The process of making an entire skateboard looks like a lot of fun
Skateboarding is fun but George Powell of Powell Peralta skateboard makes building skateboards look even more fun. Its always cool to see hands and machines and people transform wood into something completely different but especially neat to
Nvidia Just Announced Its Own Android TV Game Console
Remember the NVIDIA Shield, the gaming handheld? How about the NVIDIA Shield, the Android gaming tablet? Soon youll be able to replace them both with the NVIDA Shield—the Android TV Console. Okay, maybe not replace them,
Enter the Mysterious World of the Ocean's Most Important Creatures
Plankton are incredibly tiny creatures who sometimes look like microscopic glass snowflakes, drifting through the oceans water column. But they are actually among the most important life forms in the ocean. This short video introduces you to
Sony's New Morpheus Is The Best VR Headset Yet
I just survived a shark attack. I just stole a priceless diamond in an upscale London heist. I did it with Sonys new Project Morpheus headset. Its the best Ive ever tried.Read more...
Valve's First Steam Machine Is $50 and It's Coming This Fall
Been waiting for an officially endorsed Steam Machine ? Well, here it is, sort of—the Valve Steam Link. Its a tiny, $50 micro-PC that seems to do absolutely nothing but pipe PC games in over a local
How To Prepare Your Motorcycle For Adventure
Ready to take your big, heavy motorcycle off-road ? Not so fast! Even a simple, low-speed crash is capably of damaging it irrevocably. Luckily, theres an abundance of effective crash protection available in the aftermarket. Heres the
Filming Atomic Blasts Requires This Massive, Complicated Camera
Theres a truly monstrous camera at the "Churchills Scientists" exhibition at Londons Science Museum right now. The C4 Rotating Mirror High Speed Camera was developed at the end of World War II to study explosive reactions.Read more...
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Apple now ships more smartphones than Samsung, if you ask Gartner
When we last checked in on the battle for the top spot in the smartphone market, Apple and Samsung were neck and neck. If you ask Gartner, though, it isnt quite so evenly matched. The analyst group estimates
Crysis 3, Doom 3 and more ported to Android, powered by NVIDIA
Can it play Crysis? is the question people are still asking after all these years, despite the vast majority of game hardware now being more than capable of running Cryteks gorgeous first-person shooter. Its how NVIDIA introduced Crysis
Shield: NVIDIA's gaming-focused Android TV set-top box
Another year, another new Shield device from NVIDIA. Whats Shield? Its the hardware line from NVIDIA that spans a bizarre handheld game console, a powerful gaming tablet, and now an Android TV-powered set-top box. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang
Daily Roundup: Day 2 of MWC, Pebble Time Steel and more!
Find out whats new during day two of Mobile World Congress, get the details on the new Pebble Time Steel and learn how Microsoft will unite Windows 10 devices. All this and more can be found in todays
Uber buys a mapping company to give you better ride estimates
Uber wouldnt be where it is without good ride estimates, and its clearer than ever that the company knows this. The app-based transportation outfit just bought deCarta (its first ever public acquisition), a firm that specializes in mapping,
$50 Steam Link streams PC games anywhere within your house
Along with a slew of new Steam Machines, Source Engine 2 and VR news, Valve announced an interesting add-on for anyone interested in in-home streaming for their PC games: Steam Link. These $50 boxes (in the US, international
Valve's new, free game engine is 'Source 2'
Half-Life 2. Counterstrike: Source. Team Fortress 2. Left 4 Dead. Portal. Besides being developed by Valve, what else do those games share? They all run on the companys Source Engine thats been used since the first two released
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iconLifehacker Gadgets

The Vintage Workspace
Todays featured workspace waxes nostalgic with vinyl records and vintage phones, cameras, radios, and a WWII US Airborne jacket.Read more...
Rock the Wedding Dance Floor with These Easy to Learn Moves
A wedding is a time to celebrate, and that means lots of dancing. If you feel like you have two left feet, but still want to cut up a rug at an upcoming event, these are the
These are the Foods Most Prone to Foodborne Pathogens
Last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report highlighting the foods most likely to cause illnesses due to bacterial infection. Here
Deadspin Oregon: We Have The Right To Access A Rape Victim's Medical Records | Gawker The Antiviral
Deadspin Oregon: We Have The Right To Access A Rape Victims Medical Records | Gawker The Antiviral Guide to the Worst Hoaxers and Liars on Facebook | io9 How To Meditate (And Get The Most Benefit Out Of It) |
Catch Yourself Complaining with the "But-Positive" Technique
When youve developed a habit of complaining about things, its not always easy to shut it down . An easy way to help yourself stop is by catching yourself in the act and adding a positive spin
Career Spotlight: What I Do as a Cloud Developer
The "cloud" is a common computing buzzword with multiple uses; you might store your music in the cloud, or perhaps host a website. But that doesnt mean theres one server hosting your site—rather, the individual servers
"You Have to Be Bored."
Weve heard time and time again that boredom is a necessity for creativity , and musician Dan Deacon really drives that point home with the above quote from in an interview with NPR.Read more...
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iconWired - Gear Factor

Nikon’s New Point and Shoot Has an Absurdly Long Zoom Range
Its getting harder to find a reason to buy a point-and-shoot camera anymore, but the Nikon Coolpix P900 makes its advantage clear: It as an 83X
IKEA’s New Furniture Won’t Jumpstart Wireless Charging
IKEA has a new furniture line with built-in wireless charging. Its a step toward Qi ubiquity, but Qis capabilities and IKEAs offerings are still limited. The post IKEA’s New Furniture
The New Pebble Steel Is a Focused Vision for Smartwatches
The Pebble Time Steel, a sharper, more professional take on the watch, with gold, silver, and steel bezels. The post The New Pebble Steel Is a Focused
Don’t Worry, the Switch to 4K TV Should Be Painless
There are gripes about the lack of 4K content right now, but it may not matter. Ultra HD sets are great for 1080p video, and 4K isnt
I Spent $500 Trying to Stump the Magic Delivery Service
We wanted to know just how magical Magic is. So I was given a mission: Spend $500 stress-testing Magic. Bring it. The post I Spent $500 Trying
Sony Unveils the Next Generation of Xperia Mobile Devices
Meet Sonys new Xperia mobiles: a light and slim 10-inch tablet, a mid-range waterproof smartphone, and two low-end phones, all with Android 5.0 Lollipop on board. The post
Your Car Doesn’t Care What Phone You Use
The act of buying a smartphone today feels less like choosing a gadget than picking sides in an endless feudal conflict, but theres one place where an unlikely ceasefire
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Nvidia Announces The $199 Shield Set-Top Box
 Nvidia today unveiled its plan to further its push into user hardware with a new device aimed at the Apple TV and Roku, which it’s calling the Shield. Read
Sony Will Ship Its Project Morpheus VR Headset In The First Half Of 2016
 We’re live in a rather humble little room at the W hotel in San Francisco, where Sony is showing off the latest prototype of its Project Morpheus VR headset to a handful of
Pebble’s CEO Discusses The Company’s Second Product Launch
 With the most-funded project ever (with 24 days left to go in its campaign!), Pebble has managed to bring in nearly 60,000 backers to support their unique approach to
Curious About Apple Watch Apps? WatchAware Provides Interactive Previews
 Apple’s first wearable is right around the corner, and the Apple Watch will likely debut along a very healthy selection of third-party apps. It might be hard to envision just how those
TC Droidcast Episode 40: Samsung Galaxy S6 And HTC’s VR Headset
 This week’s Droidcast is all about Mobile World Congress, where HTC unveiled some surprises in addition to the HTC One M9, and Samsung changed up its design strategy with a new take
Pebble Time Is Now The Most-Funded Kickstarter Project Ever
 Pebble’s extra bump from the Pebble Time Steel announcement has put it over the edge, helping it break the record for most-funded project of all time on Kickstarter. The Pebble Time campaign
Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra Confirms “No Plans” To Push Its App Store Outside China
 Rumors that Google feels threatened by the fast-paced rise of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, which has built its own UI atop Android and in China also offers its own app store
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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Release Date Leaked
We have heard in the past that Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will be released in either April or June 2015. That doesn’t appear to be the case. A video
Galaxy S6 To Come With Milk Music And Video Pre-Installed
Before Samsung’s latest smartphones were unveiled it was rumored that the company has a rather strict diet plan for its TouchWiz software. It was rumored to remove all bloat from the software and even
BlackBerry Is Open To Creating A Tablet Again
In 2011 the BlackBerry Playbook was launched. The tablet didn’t do well in the market and BlackBerry lost a lot of money on it. Since then the company has not returned to
HBO GO For PS4 Is Finally Here
As a PlayStation 4 owner I’ve been waiting for HBO Go to arrive. Nearly four months back the app was launched on the Xbox One and ever since that day I have
Pebble Time Becomes Most Funded Kickstarter Project Ever
Kickstarter is a great source to raise money through crowdfunding. We often cover some interesting projects from the crowdfunding website and seek money before they’re brought to market. Pebble’s original smartwatch remained the
Android Wear iPhone Support Reportedly Coming Soon
If you want to use all of the features that an Android Wear smartwatch offers then you are required to hook it up to an Android smartphone. Most smartwatches aren’t 3G or 4G
Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Was Apparently Not Good Enough For Samsung
It was first rumored last year that Samsung is going to ditch the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, a processor that is going to power many flagships this year, in favor of its own
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Deal Of The Day: 33% Off On ‘Blue Pine Studio’ 3D-Illusion Lighting Sculpture
Part lamp, part sculpture, ‘Blue Pine Studio’ 3D-Illusion Lighting Sculpture is an interesting ornament to get yourself. It’s a tabletop… thing that displays a 3D wireframe design, which can beThe post Deal Of The Day: 33% Off On ‘Blue Pine
About 20 Times A Day
I do this with the fridge too. I open it, stare inside, close it… then do it again a few times. Ugh… it’s a long Monday. “It’s Tuesday today!” Oh.The post About 20 Times A Day appeared first on OhGizmo!.
Aeryon HDZoom30 Camera Can Be Mounted On A Drone, Spots Faces From 1,000 ft. Away!
Privacy will soon become a concept taught in history class, considering we’re constantly developing better technology at least partly designed to take it away from us. The Aeryon HDZoom30 CameraThe post Aeryon HDZoom30 Camera Can Be Mounted On A Drone,
Oaxis inkCase i6 Puts an eReader Screen On The Back Of Your iPhone 6
Some of you may have looked at the Yotaphone with some lust. You know, it’s that crazy Russian phone with two screens, one of which is an eInk display? Yeah,The post Oaxis inkCase i6 Puts an eReader Screen On The
Windbreaking Foam Balls Keep Your Phone Conversations On The Quieter Side
As sophisticated as modern smartphone noise cancellation algorithms are, they still struggle against the havoc wind can cause on your phone conversations. So someone thought it would be a goodThe post Windbreaking Foam Balls Keep Your Phone Conversations On The
Deal Of The Day: 20% Off On Bayit Smart Wi-Fi Socket
The Bayit Smart Wi-Fi Socket lets you turn your appliances on or off from anywhere in the world. It plugs into your wall outlet and connects to your WiFi network.The post Deal Of The Day: 20% Off On Bayit Smart
IKEA To Incorporate Wireless Charging In Many Of Its Offerings
Wireless charging is being increasingly included in more and more devices, and it’s about time furniture manufacturers took advantage of this reality. So it’s with great pleasure that we findThe post IKEA To Incorporate Wireless Charging In Many Of Its
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Forget ‘Retina’ screens, ZTE’s Grand S3 comes with retinal scanner in tow
Who’s up for some futuristic eye-based smartphone biometric authentication? Yes, today. No, the world’s first handheld capable of recognizing your unique retinal “fingerprint” isn’t an iPhone. Sorry to disappoint you, mainstream Android enthusiasts, but it’s not a Samsung Galaxy either.The
Lenovo brings trio of budget-minded tabs to MWC, ranging from 8 to 10 inches
It wouldn’t be a complete Mobile World Congress without an invasion of interchangeable Android and Windows tablets, and perhaps the least exciting brand-name slates to go official in Barcelona these past 24 hours are Lenovo’s IdeaPad Miix 300, Tab 2
Could audiophiles be the next consumer sucker target?
It’s no secret that those with deep passions will go through great lengths to pursue them. But sometimes having that ‘eye on the prize’ also gives you tunnel vision, making you less aware of anything else except reaching the goal.
Huawei’s first ‘Watch’ runs Android Wear, looks stunning
The aptly named Huawei Watch has just gone official at the 2015 Mobile World Congress, and believe it or not, it’s a gizmo to be reckoned with. No ifs, no buts, no “considering how cheap it might be”. It’s a
An Xperia Z3 for the masses? Say hello to Sony’s budget Xperia M4 Aqua
Probably realizing it can no longer compete against the likes of Apple or Samsung in the extravagantly priced high-end mobile segment, and acknowledging Motorola’s entry-level low-cost dominance, Sony has decided to go after the in-between target audience.The post An Xperia
Lenovo gives smartphone/camera hybrids a shot with the Vibe Shot
It’s a handsome albeit quirky-looking smartphone. No, it’s a point-and-shoot digital camera. No, it’s a professional smart cam. A top-shelf cameraphone? A freakish crossover device of sorts? Actually, it’s all that, and more. It’s Lenovo’s Vibe Shot, targeted at shutterbugs
HTC plays it safe, unveils familiar-looking One M9 with 20 MP camera
HTC’s pre-MWC press conference is over, and unlike what we were led to believe in recent weeks, the Taiwanese only brought the one new flagship phone to Barcelona. The One M9, that is, with the M9 Plus either an elaborate
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