Go Dogfighting In An F-15 In This Crazy Video
Kingsley Air National Guard Base, located in Southern Oregon’s Klamath Falls, is home to America’s only F-15C/D training unit, the 173th Fighter Wing. It is sometimes referred to as “K-Falls,” or more often “the land of no
An Amphibious Weed-Cutting Boat Is the Only Vehicle I Would Ever Need
Normally, you wouldn’t think of a vehicle used to clean rivers as being particularly cool. But I challenge you to find one single thing wrong with this chainsaw-wielding boat/tank hybrid. Read more...
Sony's Upcoming Z5 Flagship (Probably) Gets Shown Off On Video
Sony’s new flagship smartphone isn’t meant to make its debut until later this week, but that hasn’t stopped someone leaking a two-minute video showing off some of the phone’s better features. Read more...
RIP Wes Craven, Iconic Director of Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream
Iconic horror director Wes Craven died today aged 76, of brain cancer. In addition to creating the character of Freddy Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street and the most famous meta-horror franchise with Scream, he also directed
Use an Old Kindle to Share Messages on the Fridge Electronically
Sure, writing a note on a piece of paper and plopping a magnet on it to stick it to a refrigerator works perfectly fine. But if you have an old Kindle around and want an over-engineered, but
The Army Wants Its Missing Missile Back
A 100 pound training missile fell off an Army helicopter in northern New York on Friday, and the Army still hasn’t found it.Read more...
Guardians of Infinity Features All Of The Galaxy's Guardians
Marvel Comics is launching a new series featuring the members of Guardians of the Galaxy: all of them. The galactic team-up will feature characters from the original lineup last seen in Guardians 3000, all the way up
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Ferrofluid 'font' produces trippy, one-of-a-kind art
You may have seen ferrofluid (aka magnetic ink) used for clever science demonstrations in school, but it might just get a much cooler application before long. Linden Gledhill and Craig Ward have developed Fe2O3 Glyphs, wild-looking characters
Swans help create smoother camera drone videos
The next time you see a graceful, dramatic video shot by a camera drone, you may have a swan to thank for the absence of any jittery footage. Stanford University researchers are developing camera suspension technology inspired
Smoother movements help robots save a lot of energy
Eliminating the herky-jerky movements of robots isn't just good for comforting nervous humans... it helps the robots, too. Researchers have developed smooth movement algorithms that slow the acceleration and deceleration of robots, saving as much...
Netflix hopes you won't mind losing access to some big movies
Here's hoping that you weren't bent on watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire or World War Z on Netflix -- if so, you don't have much time to do it. Netflix has confirmed that it won't renew
Google's self-driving cars can't handle bicycle track stands
Ever performed a track stand, where you keep your bike upright at a stop without taking your feet off the pedals? If you have, you'll want to avoid trying that around Google's self-driving cars, at least for
Europe doesn't properly recycle most of its electronic waste
You probably know that you should recycle your old tech when you're done with it, but getting other people to do the same? That's quite hard, apparently. The United Nations and INTERPOL have found that only 35
The next Apple TV is reportedly much more expensive
Do you recall the early days of the Apple TV, when you could expect to pay over $100 to put an Apple-powered media hub in your living room? They might come roaring back. Sources for 9to5Mac claim
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

The Start to Finish Guide to Sharpening a Knife with a Whetstone
There’s no need to buy new extravagant knife sets every time your blades start to dull. Instead, you can take care of the knives you have and prolong their lifespan. This video will show you how to
Use an Old Kindle to Share Messages on the Fridge Electronically
Sure, writing a note on a piece of paper and plopping a magnet on it to stick it to a refrigerator works perfectly fine. But if you have an old Kindle around and want an over-engineered, but
Easily Upgrade Leftovers With a Simple Pan Sauce Recipe
A little reimagining can make leftovers pretty tasty. Here’s a simple recipe for easily upgrading leftovers after you’ve heated them up.Read more...
ClearLock Blocks Your Distracting Apps For a While
Android: Your phone would be a walking distraction machine if it were capable of walking. For the times you need to focus, ClearLock can help by blocking your most distracting apps for a set duration.Read more...
Five Best Universal Remote Controls
Picking a universal remote control is pretty tricky these days. There are plenty of simple, programmable IR blasters out there, but some of the best remotes can control other devices using Bluetooth or even Wi-FI. This week,
This DIY Audio Jack Key Holder Lets You Plug In Your Keys for Safe Keeping
You don’t have to be an audiophile to appreciate this DIY audio jack key holder, but it certainly helps. Mounted on your wall, you’ll always have a place to plug in your keys when you get home—and
Sunday's Best Deals: GoPro Silver, Garment Steamer, DualShock Charger, and More
Here are the best of today’s deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products,
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iconWired - Gear Factor

Has Amazon Cracked the Problem With In-App Payments?
In-app payments arent going away any time soon. But increasingly, alternatives are becoming available that might offer some relief. The post Has Amazon Cracked the Problem With In-App Payments?
The New Tech of Disaster Response, From Apps to Aqua-Drones
In the decade since Hurricane Katrina, federal and state governments have tried to make disaster response more efficient with new tech and new policies. The post The
Gadget Lab Podcast: A Child Named Amazon
This week, the hosts discuss Amazons hardware business, the agony of the cable-cutter, and the ethics of using Uber. The post Gadget Lab Podcast: A Child Named Amazon appeared first
Peep Like the Elite With These $3,500 Binoculars
Famed German optics company Leica has teamed up with famed Italian automotive design house Zagato to create a new set of extra-fancy binoculars. The post Peep Like the Elite
Amazon’s Hardware Isn’t About You, and That’s the Problem
Amazon produces hardware that’s designed to help Amazon sell things, often at the detriment of the overall user experience. The post Amazon’s Hardware Isn’t About You, and That’s
Never Attempt This Herculean Feat of Strength and Balance, Bro
Bro, do you even lift? Bradley Martyn does, obviously, because he just squatted 315 pounds on a scooter. The post Never Attempt This Herculean Feat of Strength and Balance, Bro appeared first on WIRED.
Here’s What Happens When You Ask Siri for a Hint
Good one, Apple. The post Here’s What Happens When You Ask Siri for a Hint appeared first on WIRED.
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Elon Musk Can’t Be That Afraid Of Robots, Check Out This Tesla Production Line
 Elon Musk has warned us about robots taking over. He’s even donated money to make sure that it doesn’t happen. However, it sure does seem like Tesla relies on robots quite
The Tactico Geomaster Is A Crowdfunded Watch I Could Get Behind
 There are more Kickstarter watches out there these days than grains of sand on the beach. Everyone with a quartz movement and a NATO strap figures they can make and sell some
This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: CarPlay, Booze, And Keyboards
Welcome to the second edition of the TC Gadgets Podcast on Minecraft. This week, we’re discussing Apple CarPlay, the MixStik (which helps you to be an awesome bartender), the new full-size keyboard for mobile devices from LG, and the Sensel
The Perfect Storm Bass Preamp Contains Secret Soviet Technology
 There’s a lot about this Kickstart project to dissuade me from writing about it. First, this is a bass preamp, a little box that sits between the bass player and the amplifier.
FAA Starts Beta Testing App That Tells Drone Pilots Where They Are Allowed To Fly
 Earlier this year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that it would soon start beta testing an app that would help drone flyers understand where they can and — more importantly —
The OnePlus 2 Returns With Another Indie Phone Powerhouse
 If you’ve been out of the Android game for a while you’d be hard-pressed to understand why people love OnePlus so much. These phones, conceived by the folks who
Android Wear Device Supports iOS, Per This Pre-Order Page
 Apple Watch not for you? The Amazon preorder page for the Huawei Watch states that the device will support iOS. Now, at this point, it’s unclear if
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Google And Tesla Might Be Interested In Creating A Permanent Burning Man
If you’ve ever seen photos of the Burning Man event, you will have realized that this is an event unlike any other. It seems to encourage all kinds of self-expression
Publishers Unhappy Over iOS 9’s Potential Ad Blocking Feature
When iOS 9 was announced, it was discovered that within Safari, Apple has allowed developers to create apps that could potentially block certain types of content from being displayed,
23-Karat Gold LG Watch Urbane Luxe Announced
Earlier this year the LG Watch Urbane was announced. This was probably the classiest smartwatch we’ve seen from LG and probably from other smartwatch makers as well, but
Mortal Kombat X’s Release For Last-Gen Consoles Cancelled
When Mortal Kombat X was launched, it was announced that it would be arriving on last-gen consoles as well, like the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. However earlier
TIDAL Blames Apple For Blocking Livestream Of Drake’s Performance
It is no secret that all the music streaming services view each other as competitors, although the rivalry between Apple Music and TIDAL is interesting given that both services involve
Study Of Swans Could Lead To More Stable Drone Cameras
The idea of attaching a camera to a drone is nothing new. However getting stable footage from a camera attached to a drone is a different story. Usually the resulting footage isn’t particularly stable due to movement from the drone,
Alleged Google Nexus 8 Dummy Unit Spotted In China
We have been hearing the rumors that Google could be working on an 8-inch tablet which will (unsurprisingly) be known as the Nexus 8. In fact the device has allegedly
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Solar Charger With Ultra-High Capacity Battery
You may ask why go for a solar charger at all when there are tons of standard chargers available. But when you have one like this Solar charger with ultra-high
ScoopTHAT! II Is A High-Tech Ice Cream Scoop
Scooping ice cream: it’s a serious first-world problem. Heck, it could even be a second world problem, since these guys do have ice cream, right? The issue is that most
Furoshiki Shoes Wrap Around Your Feet Like Bandages
Are we the only animal species that requires footwear? I’m no zoologist, but the whole idea of having to wear shoes always struck me as odd, considering we are animals,
Stealth Beer Koozie Makes It Look Like You’re Drinking Coffee
Where I live, bars stop serving alcohol at 3am. A local pizza join used to have a racket where they’d keep on selling frosty suds after last call, as long
Philips Hue With Wireless Dimming
No wires, no electrician, no installation. Philips Hue wireless dimming kit is the only dimmer switch that works out of the box. Experience the guaranteed smooth dimming in any room
Deal Of The Day: 52% Off On MFi-Certified 10-Ft iOS Lightning Cable (US)
The cable that Apple includes with new iPhones is 3 feet long. And when it breaks outside of warranty, it’s another $25 to get a new one. That sort of
Ferrolic Display Makes Good Use Of Ferro Fluid
You’ve probably seen Ferrofluid before: it’s a black goo that contains iron particles and reacts to magnets in a fascinating way. Zelf Koelman became so enamoured with the little blobs
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