Ex-Employees Say Hennessey Is A Bigger Mess Than You Ever Imagined
All Ahmad Ali wanted was a Chevrolet Corvette souped up to have enough horsepower to defibrillate God. To realize this dream, the Qatari went to one of the most famous names in the car tuning business: John
Dramatic Photos Show Some of the Worst Flooding Texas Has Ever Seen
Just last month, southeastern Texas saw some of the worst flooding in its history, described as “biblical” by many news outlets. Now, thanks to yet another spate of torrential rainfall, Texans are experiencing déjà vu all too
Doom's Soundtrack Hides A Satanic Easter Egg
The new Doom is a surprise on multiple levels.
These New Space Stamps Are Almost Cool Enough to Make Me Want to Send a Letter
It’s been a while since I’ve wanted to send a letter bad enough to buy a stamp. But these new space stamps might finally make it worth it. Read more...
Lodge's Essential Cast Iron Pan is Back On Sale For $15
The humble and inexpensive cast iron skillet is one of most important pieces of cooking gear you can own , and Lodge’s highly-rated 10” model is back down to $15 again on Amazon. If you don’t own
Why the iPhone You Want Probably Isn't Coming This Year
Since Apple released the iPhone 3G in 2008, its most popular gadget has been on a predictable two-year refresh cycle: redesign, refine, and repeat. Now, it appears that product cycle may finally be coming to an end.Read
Twitter Shuts Down Russian Parody Accounts, and the US Government Is Pissed
Twitter parody accounts are the second worst thing on Earth. What’s the worst thing? When Twitter shuts down parody accounts because they might offend public figures. That’s what Twitter has been doing recently with accounts that poke
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Google Home reportedly has Chromecast roots
Google Home promises a minor revolution as far as around-the-home voice assistants go, but its hardware roots may be more than a little familiar. The Information's source understands that Home ultimately boils down to a Chromecast with
Turkish law forces PayPal to suspend operations in the country
Turkey and the tech world's relationship is infamously contentious, and the country has crippled another company: PayPal. Starting this June 6th, the secure payment service is closing up shop, according to a statement (Turkish) spotted by TechCrunch....
Catch up with Computex 2016: Day two
After yesterday's ASUS keynote, Computex has finally kicked off under the hot Taipei sunshine. The show is no stranger to a variety of unusual PC parts, including enthusiast motherboards, gaming keyboards and bizarre cases, so it was
Retailers fight to silence customer data breaches
A consortium of retailers, including Target and Home Depot, vowed to fight a data breach notification bill. The bill, HR 2205 from Reps. Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas) and John Carney (D-Del.), would require companies to tell customers when
Samsung's new 512GB SSD is smaller than a postage stamp
Storage in your laptop or smartphone is a compromise between volume, access speed and physical size. But, the industry's competition to shrink them while boosting their specifications is fierce. A few months after shipping a 16TB solid-state
Mojang bans brands from building Minecraft promo maps and mods
Mojang's putting its blocky foot down when it comes to brands and Minecraft. In an open letter to the community on its site, Owen Hill, the company's director of creative communications, laid out new guidelines specifically directed
DNP The co-founder of Yo wants to sell you $14,000 smartphone
The amount of money you'll be asked to pay for Sirin Labs' Solarin is $!4,000 (plus tax), or £9,500 in the UK. But it's probably the one fact about the device that the company doesn't want you
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

Lagom Is an Informative, Minimalist Browser Start Page
Web/Chrome: There’s no shortage of start and new tab pages that will dress up each new tab with useful information, tons of widgets, or even gorgeous time lapses , but if you want something a little more
We’ve gotten reports that someone is using a fake address to phish people into signing up for(...)
We’ve gotten reports that someone is using a fake address to phish people into signing up for a fake Lifehacker newsletter and handing over their data. Remember, the real newsletter signup is here, and we’ll never email you asking to
The Three Stages of Failure and How to Fix Them
One of the hardest things in life is to know when to keep going and when to move on. On the one hand, perseverance and grit are key to achieving success in any field. Anyone who masters
Make Use of an Unripened Avocado by Turning It Into a Garnish
You thought you bought a ripe avocado, but when you slice it open, it’s still too hard to be used for guacamole or a BLAT sandwich. Instead of wasting it, grab your grater and make a tasty,
Arduino Create Is an All-In-One Platform to Create and Browse Arduino Projects
You’ve long had a variety of ways to create and discover new Arduino projects, and now you have an official means with Arduino Create.Read more...
Lodge's Essential Cast Iron Pan is Back On Sale For $15
The humble and inexpensive cast iron skillet is one of most important pieces of cooking gear you can own , and Lodge’s highly-rated 10” model is back down to $15 again on Amazon. If you don’t own
Use Marks to Quickly Navigate Through the OS X Command Line
The best part of working in the command line is the fact you never really need to touch your mouse, but navigating through the commands you’ve used can be a bit cumbersome. Over on How-To Geek, they
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iconWired - Gear Factor

New Google Phone Cases Take Customization to the Next Level
This is my Live Case. There are many like it, but this one is mine. The post New Google Phone Cases Take Customization to the Next Level
6 Things the HTC 10 Gets Right—And 4 It Gets Wrong
Its a sensible new Android phone with some head-scratching flaws. The post 6 Things the HTC 10 Gets Right—And 4 It Gets Wrong appeared first on
The iPad Pro’s Killer Display Proves Pixels Ain’t Everything
And it may be coming soon to an iPhone near you. The post The iPad Pros Killer Display Proves Pixels Aint Everything appeared first on WIRED.
MightyTV Is Like Tinder, Only It Sets You Up With Movies
MightyTV is trying to use machine learning to figure out what you like, and what that means. The post MightyTV Is Like Tinder, Only It Sets
Amazon’s New Kindle Oasis Is the Fanciest-Pantsiest E-Reader Ever
For $289, you get the best thing this side of paperback. The post Amazons New Kindle Oasis Is the Fanciest-Pantsiest E-Reader Ever appeared first on WIRED.
A Very Careful Hands-On With Hasselblad’s New $26,000 Medium-Format Camera
Available in 100-megapixel and 50-megapixel versions, Hasselblads new flagship medium-format cameras are loaded with cutting-edge tech. The post A Very Careful Hands-On With Hasselblads New $26,000 Medium-Format
The HTC 10 Is a Nice Phone—That’s All We Have to Say About It
Once upon a time, HTC was on top of the smartphone world. Or at least solidly in the upper middle class. The post
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Robots date, mate, and procreate 3D printed offspring in ‘Robot Baby’ project
 Researchers in the Netherlands claim to have created the world’s first “robots that procreate.” What does that mean exactly? Well, child, when two robots’ fitness evaluation algorithms come to a successful
Energysquare is a wireless phone charging pad that doesn’t use induction
 Meet Energysquare, a thin charging pad made so that you don’t have to plug in your phone charger ever again. Energysquare doesn’t rely on induction like
Inventory shortages may herald rebirth of Apple’s aging Thunderbolt Display
 Apple’s Thunderbolt Display, first introduced in the summer of 2011, may be getting a refresh at WWDC, if inventory shortages at retail stores are any indication. Just try getting one at
Xbox One price drops to $299 just in time before unveiling slim Xbox One at E3
 Microsoft just dropped the price of its gaming console. The Xbox One now costs $299 in the U.S. with a 500GB hard drive, or €299 in Europe. For $319, you
Sirin Labs shows off $14K, super private Solarin smartphone, on sale June 1
 Is the world ready for another smartphone? How about one that will cost $14,000 for its most basic model? Today, Sirin Labs — a startup put together by a team of
BBC micro:bit learn-to-code device up for public pre-order in UK
 A tiny programmable board designed as part of a UK educational initiative for kids to learn programming skills and originally distributed by the public service broadcaster, the BBC, to one million
360-degree camera maker Jeffrey Martin talks about what it takes to film for VR
 This week on the Technotopia podcast I interviewed Jeffrey Martin, the creator of 360Cities and the maker of the Sphericam. Martin is a skilled 360-degree camera operator and has created amazing
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OnePlus Smartphones Will Soon Be Sold Officially On Amazon
OnePlus hasn’t always made it easy for people to buy its smartphones. For years, it has stuck to a cumbersome invite-only system after its
PlayStation Plus Free Games For June 2016 Confirmed
Sony has confirmed today which games will be available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers in the month of June. It’s has added two “excellent” PlayStation 4 games to the lineup for
Xbox One Price Cut Amid Rumors Of An Updated Console
The Xbox One’s price has been revised multiple times since it was released in November 2013. The biggest price change came when
Facebook Wants To Improve Messenger Security
Facebook Messenger has morphed into much more than a standalone app for chatting with your friends. It’s a robust platform which offers
Periscope Might Select You For ‘Jury’ Duty
Harassment is a big issue for users on social networks. Efforts are made to ensure that people are not harassed online but
Atari Making Hardware Again
You might have owned an Atari console at some point in time. The company has been out of the hardware game for some time now but it has announced its return. Yes,
New Just Cause 3 DLC Pits Players Against Giant Mechs
It has been confirmed today that the second DLC from the Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pack is going to be released in the coming month. The new Just Cause 3 DLC
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Soundwall – Smart Wall Speaker + Canvas Art
Highlighting your speakers at home will be more beautiful and artistic with Soundwall. This is an amazing combination of a smart speaker which hangs on your wall and looks like
Buff iPhone Cover by Hard Graft
Protecting your smartphone in style should be a snap and with the Buff iPhone Cover by Hard Graft, it certainly is. Made with luxurious sand colored leather with a soft
Three 4K TVs that Cost Less Than $1000
It’s the dilemma of every entertainment system owner out there: You really want a display upgrade, but you can’t pay thousands of dollars for it – and if you’ve checked
Deal Of The Day: Pay What You Want, Complete Photography Bundle
A fairly long time ago, if you owned a camera, it meant you had made the effort to spend money on a standalone product meant to do one thing, so
Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 Smartwatches
Get more out of your wrist with the Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 Smartwatches. Upgrades to their previous line, both of these smartwatches are equipped with accurate heart rate
Pod-based Marijuana Vaporizers Are On The Horizon
Look, let’s not pretend like the marijuana industry isn’t about to boom. It’s just a matter of time before it’s legal everywhere, and entrepreneurs with a bit of foresight are
Wonder How Your Baby Feels In That Stroller? You Can Find Out With This Adult-Sized Version
Because you can never be too sure that your baby is comfortable enough, the US baby products company Kolocraft has created an adult-sized version of their Contours Bliss stroller for
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