Claw Machines Continue to Devour Our Children Whole
Those who thought the world was safe from arcade claw machines gobbling up our youth, take heed. The ravenous mechanical creatures have
How We Could Save the World From Global Warming Before Our Time Is Up
Weve blown our chances of fully counteracting the effects of climate change; recently-released reports from the
Here's How You Might Drive Your Next SUV From A Smartphone
Land Rover went a little bland with the design on their Discovery Vision Concept , but they made a
Gawker Job Seekers Interview for "The World's Toughest Position" | Jalopnik New Technology Allows Yo
Gawker Job Seekers Interview for "The Worlds Toughest Position" | Jalopnik New Technology Allows You To Literally Smell PR Bullshit | Jezebel Your Brain Starts Turning to Mush at Age 24 | Kotaku You Can Stop The Internet Spoiling Game
What Happens to Peeps in a Vacuum
Were all familiar with the classic springtime tradition of sending Peeps to their noble deaths via microwave, but thats getting a bit old. How about a total vacuum instead? Read more...
Forget On/Off Switches, These Force Lamps Only Shine Under Pressure
Your average human will buckle under too much pressure, but the more weight you pile on these force-sensing lamps, the
Tornadoes Are 100x More Likely Than We Thought, But That's Good News
New research suggests that tornado outbreaks arent independent of each other, which in turn means theyre a staggering
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Samsung Gear 2 review: much improved, but that doesn't mean you should buy it
2013 was the year of the smartwatch. In promise, anyway -- maybe not delivery. Of the many, many different, colorful and unusual timepieces that would populate our blogroll, it was perhaps Samsungs Galaxy Gear that made the
The BBC wants you to binge-watch its new BBC Three series on iPlayer
The BBC isnt due to transition BBC Three to an online-only channel until late next year, but that isnt stopping it from testing the waters first. The Beeb confirmed today that for the first time, it will
Microsoft's new keyboard is meant to be used with Smart TVs
This fall marks 20 years that Microsoft has been making keyboards (make that computer hardware, as it was quaintly called back in 1994). Ironically, though, as the company approaches this milestone, its now making accessories not just
Better's mobile app lets you call a Doctor as if they were tech support
Technology problem? Easy, just hit the Mayday button (if you have one) or sign up for Google Helpouts and within a few minutes, youll instantly connect to an expert. Compare that with selecting a healthcare plan, or
West Ham United and Selfridges lead scramble for the first .london domains
After it was decreed that London was next in line to get its own domain name, lots of UK brands and businesses have fallen over themselves to bid for their own piece of the citys virtual real
Starwood's app for Google Glass will let you search and book hotels
Imagine walking into a hotel lobby and telling the wearable on your face to pull up your reservation details. Starwood, the company behind properties from the Aloft to the W to the St. Regis, is hoping to
Project Tango teardown reveals the wonders of the phone's 3D sensing tech
Want to get a better understanding of Googles 3D-sensing Project Tango smartphone beyond the usual promo videos? iFixit is more than happy to show you now that it has torn down the device for itself. The close-up
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iconCrave: CNET Gadget Blog

Crave Ep. 152: App lets you make music with a full symphony
Ever wanted to hear how youd sound with full orchestral backup? An app out of Harvard puts you on the same stage as some of the worlds greatest symphonies.
Tour the Milky Way in 20 billion pixels
NASA has launched an interactive map of the Milky Way galaxy, constructed over the course of 10 years from more than 2 million infrared images from the Spitzer Space Telescope.
Flame-breathing RC dragon flies for only $60,000
It belches propane flame, flies 70 miles per hour, and can be yours if youre willing to forego a year or so of your salary.
Low Latency No. 91: Hurricane Morpheus heads to your living room
You might want to watch where youre swinging once Sonys new virtual-reality headset for the PlayStation 4 lands.
Food-gnashing compost container tops Grommet awards
In a battle of product pitches, between biodegrable cat boxes, sensory toys, toothy compost bins, and other gizmos, two products emerge victorious.
The Web out-Picassos itself: Welcome, sticky tape selfies
In the latest and perhaps most tastelessly sweet Internet meme, people are wrapping their faces in sticky tape and snapping the results. Perfect for your 3-year-old this weekend. Originally posted at Technically Incorrect
Not so fast: Environmental concerns halt Atari 'E.T.' cartridge dig
Filmmakers planned to excavate millions of the cartridges, buried as part of Ataris corporate shame, but New Mexico regulators say an environmental report is required first. Originally posted at News - Tech Culture
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

How to Contact Executive Customer Service and Get Your Problem Solved
Weve all been there: You call customer service, get bounced around, transferred, and dropped. Or worse, your issue
"The Goal Isn't to Be Frugal Forever"
Being frugal is good. Saving money is such an obvious benefit to our lives that it drives our whole economy. As finance
$82 a Day Is the Average Savings for a Comfortable Retirement
Maybe youre finally getting around to saving for your retirement, and youre wondering how much you should expect
Why It's Better to Fail as Quickly as Possible
Most of us dont like to admit when weve failed and put it off as long as possible. Google Xs Rapid Evaluation head Rich DeVaul explains why this costs money, time, and ultimately hinders progress.Read more...
Gawker Job Seekers Interview for "The World's Toughest Position" | Jalopnik New Technology Allows Yo
Gawker Job Seekers Interview for "The Worlds Toughest Position" | Jalopnik New Technology Allows You To Literally Smell PR Bullshit | Jezebel Your Brain Starts Turning to Mush at Age 24 | Kotaku You Can Stop The Internet Spoiling Game
ZenPen is a Dead Simple, Distraction Free Writing Zone on the Web
There are a lot of great distraction-free writing tools out there. If youd rather not download an
Wholesome Tracks Your Nutrition, not Just Calories
iOS/WP: Most nutrition trackers focus on giving you an easy way to track calories consumed towards a daily goal. Wholesome takes a
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iconWired - Gear Factor

Google’s New Modular Phone May Be the Last You’ll Need to Buy
Googles Project Ara could reinvent the way we buy and upgrade our smartphones.
Skip the Back Button: A Secret Swipe for Navigating Safari in iOS 7
In the Safari version of iOS 7, when you want to go back a page, just swipe from the left edge of the screen instead of hitting that back button.
Twitter Acquires Analytics Co. Gnip to Better Package Its Trove of Data
Twitter just agreed to buy its long-time partner Gnip, a data company that anaylizes and sells Twitter data to a host of third parties companies. Gnip is the largest provider of social data in the world. In its announcement, Twitter’s
Banish Game of Thrones Spoilers With This Chrome Extension
Silencer is a nifty little Chrome extension that will banish all Twitter and Facebook spoilers to the grim cells of Harrenhal.
Are Touchscreens Melting Your Kid’s Brain?
Tablets and other touchscreens will keep your kids quiet. But will they also melt their brains?
A Breathtakingly Simple Computer Stand That Helps Organize Your Desk
There are a hundred different ways to organize your desk. But this classic, wooden organizer wont just keep things looking tidy, itll give your entire workspace a Scandinavian sense of style.
Our Favorite New Features in Windows Phone 8.1
With each version of Windows Phone, Microsofts mobile OS gets better. The 8.1 update is no exception.
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Google’s Environment Sensing Project Tango Gets A Teardown
 Google’s Project Tango prototype smartphone is armed with four cameras to allow it to take stock of its environment and record and use 3D depth-sensing info, and it’s basically just a bunch
Google’s Modular Ara Smartphone To Launch For The Public In January 2015
 Google has been showing off its Project Ara modular smartphone in a lot more detail over the past few days, likely because it’s also hosting a developer conference for the device this
Me-Mover Step-Powered Stand-Up Bike Gets Funded On Kickstarter
 Move over Segway, theres a new stand-up personal transporter in town. Or there will be come August when the first machines are scheduled to ship to Kickstarter backers. More than 200 users
Google Actually Sells Out Of A Google Glass Model
 Apparently some people still want Google Glass. The white model sold out several hours after Google allowed anyone to purchase the product. Models of the other colors are still available -- at
Hands On With The Xperia Z2 Smartphone And Z2 Tablet, Sony’s Waterproof Wonders
 Both Samsung and HTC have new flagship Android phones out in the U.S., but Sony isn’t just sitting back and doing nothing. The company has its new 5.2-inch Z2 smartphone launching soon in
Amazon’s Smartphone Gets Its First Spy Shots Along With Rumored Specs
 Amazon’s smartphone leaks are starting to pile up quickly, and today our own report about some of its 3D features and Android-based FIreOS operating system was followed quickly by an extensive report
Mixed Dimensions Raises ~$1M To Make 3D-Design Tools For The Masses
 Mixed Dimensions (MXD), a Jordanian startup now relocated to Silicon Valley, is aiming to simplify the 3D design process by building browser-based 3D design tools designed for the mainstream and for
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Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM Increases Your Versatility
The Nokia Lumia 630 was announced and launched earlier this month, including the Dual SIM version, where it is said to retail for $169 during the announcement. Well, here is a closer look at the smartphone that allows you to
36.9% Of Games Bought On Steam Never Get Played
Apple’s App Store Revenue In China Grew By 70%
We know that Apple was eager to get their phones into China, especially when it
Early Nokia Prototype Tablet From 2001 Gets Pictured
It is no secret that Apple didn’t invent the tablet, although it’s safe to say that Apple
Alleged iPhone Case “Confirms” Repositioned Buttons
One of the ways case manufacturers can get a jump on the competition is if they’re willing to begin producing cases
Warlords Of Draenor Might Not Require You To Upgrade Your Computer
Blizzard’s upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, is expected
Samsung Shows Off Curved Batteries Used In The Gear Fit
Given the fact that the Samsung Gear Fit sports a slightly curved design,
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Would You Pay $1,000 For A Glass Toaster?
Because that’s apparently how much the Noun, from Bugatti (not the car makers) will cost. It’s a toaster consisting of two panes of glass with a layer of semiconductor heatingThe post Would You Pay $1,000 For A Glass Toaster? appeared
Domino’s Launches ‘Pizza’ Where The Dough Is Fried Chicken
We’re calling Domino’s new Specialty Chicken dish a ‘pizza’ mainly because the concept involves putting pizza toppings on top of a bed made out of fried chicken bits. And whileThe post Domino’s Launches ‘Pizza’ Where The Dough Is Fried Chicken
Damnit, Expelliarmus: ‘Harry Potter’ Dementor Prank
Remember those soul-sucking creatures from Harry Potter that can seal your fate with a single, fatal kiss? If you’re a fan of the franchise, then you probably do. Two dudes decided toThe post Damnit, Expelliarmus: ‘Harry Potter’ Dementor Prank appeared first on
Celebrity Religious Candles Are A Must Have
You can take a joke, right? None of you are going to get your panties in a roll over this item, we hope. We certainly got a kick from theseThe post Celebrity Religious Candles Are A Must Have appeared first
Mini Mobile Printer Glides On The Page To Print
Ever tried carrying a printer in your backpack? Not exactly the most portable things, right? If ever you need to be printing a few quick pages and don’t want toThe post Mini Mobile Printer Glides On The Page To Print
This Is An Atomic Watch, Really
There’s really nothing quite like the National Institute for Standards in Technology (NIST) new F2 atomic clock when it comes to precision in time-keeping; at most it’ll be off byThe post This Is An Atomic Watch, Really appeared first on
Get Your Beer Mug Frosty In As Little As 10 Seconds
Those of you who partake in an occasional malt liquor ingestion ritual will surely know how satisfying it is to have your libations served to you in a mug that’sThe post Get Your Beer Mug Frosty In As Little As
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The Sims Are Having a Better Summer Than You
Even if I dont get an idyillic paradise summer vacation, its good to know my Sims will be having a wonderful time.You see, my virtual Sims will be playing in the brand-new The
You Have Only Seconds : Tornado Gadget You NEED
As we just saw in the disaster in Oklamha, survival comes down to seconds. Having an emergency warning weather alert can make the difference from having time to find shelter when a tornado comes
E- cigs : New Tech For An Old Habit
Who knew but apparently May 31st is “World No Tobacco Day. How should we commemerate the day? Weeeelll, maybe if the smokers among us all Kick the butts and take part in a tobacco-less
What's Next? NextWorth
Believe me, we understand. You want the latest gadgets. We have so many old iPhones, iPods, iPads and game consoles we
Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Fairest Of Them All?
If you owned the brand-new simplehuman Sensor Mirror, youd know the answer to that question. (Its YOU, btw.)Think of those pull-out mirrors you sometimes find in hotel bathrooms that magnify your face
Put Your iPhone in the 'Vault'
Pelican cases are known to be nearly indestructible; just ask the US Military who uses their equipment. Even if you wont be in a war zone, the iPhone Vault can be
Jabra Revo Wireless
We spotted them first at CES; the new Jabra Revo wireless headphones and have been eagerly anticipating trying them out. We werent disappointed. Heres the good, the bad and the ugly.Good: * Connectivity is
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Are we losing our humanity to digital devices?
Smartphones havent been around for that many years, yet theyve had such an impact on society. On a whim, we can source and fulfill needs of information, productivity and entertainment with minimal obstacles. It sounds great on paper, but actual
Trinity is a portable wind turbine that charges your USB devices
Portable chargers are cool. I love being able to charge my USB devices on the go, without needing to find an available electrical outlet. I just hook my phone up to my portable charger, put it in my bag, and
Binder-friendly Jumpr Slate 10k ditches bulk for slim
When it comes to external battery packs, there tends to be a conundrum of capacity versus bulk. That is, unless you don’t mind carrying around bricks all day. Even so, most of the best batteries share similar shapes: a flask,
Microsoft restocks 64, 512 GB flavors of Surface Pro 2 tablets
Besides the trouble of marketing second-generation Surface tablets as legitimate Apple iPad rivals, Microsoft has recently faced serious component shortages, being forced to temporarily halt sales of specific Surface Pro 2 versions.The post Microsoft restocks 64, 512 GB flavors of
May ETA for HTC One M8 mini reiterated, specs most likely include 13 MP camera
HTC-One-Mini-M8When there’s little left to be revealed about a thoroughly gossiped but unannounced gadget, insiders tend to start echoing each other. But the more moles spill their guts the merrier, as all doubt is shattered to pieces once information is
Mr Pow brings bright smiles to the portable charger party
There are a lot of portable chargers in this world. In fact, it seems like theres a new one every day. But how many of them smile at you? Mr Pow does.The post Mr Pow brings bright smiles to the
KitKat for Motorola Droid Razr HD, Maxx HD and Razr M coming in a few weeks
Even after being ditched by Google and with Lenovo’s imminent purchase not sealed yet, Motorola remains the champion of software updates. Sure, it helps that the OEM’s product portfolio is far slimmer than that of Samsung or Sony, but at
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