The Best of Gizmodo This Week
This week we upped our security game, obsessed a bit over smartphones, sequenced the genetic material in an apartment, and literally saw the future of VR. Heres a look back.Read more...
What Is The Best Thing To Do When A Grenade Is Thrown At You?
Ideally youll never be in the situation in the first place, but lets say a grenade is being lobbed at your face—what should you do? An anonymous U.S. Infantry veteran schools us. Hint: unless youre Captain America,
Girl Scout Cookies, or California's Most Notorious Strain of Cannabis
I first heard of Girl Scout Cookies a few years ago, shortly after I got my prescription for cannabis in California. I went into my local dispensary and asked for whatever buds they had that smelled the
What's the First Thing You Ever Pirated? 
Tell us about your dark past ... with downloading and sharing media or software. Whats the first thing you ever pirated? Were you sharing something youd bought legally, or were you getting something for free?Read more...
Deadspin WWE Trainer Resigns After Allegations Of Abusing Wrestlers | Gawker Two Ferguson Cops, Cour
Deadspin WWE Trainer Resigns After Allegations Of Abusing Wrestlers | Gawker Two Ferguson Cops, Court Clerk Lose Jobs Over Racist Emails | io9 Heres TVs New Supergirl In Her Super-Outfit | Lifehacker How to Get Better Sleep in Uncomfortable and
This Is What Lockheed's New Laser Can Do
Lockheed Martin recently tested its new Advanced Test High Energy Asset (ATHENA) laser—not to be confused with the Navys laser —on the Ford F-150 pictured above. The weapons system hit the trucks running engine from a mile
Windows 93: The Most Fun You'll Ever Have With an Operating System
A few months ago, a pair of French hackers teased a new project called Windows 93. It was a wonderfully weird web-based operating system, some sort of spoof on Windows 95, packed to the gills with
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What to expect from Apple's 'spring forward' watch event
Heres a twist: Apple is about to hold an event where you probably know what the main attraction will be. Yes, barring surprises, the March 9th spring forward presentation will largely answer the remaining questions about the Apple
WSJ: Google has a small team working on Android for VR
Weve already got Android in phones, tablets. TVs and maybe even cars, but according to a new rumor, the next step could be VR headsets (beyond Mattels View-Master). While phones can already provide the brains of a VR
Hold the phone: MWC had more than just handsets
While the term mobile has always meant more than just smartphones, this years Mobile World Congress really highlighted how diverse the category can be. After all, the star of the show was arguably the HTC Vive, and the
Sony's testing a PS4 update that lets you pick up your game where you left off
Sonys PlayStation 4 has been a sales success since its launch and recently crossed 20 million units sold to customers. Of course, now that gamers have one theyre expecting new features and Sony might be about to pick
Major CIA overhaul ramps up focus on cyber operations
The CIA is working on a major reorganization, and its said to be one the largest in the agencys 67-year history. A big piece of the overhaul is a larger focus on operations in cyberspace, leveraging the latest
The 11th Annual Engadget Awards: Who will be best in show?
Its a dog-eat-dog world, and the tech industry is no exception. Given the break-neck speed of innovation, todays game changers are tomorrows dinosaurs. It takes dogged determination to stand out in a crowded market, and as always were
Better than 'Destiny': Studios now make massive games in just months
It usually takes millions of dollars, a decade and hundreds of developers to create a single massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. This is the standard in the gaming industry. Smaller studios generally dont have the resources to create
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

Focus Your Ambitions with the Lifehacker Hierarchy of Goals
Setting goals is easy, but prioritizing them is hard. Humans suck at properly weighing what we need to achieve our goals. We take on too much, skip steps, and often, as a result, we give up. Once
Looks Like The PS4 Is Getting Some Cool Software Changes
Its been a few month since PlayStation 4s troubled 2.0 update, and while Sony hasnt made any announcements about whats coming, players have started getting invitations to beta test the next update. It looks like the
This Video Clears Up 10 Misconceptions About Skin and Makeup
Your skin is a pretty important part of your body, so you want to take as much care of it as you can. Whether youre a makeup user or just curious about the epidermis, this video will
Streamline Productivity with the "Minimum Effective Dose” for Tasks
When you feel overwhelmed with all of the things you have to do every day, finding the most efficient way to tackle your tasks is the key. You can save yourself a lot of grief if you
Gizmodo I Can't Stop Using This Shitty App That I Hate | Jalopnik Auto Shows Are A Chance To Run Int
Gizmodo I Cant Stop Using This Shitty App That I Hate | Jalopnik Auto Shows Are A Chance To Run Into All The People You Talk Shit About | Jezebel How Do You Discipline a Child in the Post-Hitting Era?
Make Cheap and Easy Shamrock Shakes at Home with Mint Extract
For many, springtime means the return of a McDonalds favorite, the Shamrock Shake. No need to head to the nearest golden arches, though, because you can make it at home for cheap whenever you want.Read more...
How to Get Better Sleep in Uncomfortable and Unavoidable Situations
Its no secret that most of us arent getting enough sleep. And while its probably our own fault, many of us are also unwilling or unable to change our schedules. So since we cant add another
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iconWired - Gear Factor

The 16 Coolest Gadgets We Saw at Mobile World Congress
The worlds biggest smartphone show just wrapped up in Barcelona. We look at the best handsets, wearables, and other mobile gadgets from the expo floor. The post
The Future of Virtual Reality Is Inside Your Smartphone
Right now, your phone is the single most important device in VR. The post The Future of Virtual Reality Is Inside Your Smartphone appeared first on WIRED.
The WIRED Guide for Upgrading Your Apple Gadgets
With rumors of a new Retina MacBook Air on the horizon, we’ve prepared solid guidelines on when you should pony up for a new Apple gadget, and when you
Review: Acer Chromebook 13
The Chromebook 13s great looks and long battery life dont make up for poor performance. The post Review: Acer Chromebook 13 appeared first on WIRED.
What to Expect From the Apple Watch Event Monday
Apple has long made cryptic event invitations a hallmark of its new product announcements, and for good reason. They send press and fans into a frenzy, prompting endless
We Put 4 Home Weather Stations to the Test
The home weather station isnt a new idea, but recent models have become considerably more feature-stuffed compared to what you might have seen even just a few years
Nvidia’s New Shield: A Superpowered Set-Top Box For the 4K Era
Packed with the mighty new Tegra X1 chip, Nvidias new set-top box is made to handle 4K video and games streamed from a supercomputer. The post
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TC AppleCast 7: Apple Watch Event Preview
 It’s that time: The Apple Watch event happens Monday, and we’ll get answers to all our remaining burning questions about the wearable coming out of Cupertino. Based on our discussion, we’re very
This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: MWC And The Future Of VR
 This week, John and friends ventured off into the land of Mobile World Congress to check out the latest and greatest that mobile has to offer. The Galaxy S6 was finally unveiled,
The Apple Watch Is Time, Saved
 Over the course of investigating the Apple Watch, I’ve spoken to several sources who have spent extended time with it. There are a lot of interesting details, some of which we’ll get
Apple Watch Sounding More Independent In Latest Leak
 The Apple Watch will offer a lot more independent features than were previously announced, according to a new leak from the generally accurate 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman. The wearable is set
What To Expect From The Apple Watch Event
  That’s because Apple officially introduced the Apple Watch to the world last September at its special iPhone event, even showing off working hardware (and letting journalists like us try on versions of
Would You Buy A ‘Smart Band’ For An Apple Watch?
 Would you shell out money for a ‘smart’ accessory band for an Apple Watch that added additional capabilities? More battery life, perhaps? The reason I ask is that the Apple Watch has
Join Us At Hardware Alley At Disrupt New York
 We want to see you in New York for Disrupt NY 2015, our annual celebration of all things startup. It’s a great time. You get to
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Samsung Rumored To Be In Talks With MediaTek
When Samsung announced the Galaxy S6, it did not come as a surprise to see that Qualcomm was not the company powering the handset. This seemed to line up with
Apple Watch Battery Life Might Not Be As Bad As We Thought
While the Apple Watch might be a device many are looking forward to, there are reports that the device’s battery life might not last beyond a single day. However last we
Alleged Sony Xperia Z4 Frame Compared To The Xperia Z3
The Sony Xperia Z4 was missing from Sony’s announcements at MWC 2015, although the company did recently confirm that the handset will be announced later this year. It is unclear if
Blackrock Mountain Hearthstone Expansion Announced
It wasn’t too long ago that the Hearthstone expansion Goblins vs Gnomes was announced, and in case you’ve managed to work your way through all the cards or if you’re looking for additional content, you’re in luck. Blizzard has recently
Verizon’s Pre-Orders For Galaxy S6 Open 1st April
Are you looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S6? Well if you are, chances are you’re not alone in your enthusiasm and while the handset will only go on sale on
Samsung Galaxy S6’s Display Might Be Facing Some Issues
The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the latest handset to be announced by Samsung and while we loved the handset in our review of it, it seems that there might be some problems with the handset that a simple software update
Amazon Game Studios Look To Create iOS Games As Well
Amazon Game Studios was announced back in 2012, where this development house has done its fair share of work, churning out a slew of video games for its range of Fire
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Best Multi-tool Alternatives That Rival Leatherman
Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover. We know you love your Leatherman. But, there’s no need to beThe post Best Multi-tool Alternatives That Rival Leatherman appeared first on
Deal Of The Day: Bluetooth Shower Speaker For $35
It’s a known fact that showering while listening to some music is more fun than, you know, not doing that. So why not consider this simple Bluetooth Shower Speaker? ItThe post Deal Of The Day: Bluetooth Shower Speaker For $35
Planetary Lollipops Look Too Good To Eat
You guys sure seem to like planetary-themed things. Just take a look at how many of you liked these planetary glasses and Christmas Tree Ornament Set. So we imagine theThe post Planetary Lollipops Look Too Good To Eat appeared first
Cinder Countertop Grill Has The Cooking Smarts You Might Be Lacking
Come on, guys… Making dinner in the microwave might have been ok back in college, but a self-respecting adult needs to be able to cook up a proper steak nowThe post Cinder Countertop Grill Has The Cooking Smarts You Might
Extend Your iPhone’s Battery with These Cases
Every weekday, our friends at Faveable compile a list of awesome gadgets and gear that men would love to discover. You know the excitement that comes with a new phone? Of courseThe post Extend Your iPhone’s Battery with These Cases appeared first
Deal Of The Day: 21% Off On Quirky BBQ Accessory Bundle
The summer is just around the corner and that means BBQ seasons is upon us. Why not get yourself ready for the ultimate cookout with this bundle of BBQ accessories,The post Deal Of The Day: 21% Off On Quirky BBQ
OakBottle Infuses Your Alcohols With Flavour
It’s well known that a lot of spirits and even wines are aged in oak bottles, in order to impart some flavours. There are even special wood sticks that youThe post OakBottle Infuses Your Alcohols With Flavour appeared first on
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More smartwatches find success in shadow of Pebble, Apple
Although the Pebble Time has been rocking it, and users still eagerly await the Apple Watch, other wrist-mounted devices have found their own levels of success. Could this mean that companion wearables in the (general) form of a watch are
Dell Venue 10 Pro 5000 Series tablet goes on sale for $329 and up
Typically, we wouldn’t bother with yet another overpriced Windows tablet available stateside. There are already so many of them it’s hard to keep track, let alone get excited when a new one sees daylight.The post Dell Venue 10 Pro 5000
Sony Xperia M4 Aqua priced at only €279 in Germany, already up for pre-orders
Sony is full of surprises. Both pleasant and… not so much. In the latter category, you can definitely file the outrageous European retail cost of the otherwise thrilling Xperia Z4 Tablet. In the former, you’ve got the Xperia M4 Aqua
TechnologyTell Review: Nyrius Songo HiFi Bluetooth music receiver
It can be very tempting to get caught up in the craze of audio upgrading. The latest speakers look great, can come in a variety of colors, and almost always have Bluetooth wireless. If you have an older system, it’s
Verizon dispatches Android 5.0 Lollipop for HTC One M8
And then there was one. Just one US carrier lazy or foolish enough (or both) to refuse its customers their HTC-given right to Lollipop smoothness. On the M8, we mean, first updated stateside by T-Mobile, then Sprint, and now Verizon.
HTC ‘keeps working’ on its elusive first smartwatch, no new ETA offered
For a typically very secretive company, HTC has been unusually candid about its smartwatch entry plans for the past year or so. As you’d expect from the architects of such phone beauts as the One M8 and M9, a lot
HTC One M9 To Cost $599?
Not too long ago, HTC unveiled their latest flagship device, the HTC One M9, at the Mobile World Congress 2015. As always, the company was a little mum about the pricing of the handset, but it may cost $599 in
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