What Happens to Kale When it Hears Itself Being Eaten?
Advances in sensors and communication systems, such as those pinpointing the amount of water and fertilizers needed in just one corner of a plot of land, are allowing farmers to use technology to produce more food. Now
Photographer Turns Pre-Wedding Photos Into a Grand Lightsaber Battle
When a couple approached Singapore-based photographer Mezame Shashin-ka about doing a Star Wars-themed photoshoot, the results, which mingled real people, action figures, and a fair amount of post-production are damn impressive.Read more...
Navigational Data Produced A Beautiful Image of the Milky Way
The European Space Agency built this image of the Milky Way using routine data from its Gaia satellite.Read more...
You Can 3-D Print Some Amazing Stuff With This Ultra-Strong Resin
Formlabs, a 3-D printing supplies company, has a new kind of resin it’s calling ‘tough’. It’s still plastic, but plastic you can make real things out of. Read more...
A Jaws-Themed Deck of Cards Is Surprisingly More Beautiful Than Gory
You’d probably expect a deck of Jaws-themed playing cards to be chocked full of gory imagery and only available in the back pages of Fangoria magazine. But the artwork on this deck is downright beautiful, to the
Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now
Greetings, citizens of Gizmodo! It’s a holiday weekend in America—a time when we like to grill meats and blow stuff up. Here’s hoping you had the day off today or are moving into a badass weekend.Read more...
Amazon's Review Policy is Creepy and Bad for Authors
Independent author and blogger Imy Santiago bought an ebook, read it, and posted a review on Amazon. Then things started to go wrong, according to her recent blog post, which has put Amazon in the crosshairs of
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Holiday music exclusive battle: Apple/Eminem vs. Tidal/Lil Wayne
While many in the US are relaxing for the July 4th holiday, the folks at Apple Music and Tidal are hard at work trying to push their respective subscription music services. Apple has already announced plans for a
The new Bubble Wrap is losing its pop
Bubble Wrap is one of mankinds greatest inventions. It protects our online orders from becoming rubble in a delivery van, but more importantly, it doubles as pure, joyous entertainment. Pop, pop, pop. Theres nothing quite like it. Thats
Solar-powered plane completes five-day journey across the Pacific
The Solar Impulse 2 is a solar-powered plane that has been flying around the world since March. Back in May, it was set to make its most ambitious journey yet, a 5,061-mile trip from Japan to Hawaii. Unfortunately,
Xiaomi's next low-cost wearable will monitor your heart rate
Chinese phone maker Xiaomi has made a name for itself by delivering premium devices at budget prices. As well as phones and tablets, Xiaomi also sells accessories, including the Mi Band fitness tracker. After almost a year on
NASA made a plane snuff movie... for your safety
If you survive a plane crash but your emergency locator transmitter (ELT) doesnt, itd be a cruel irony if rescuers never found you. But NASA, of all agencies, has crashed a light airplane to make those devices stronger
Dr. Dre will debut a Beats 1 radio show on Apple Music tomorrow night
Days after Apple Music launched to the public, its becoming clearer where Dr. Dre fits. The hip-hop mogul, who joined Apple after the company bought up Beats, announced today that hes about to launch a regular radio program
Floating plasma display makes fairies a reality
See that teensy Tinkerbell-shaped light above? Thats not CGI -- thats a real floating display, and its completely touchable too. Mid-air plasma displays arent that prolific yet, but theyre not exactly new either. However, floating lights created...
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

Make a Three-Tier Wedding Guest List to Prioritize Invitations
When you’re getting married, you don’t want anyone to feel left out. But you can’t invite everyone you’ve ever met either. List your guests under “Must”, “Want”, and “Should” to ensure the right people make it.Read more...
Boards for Trello Gives Quick Access to Your Boards in Chrome
Chrome: Trello is a fantastic tool to organize your whole life, and before you know it, you’ll have a long list of boards in this visual organizer. Boards for Trello gives you quick access to these through
How To Cook A Brisket, Which Is Totally Worth The Effort, I Swear
Just once in your life, cook a brisket, over smoky charcoal heat, on the grill. Do it for the solemn pride of having done so, and for the rime of authority it will lend to your future
Ask a Novel, Interesting Question to Remember Names and Introductions
Behavior expert Jon Levy has a neat trick to remember people’s names and how they first met. Upon being introduced, he seeks to create a memorable moment, usually by asking a question that will have a unique
Streaks Is a Simple Habit Tracker and Daily Reminder for Android
Android: Habits are difficult to adopt, so it’s important not to overload this hard process with a complex app. Technology needs to get out of the way. That’s what Streaks does.Read more...
Know Which Words to Use on Your Resume for Different Job Openings
If you like a job opening but don’t think your resume will get you an interview, you probably aren’t using the right words. Tweaking your CV with keywords related to different types of positions can get you
Make a Quick-Fix Camera Dolly with a Towel and a Book
If you need to shoot a tracking video, you don’t need a fancy camera slider or dolly. You can do a makeshift version in 30 seconds with things in your home: a thick book and a towel.Read
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So, You’re Thinking About Flying Your Drone Through Fireworks
When talking about about drones and safety precautions, the same question continues to come up: How unsafe is it really? The post So, You’re Thinking About Flying Your
Our Favorite Headphones Just Went Wireless
The Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones are now available in a $400 wireless Bluetooth model. Same luxurious build and sound, but without the cord. The post Our Favorite Headphones Just Went
The Man Who Wants to Turn Our Clothes Into Modular Gadgets
The real wave of innovation in wearable technology will be when our clothes will do everything our smartphones do. The post The Man Who Wants to
Apple Music’s Here, and It Probably Won’t Change Everything
Let’s just get this out of the way: There’s nothing here you haven’t seen before. The post Apple Music’s Here, and It Probably Won’t Change Everything appeared first
How to Keep Apple Music From Billing You After the Free Trial
Theres no such thing as a free lunch or a free music service trial. The post How to Keep Apple Music From Billing You After the Free Trial appeared first on WIRED.
Bad Beach Day? This Skateboard Rides Just Like a Surfboard
Push around this skateboard thats been designed to ride more like a surfboard. The post Bad Beach Day? This Skateboard Rides Just Like a Surfboard appeared first
The First iPhone Was and Wasn’t What You Think
There was so much wrong with the first iPhone. It also represents a societal shift. Both of these things are mostly true, but also a little not. The
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PicoBrew’s Zymatic Beer Making Machine Made A Brewer Out Of A Noob Like Me
 PicoBrew is a beer-centered startup in Seattle, founded by brothers Bill and Jim Mitchell and Avi Geiger.The machine at the heart of their operation is The Zymatic—an apparatus that simplifies
This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Lexus Hoverboard, Anki, And Bowling Central
 Happy Friday of a long weekend, everyone! To celebrate America’s Independence Day, we’ve chosen some extra fun topics for this week’s episode of the TechCrunch Gadgets Podcast. Lexus teased out
Sphericam 2 Is A 4K 360-Degree Camera Built For The VR Era
 One of the main issues with current 360-degree VR technology is that a successful experience typically requires a user to have both creation and consumption devices. While companies like Oculus and Samsung have begun to
Anki Will Ship The Second Generation Of Its Robotic Slot Cars On September 20
 Think of Anki Overdrive as slot cars for the smartphone age. With upgrades, achievements and characters, it’s a perfect marriage of smartphones with physical toys. The system debuted two years ago and
Shapeways Snags Another $30M In Funding To Expand Its 3D Printing Ecosystem
 Shapeways, a 3D printing service and marketplace, announced a $30 million Series D round led by INKEF Capital. The round was supported by new investors like Hewlett
A Look At The Tech That Could Mean We Never Have To Charge Our Phones Again
 Technology that can wirelessly power our devices on the go could change our world. Imagine never having to plug in your cell phone again, or technology that continuously keeps your electronic car
Apple Updates GarageBand With Force Touch Support And New Virtual Morph Pad
 Apple has a new update available for GarageBand on the Mac, which provides a range of new tools aimed primarily at electronic dance music creators. The update
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Volvo Want To Make Cars Safer For Kids
When it comes to strapping your kids in the car, this usually involves the use of a specially-designed car seat placed in the backseat of your car/minivan. For the most part this seems to be the safest and most accepted
Japanese Court Orders Google To Scrub Records On Man’s Arrest
Over in Europe, Google has agreed that users had the right to be forgotten, meaning that users could submit requests to Google to have any information on them that comes up
Online Streaming Doubles In 2015, Digital Downloads Sees 10% Drop
When Apple introduced iTunes back in the day, it changed the way many people consumed their music. Customers could now choose to pay for individual songs as opposed to having to
Apple Music Is Not Adding DRM To Songs You Already Own
Like all streaming services, there is DRM involved. This makes sense because it prevents piracy and also ensures that artists are paid properly, like if you were to cancel your
Eminem Debuts “Phenomenal” Music Video Exclusively On Apple Music
Given that Apple currently has industry veterans such as Trent Reznor, Dr. Dre, and Jimmy Iovine working behind the scenes, it isn’t surprising that these guys along with Apple’s branding and
LG “Confirmed” To Be Building 2016’s Nexus
The LG G4 is the latest handset from LG and if the rumors are to be believed, LG will also be manufacturing 2016’s Nexus handset (or at least one of them).
OnePlus VR Headset Now Available For Order & Shipping
Last week we reported that one of the launch features of the upcoming OnePlus Two is that it would be launched in VR. It will be launched normally, of course,
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Giant Unicorn Lamp is Ginormous and Awesome!
A small unicorn lamp is cool. A medium-sized one is better. But a giant unicorn lamp? That’s just plain awesome! So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a campaign
‘Tiny Hands’ Gives You Creepily Small Hands–Well, Sort Of
  No, there’s nothing wrong with that dude’s hands. You should be able to tell easily if you look closely, because they’re clearly made from plastic. What he actually has is
Five Minute Journal App Helps You Find Joy Every Day
  A little bit of positivity every day will go a long way. That’s the premise behind the Five Minute Journal app, which feeds you inspirational quotes and asks you
Deal Of The Day: 49% Off On Layze Phone Holder
  So many gadgets, too little hands. If you find yourself literally needing an extra hand for your phone because you’re actually doing something else with your hands, then here’s
Deal Of The Day: 10% Off On Clocky Alarm Clock
Have trouble getting up in the morning? You should seriously consider Clocky, the Alarm That Runs Away. Put it on your night table and set your alarm as you normally
The Varia™ Rearview Bike Radar Keeps Cyclists Safer From Getting Hit From Behind
You’ve seen them: cyclists riding in the middle of the lane, as if they own the road. We can understand the desire to stay away from potentially dangerous curbside holes,
Brilliant: Shelfpack Is The Suitcase For Those Who, Well, Live Out Of Their Suitcase
You know the type: they travel somewhere, and never really unpack. They just get stuff from their suitcase as they need it. There’s nothing wrong with that, really, but if
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Why attempt home automation yourself when you can have a pro do it for you? (Post sponsored by URC)
We know the standard answer to the question in the headline: Because it’s cheaper. But is it really?The post Why attempt home automation yourself when you can have a pro do it for you? (Post sponsored by URC) appeared first
TechnologyTell Review: Phiaton MS 100 BA earphones
When it comes to wearable personal audio, I tend to prefer on- and over-ear headphones. Not so much earphones, even though I’ve experienced some really great products for sound and/or features. For me, in-ear devices are all about the comfort
One-branded HTC ‘Aero’ tipped for early November ‘intermediate’ launch
Ready for more high-end HTC handheld confusion and probably still no chance to challenge Samsung or even LG flagships? Rumor has it no radically redesigned One M9 sequel is in the pipeline by the year’s end, with the M9+ instead
Forget Touch ID, the OnePlus 2 fingerprint sensor is purportedly ‘done right’
Apparently not one to “hop on the me too bandwagon” with immature, gimmicky technologies, OnePlus waited for mobile fingerprint recognition to evolve and fully bloom before it could be fitted on the “impressive, thoughtful and versatile” 2. That’s right, ladies
What Helsinki Can Teach America about the Internet
In 1998, famed and revered economist Paul Krugman penned the following words: “By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s.” As a standalone quote, it’s
TechnologyTell Review: Kensington 5200mAh USB Mobile Charger
Is there ever going to be an end to external battery packs? Probably not for quite some time. So you might as well get in and get one now, right? While there are many, many to choose from, not all
TechnologyTell Review: Limefuel Rugged L150XR battery
I brought my Limefuel L130X battery to a park (a park! for my kid) this one time, and it came back home looking quite roughed up. It had been knocked down off its perch a bunch of times – the
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