the classic battle between 90s video game giants Sega and Nintendo into a cinematic thriller.
880-pound asteroid slams into moon, watch it go boom
The biggest lunar asteroid impact ever recorded on video creates a flash visible from Earth.
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

How to Automatically Back Up and Purge Your Gmail Every 30 Days
If the Sony hack has taught us anything, its that keeping incriminating emails in your inbox is a
Tip the People Who Keep You Sane Throughout the Year
The holidays can be a great time to show your appreciation for the babysitters, nannies, housekeepers, and other people that
Get Free Shipping from 1,000+ Retailers Today, December 18th
Every year, many retailers celebrate Free Shipping Day on December 18th in the hopes that youll get your holiday shopping done
Deadspin South Dakota High School Wrestler Names, Ranked | Gizmodo This North Korean Guy Has the Wor
Deadspin South Dakota High School Wrestler Names, Ranked | Gizmodo This North Korean Guy Has the Worst Job Ever—and Hes Probably Dead Now | Jalopnik Ruble Crisis Forces Automakers To Stop Selling Cars In Russia | Jezebel The Most Miserable
Budding Chefs Take Note: Amazon's Having an All-Clad Sale
Anyone with even a passing interest in cooking knows that All-Clad is the most highly-regarded brand in kitchenware. In fact, if
Let Your Love For Your Pet Motivate You (Both) to Exercise
Chubby dogs, although adorable, may not be as healthy as they can be. If you feel like both you
Calendar Events Notifier Nags You About Your Important Meetings
Android: Calendars may be helpful for keeping track of whats going on when, but theyre not always the best at making
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iconWired - Gear Factor

The Secret World of Stolen Smartphones, Where Business Is Booming
In late May of 2012, a damaged package split open at a FedEx facility in Rancho Cordova, California, spilling dozens of boxed iPhones across the shipping room
Forget Vinyl: You Can DJ Like a Pro With This New Mac App
The new Djay Pro app for Mac caters to both DJ padawans and professional mixers. The post Forget Vinyl: You Can DJ Like a
17 Perfect Presents for People Who Work Out of Coffee Shops
Who needs a cubicle when the world is your office? Or, more specifically, the coffee shops around the world are. The post 17 Perfect Presents for
Review: YotaPhone 2
This Russian-made mobile has a secondary E-Ink screen on the back. Using the e-paper display for text-based apps (surprisingly, many qualify) yields truly amazing battery life. The post Review: YotaPhone 2 appeared first on
Apple TV or Chromecast: Which Is Better for ‘Casting’ to Your TV?
In this months high/low review, we compare two devices for casting your media from a mobile device to a HDTV, the $35 Google Chromecast and
This Goodbye Note Should Be Shorter (—Ed.)
In 1994, I walked into a bookstore in Athens Georgia and picked up a magazine that changed my life. It had a bold, confrontational, design with vivid colors and crazy
T-Mobile Lets You Roll Over Your Data From Month to Month
A new Data Stash feature will let customers use all the data they pay for, according to T-Mobile CEO John Legere. The post T-Mobile Lets You
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Touch ID Patent Application Shows Apple Could Expand Home Button Features
 A new patent application published by the USPTO (via AppleInsider) details some additional uses of the Touch ID sensor found on the iPhone and iPad that could make its way into future
Santa’s Robotic Elf Sings A Merry Tune
 This holiday season it’s important to remember the true meaning of Christmas: the slow encroachment of robots upon human existence and the expectation of the enslavement of
Sony Pictures Employees Now Working In An Office “From Ten Years Ago”
 “We are stuck in 1992 over here,” she said. She requested anonymity but agreed to talk a bit about her day-to-day experience as a Sony Pictures Employee post-hack. She said things were
Can Blackberry Catch A Break?
 Blackberry just announced the Classic, a phone that looks warped into 2014 via 2009. While by all rights it appears to be solid QWERTY solution in a non-QWERTY world, it’s hilarious that
Apple’s Behind-The-Scenes For ‘The Song’ Reveals A Mix Of Old And New Tools
 Apple’s “The Song” holiday ad has managed to pretty universally tug heartstrings, in keeping with its usual practices for this time of year, but the product story
Lost-Item Tracker Tile Arrives On Android
 When Tile, the square-shaped lost-item tracker that attaches to bags, bikes, key chains and more, announced this fall that it had raised $13 million in funding (a combination of a seed round and
Sony Outs Clip-On Smart Glass Module For Sports
 More Sony news. In a pre-CES announcement that’s perhaps hoping to draw eyeballs away from the toxic fallout of the Sony Pictures email hack — or, more likely, hoping to suck
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Japanese Researchers Look Into Transparent Mice
When we talk about a transparent mouse, chances are, one would think of that computer peripheral that manipulates the screen’s cursor. Not so with this particular group
Barclaycard Lets You Make Payment With A Single Hand Wave
We have migrated from the barter system to one that makes use of currency, but it does look as though payment systems of the future will not
Intelligent Bicycle Launched In The Netherlands
When it comes to the world of bicycles, there are simply way too many models out there that will cater to every budget as well
Bullet Changes Direction In Mid-Air
Truth can be stranger than fiction at times, but there are moments when fiction does inspire some amazing technological advancements in the real world. For
UK Operators Want To Solve Network Coverage Woes With £5 Billion Infrastructure Investment
I am quite sure that just about all of us have experienced this before – you walk into a building, and have pretty decent network
Sony Sold 16 Million Plus PS4 Consoles To Date
Earlier this month, we did learn of how Microsoft managed to score a win over its bitter rival, Sony, in the realm of
Windows Users No Longer Face Different Browser Choices
It seems that if you happen to be an avid Windows user on your desktop or notebook, and happen to live in Europe,
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Insanely Useful Camping Gadgets
Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover. Dreaming of the warmer summer months and days spent lolling about theThe post Insanely Useful Camping Gadgets appeared first on OhGizmo!.
Wakie App Lets You Get Wake-Up Calls from Strangers
  You can hit snooze on your alarm, but you can’t exactly hit snooze on someone, can you? That’s what the developers of Wakie are counting on to make sureThe post Wakie App Lets You Get Wake-Up Calls from Strangers
Deal Of The Day: The Apple Watch Giveaway
The year 2015 may not bring flying cars and ubiquitous honverboards like BTTF II promised, but it will bring the Apple Watch. Some of you are already saving up forThe post Deal Of The Day: The Apple Watch Giveaway appeared
Stocking Stuffer: Scotch Infused Toothpick
Man, it’s the Holidays. It might as well be called the Eatingdays, because everyone knows you’ll be stuffing your face with stuffing. After you’re done, however, you might want toThe post Stocking Stuffer: Scotch Infused Toothpick appeared first on OhGizmo!.
Somabar Is A Robotic Drink Maker For The Home
Making tasty cocktails can take a little bit of skill, which is why many people just opt for a good ole beer or wine when drinking. But Somabar hopes toThe post Somabar Is A Robotic Drink Maker For The Home
Self-Tightening Bionic Bra Being Developed
It’s a dilemma most men are unaware of: that of what type of bra to wear? Something comfortable will usually not provide enough support at the gym or during vigorousThe post Self-Tightening Bionic Bra Being Developed appeared first on OhGizmo!.
Coffeeboxx, The Rugged Single-Serve Coffee Maker You Can Park A Car On
Ever been out on the job and hankered for a coffee? You don’t need to tote your Thermos around: with the Oxx Single-Serve Coffee Maker you can make a freshThe post Coffeeboxx, The Rugged Single-Serve Coffee Maker You Can Park
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The Sims Are Having a Better Summer Than You
Even if I dont get an idyillic paradise summer vacation, its good to know my Sims will be having a wonderful time.You see, my virtual Sims will be playing in the brand-new The
You Have Only Seconds : Tornado Gadget You NEED
As we just saw in the disaster in Oklamha, survival comes down to seconds. Having an emergency warning weather alert can make the difference from having time to find shelter when a tornado comes
E- cigs : New Tech For An Old Habit
Who knew but apparently May 31st is “World No Tobacco Day. How should we commemerate the day? Weeeelll, maybe if the smokers among us all Kick the butts and take part in a tobacco-less
What's Next? NextWorth
Believe me, we understand. You want the latest gadgets. We have so many old iPhones, iPods, iPads and game consoles we
Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Fairest Of Them All?
If you owned the brand-new simplehuman Sensor Mirror, youd know the answer to that question. (Its YOU, btw.)Think of those pull-out mirrors you sometimes find in hotel bathrooms that magnify your face
Put Your iPhone in the 'Vault'
Pelican cases are known to be nearly indestructible; just ask the US Military who uses their equipment. Even if you wont be in a war zone, the iPhone Vault can be
Jabra Revo Wireless
We spotted them first at CES; the new Jabra Revo wireless headphones and have been eagerly anticipating trying them out. We werent disappointed. Heres the good, the bad and the ugly.Good: * Connectivity is
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Teenagers create 3D-printed wristband, KipstR, for your drowsy holiday binge-watching
Two teenagers developed the KipstR wristband which senses when the wearer falls asleep and subsequently pauses and records whatever the viewer has on the television.The post Teenagers create 3D-printed wristband, KipstR, for your drowsy holiday binge-watching appeared first on GadgeTell.
Sony reiterates ‘beginning of 2015′ as Lollipop ETA for ‘core Xperia Z3 and Z2 series’
Sony hasn’t been quite as vocal in regards to its Android 5.0 upgrading plans as, say, HTC these past few months, but in keeping with tradition, the Japanese company has hinted at equal treatment given to newer and slightly older
Beastly Meizu MX4 Pro phone up for grabs now with global shipping
One of the biggest Android device manufacturer risers out of China, Meizu, recently brought to light the MX4, which sadly fell short of expectations with a somewhat steep price tag. The same could be said about the MX4 Pro, available
Deal alert: $350+ Motorola purchases net you $50 savings, $500+ shaves $100 off
Motorola gear may just be the ideal stocking stuffer this Christmas, with phenomenal high-end phones like the Nexus 6 and Droid Turbo catering to power users, and Moto G and E models aimed at the budget-aware masses.The post Deal alert:
7 best mobile apps and gadgets for emergencies
Worried about finding yourself in an emergency situation, unprepared? These apps and gadgets can help ease your mind.The post 7 best mobile apps and gadgets for emergencies appeared first on GadgeTell.
Sprint gets back on Windows Phone horse with Microsoft Lumia 635
Microsoft might be light-years away from actually turning a profit on the struggling Windows Phone software platform and Lumia hardware lineup, but short-term strides are clearly being made. The WP 8.1 upgrading pace is outstanding, more and more device manufacturers
Upgrade iPhone speaker output, battery life with PERI Duo
If smartphone built-in speakers were totally awesome, no one would think much about enhancing their music with separate audio output. The reality is that the tiny, built-in speakers are only great for basic sound. You can’t expect the hardware to
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